Star Is On Vacation With The Flu

Star Is On Vacation With The Flu

okay star report afternoon on a Tuesday
star report how you feeling okay it’s official kids I have the flu yes I do I
just get back from urgent care and got my paperwork I got something called how
you pronounce that yeah but I’m ready huh can’t play around
no damn flu and I want to say salute to the beautiful black Queens here in
Atlanta I don’t think I give them enough credit
such nice attitudes I’m dead-ass I’m I’m not you know saying that to sate with
regards to just you know customer service a thing of the past up north
customer service anyway how are you I’m back for the get-down I’m going on
vacation after today’s show I’m letting you know right now I’m gonna take the
rest of the week off I’ll see you next Monday or Tuesday all right
but I do have the flu got my paperwork hold on a second a flu endzone I got it
Saturday I’m pretty sure that’s where I got it at when I went to the Colin
Kaepernick workout which I do want to talk about but I don’t want to harp on
that I think people are really just like you know over the whole over the whole
goddamn quagmire it’s quagmire anyway this afternoon I want to talk about the
flu flu season it’s here don’t take chances also on the screen dr. Dre and
Kanye West are working on Jesus is king part two are you up to speed
who’s gonna benefit more off of this joint project you can go to double XL
calm for the story Kanye West tweeted out a picture with he and dr. Dre in the
studio I think dr. Dre who’s washed in my opinion he’s the one that will
benefit more from this he’s been washed nobody’s waiting on detox nobody he
tried to put out some tracks over the years trash but Kanye West has joined
forces now with dr. Dre I want your opinion on that your honest opinion
because Kanye is doing the damn I saw him as many of you did as well
this past weekend with the Joel Osteen in Houston Texas huh Kanye look smooth
to me I’m sorry he looks like he’s gonna give a crapload dollar run for the money
I totally believe that all right phone lines open cash app super chat clatter
noon in the live chat how you guys doing good afternoon how you feel
yeah Saturday I drove over a hundred and fifty miles I’m gonna break that down to
you you can go to my I G page you can see the videos right there standing very
close to Colin Kaepernick all I said to him was good luck I don’t ask for
autographs and all that Oh silly shit they’re nobodies fan as you know but uh
you know I didn’t go to to clown the man to be disrespectful his journey is its
public so you know I felt you know it was my obligation because I’m here on
this microphone and I mean if you take me serious I appreciate that it was my
obligation to go and the reason why I drove so many miles is because at first
they it was supposed to be at the Atlanta Falcons practice facility
somebody told me it was downtown at the mercedes-benz arena I should put that
person on blast but I won’t so I drove down from Woodstock down to the
mercedes-benz arena it was not there then I drove out to UM I forget the name
of that place Flowery can someone confirm is that flowery branch or
something like that drove way the hell out here that was about another 40 miles
and then they changed the location yeah flowery branch okay and then I had to
drive down to Riverdale the home of Sierra Waka Flocka that’s the hood and
then after that I had to drive way back up to Woodstock but if you want to talk
about Colin Kaepernick we can I was there for his workout and his addressing
the crowd /media okay okay I’m gonna try and do an hour today guys I really
really don’t feel good how do you pronounce this stuff is it Soph loser
I got this this morning at Urgent Care yeah took my punk ass to Urgent Care I’m
55 I don’t have time to play around you know home remedies and anybody who’s
telling you if you think you’re sick and they’re telling you oh just just get
some fresh ginger some honey say run from those people take your punk ass to
the urgent care or to the hospital or private doctor because people are dying
out here yeah and I salute to the young lady who gave me this and she gave me a
postscript as well she gave me a prescription for um Tamiflu as well this
second how do I get out of here can you see that it’s two pills you take them
together from what she said see sample not for sale and she said if this
doesn’t make you feel better in one day which it should then take the UM take
the prescription and go get the Tamiflu hold on a second
Thank You sugar she said daddy you sick and it’s a good thing you came here cuz
people people are dropping like flies that’s what she said dropping like flies
they go so I got my prescription for uh Tammy flu as well all right we play no
games we deal with receipts I was sitting up in the urgent care office
like this because they don’t fuck with everybody just coming up in there you
know talk talking about this sick I was like this talking anyway all right all
right um a few other things we can uh chop up this afternoon Antonio Brown
apologizing to Robert Kraft the owner of the Patriots do you care I just he’s one
of those weirdos to me that just does a whole lot of extra shit and then he
wants to apologize and and I just people like that I just I’m leery of but that’s
on nti is going on jada pinkett the red table to talk about
his controversial comments nigga stop talking that’s the problem you’re
talking too much you’re not gonna clear nothing up
they’ve already got a perception of you it’s it’s time to shut up please keep me
up to speed if you know when he’s gonna be on the red table I would like to see
it who okay listen um my head feels very light and I have what he called nasal
congestion feel kind of weak and a couple of aches in my body but but I’m
really gonna try and go see ariana grande tonight that’s the state for
Marino give me a second does anybody know if that concert has
been canceled because she canceled um
Kentucky just a couple of days ago it may have been Sunday she’s got some type
of nasal and infection and I really think if she performs tonight in Atlanta
she probably she’s probably gonna bring out 2 Chainz
Nicki might be on the stage Nicki Minaj I really want to go okay someone says I
hope you feel better thank you so much I appreciate that I’m alive I’m working on
borrowed time anyway all right give me a second I’m gonna go to the phones and
again guys I’m just letting you know today I’m going on vacation after
today’s show take a week to myself and just recharge the battery make sure
everything is everything is good hey can you guys uh what do you really call to
share the livestream and hit the like button so people can know that I’m live
something’s going on with you two but conspiracy you’re not getting
notifications I don’t know what’s going on with that but if you’d be so kind to
share the this particular broadcast all right I also bought myself a fresh cigar
huh I’m gonna smoke that tonight if if I make it to the Ariana Grande concert
hang on a second hey you guys won’t otherwise huh Tuesday back in the
building oh and I went to see Colin Kaepernick by
myself I think maybe I should tell you about that now before I go to the phone
lines a couple of guys you know we’re supposed
to come they couldn’t make it I ain’t mad at nobody that that’s their business
you know for whatever reason they couldn’t make it so I said listen I
gotta take my ass out there you know because this is gonna be a monumental
event whether he you know doesn’t get picked up by a NFL team or he does you
know I need to be there so that’s why I did all that fuckin driving and driving
it was because Colin Kaepernick as you already know he cancelled at the Atlanta
Falcons practice facility he counsel had something to do with the waiver I don’t
get into all that shit but um you know it’s just it’s been a real real crazy
quagmire and yes I saw Stephen a Smith going back and forth of their agreed
oh and salute to UM who in a second okay this isn’t working me a second guys shit
salute to Max Kellerman huh on first take he was dropping some jewels and he
was respectful why was Michael Eric Dyson there oh man why was Michael Eric
Dyson on first take yesterday I don’t really even watch first take right at
but you know of course I went to tune him because Steven Naismith went apeshit
on Instagram Saturday Saturday evening talking about Colin Kaepernick is
finished doing all this stuff you know and and then Eric Reid was clapping in
him but why did Michael Eric Dyson go on first take he’s just he’s all that
fast-talking stop it with that guy I got him years ago just he’s not an
intellectual please stop it he’s ordained minister he’s a professor he’s
not an intellectual intellectuals changed the course of society by way of
influence or impact or something something that is alone
something that is conducive to society he’s just so he’s an author talks real
fast okay please don’t send me emails about the flu if it’s not a super
chattering cache yep not now please I’m Aggie I’m trying not to be Aggie I
got the flu I read nothing less it’s a super chattering cash yet let’s go to
phone lines area code three one three good afternoon
did you sure those herbal remedies go to the doctor in my wallet holistic here
yeah I don’t like to take medicine well that’s you I do I do the wrong
information also the person that got his epic eyes declined no no no I don’t want
to say Nonaka I don’t I woke up Saturday I woke up Saturday and I say you know I
have to go I have to be there you know I mean it’s gonna be a monumental event
whether he you know gets drafted by the NFL or if he doesn’t at least I took the
time to go I mean people who follow me on Instagram they’ve seen me go out to a
Baltimore right after Freddie gray was killed a Ferguson Missouri after Michael
Brown was killed I put boots to the ground you know I
don’t just talk I walk so it was I made it my business to go and whoever else
couldn’t go that’s that’s on them I went everybody talks about it you know
everybody has their opinion but I mean this was probably the only you
time that somebody or anybody any of us could actually support them whether you
agree with it or not you know this is there’s only opportunity so you know I
appreciate that you went on there yeah and I’m not Colin Kaepernick fan and I
can’t really say that I agree with everything he did but you know again I
just I had to be there to least look at his eyes I was this close to him and the
video that I have on my ID page as he’s walking away he looks back at me as if
to say I know that Nevada hater everything online and sees everything
that people say about him because that’s why so quiet know what with what the
talk is about him so he really can’t say anything but before well listen I wasn’t
there to be disrespectful you know just again I had to put boots to the ground
so I mean he literally was walking by me and some other people and just had to
camera like this you know up in his face you know and I just say it’s been like
it’s been like a whole bunch of controversy about why he did it why he
switched the arena’s with what do you think about that but do you do you think
it was all about the whole hb2 and honestly honestly I don’t care I I don’t
want to do a deep dive today I had to go there I had to represent my troll babies
you know daddy daddy has to walk you know so something with the waiver you
know he wanted to bring in the press and the first they were saying Nike and then
they said no Nike wasn’t gonna come I don’t care man when you get right down
to it okay exactly what you’re saying okay hb2 on the check-in I gotta slow down mm-hmm folks I have
the flu in case you’re just now joining the show I went to Urgent Care this
morning beautiful black queen she said daddy you sick good thing you came in
here people younger than you dying I looked at I said hush your mouth now
truthfully you’re not supposed to take the off loser and the Tammie flew
together that’s too much she said to me we don’t you’ll need both that’s what
she gave me this sample this is a sample but they sell this this is a 100 and
change the prescription and so I did go to the Walgreens with the prescriptions
and the Tamiflu that’s buck wild texted me I want a second guys
the Tamiflu the brand box is $289 the generic is a hundred and change but
you’re supposed to take based upon what she said one of those within the first
48 hours in order for it to work so again I just I started feeling sick
Sunday morning or Sunday afternoon honestly so I’m going with the flu zone
all right all right um give me a second guys let me make
sure everything’s working here I just want to tell you I’m going on vacation
this week I got the flu hate is enough good afternoon here’s a
couple of bucks to go towards some bogus sugar nostril cleaner
get well soon so I haven’t even thought well I’ve thought about blo years ago
but uh no thankfully I shook that off 1991 yeah my body got sick and tired of
being sick and tired yeah I didn’t find Jesus you know some people yeah I found
Jesus I know my body got sick and tired of being sick tired but thank you for
your donation there’d be this one from last week
exposed says Ronnie sends super Jets complimenting herself
lol you don’t know Loki okay hold a second here hold on guys let
me see if this is emergency buckwild yep up walls on the run he’s on the road now
he says what’s up player that’s all get back to him later how you guys doing the
live chat anybody uh give a damn about Colin Kaepernick the workout or are we
past it I’m gonna talk about Kanye West and um and dr. Dre what are your
thoughts me I think this might be a good thing a really good thing for um for dr.
Dre I I think he’s washed I say that respectfully I think he shot his load
years ago anybody talking about that detox album maybe they don’t know that
he did put out some tracks you know over the years and and all of them all of
them flopped he doesn’t have his finger on the pulse anymore he lives you know
he lives a great life I’m sure he’s a billionaire or close to it I forget he’s
not hungry like that anymore he probably doesn’t have the same team up under him
in terms of you know writing creating and being uh in tune with what’s going
on and somebody said stay at home no no
I’ve got to go see ariana grande tonight is she performing what did she cancel Volant open phone numbers on the screen whoever’s sending me emails I’m gonna
have to block you who is it stop sending me emails when working ok whoever you
are Sydney knock it off I don’t hear about
something with slow that shit down alright alright and Bush Kate Bush kid
sends in a super jet to wounded as gunfire erupted last week’s tour you
never spoke about that what should I say man yeah Camden New Jersey what was
there to say what was there to report you know sadly regular shit
sadly regular should hold on a second maybe I’ll sleep Dana what the data
wants to check in with regards to Atos I was watching a few other channels yesterday and I’m kind of up to speed
with what’s going on but I don’t want to poke my nose in hopefully things have
worked worked themselves out as for us Atos
and you know who they were I’ll just say beefing with or had tension with I’ll
leave it at that hey – five six good afternoon are you
there hey hey what’s up how you I’m doing alright so I hear you’re thinking some medicine don’t want to take those
remedies but yeah I’m too old for whole remedies you know just a respect no
respectfully I’m not trying to be playing checkers with kim porter what’s
bad for you bill me yeah but like me i’m thinking all right one they might have
something in the flu shot it could be a you know RFID chip something to track my
location I’m never too sure
nothing and then – it might be a different formula in the urban area than
it is in the affluent area you tell me so I don’t know where to go to take the
shot no if I go and get a flu shot I might
need to go into the hills with fucking you know trust somebody and giving me a
flu shot because down here problems I might be you know me taking a shot just
to quicken my death you’re not at me yeah I’ve heard people say that I mean
you know sadly that probably is a reality you know you’re talking about
experimental drugs being pushed into low-income areas um I hear you man but
listen again at my age I can’t take those chances you know I can’t sit at
home based upon remedies and I think you know just did oh just drinks a lot of
fluids and get some rest Danijela tea for me great right well I
mean you’re already working out you know you gonna be sweating in the gym if you
have a lot of cool if it moves you you’re gonna sweat out some of the
toxins in your body you also going to go go through the digestive system and if
you eat healthy but you should be and you know it’s just fix yourself it’s
just that time do you care about Colin Kaepernick did we miss anything I kind
of I think it’s all been flushed out has it gotten any offers since his workout
Saturday I don’t know I haven’t heard of anything but I’m glad you went down
there so we can see some of what was going on yeah I can’t see some of the
social media and whatnot but you know there as you were mentioning I’m a liar
so it could possibly be some kind of hopes when they were just trying to stay
safe and try to push an agenda that they are looking out for everybody who is an
NFL or whatever so I finish I think that he might get a offer that beneath them
just to say that an offer was made to him do you know just so they can say oh
well he declined the offer we gave him an offer gave him a chance to get back
in the lead to show his his worth you know we gave him a year well not a year
but well finishing of the season offer you
know something to say we gave you a couple hundred dollars couple hundred
thousand and you know you didn’t do anything with this season we you rode
the bench but you know you could have did better let me ask you a question do
you think that black people my white people do you think that black people
are being too hard on Colin Kaepernick because he didn’t commit any crimes so
it’s not like he should be you know on his hands and knees or with his tail
between his legs you know apologizing for doing something
you think why people being too hard on him yes I think when people were talking
about elite took the settlement he said it took the settlement well it was a an
action that was offered you know to settle out the case I mean you want him
to drag it on for years because he has to pay lawyer fees and all of this to
kind of drag this out when he could detect the settlement have a jungler to
move on with his life I think people were thinking that uh you know oh yeah
he took the settlement he’s not really down for the calls because we got to see
you know play out to the highest courts and the Supreme Court or something
that’s foolishness look he has a life he needs to get on with the sighs he wants
to play football let him play football if he can he’s
still you know try to quit at the game and he’s been out for maybe a year and
so much then let him go yeah well I appreciate the comment and I be safe out
there if you get that flu run run urgent care fast so a lot of people say and
this is in our community you know the that non-racial that I mean the the
neutral race you know so we always say be safe instead of bein safe we need to
say be brave everybody say be brave or be brilliant or or be you know I hear it
be for us safe so much because that puts more fear on us instead of being brave
so we can you know go out there and do something productive to each his own man
but thank you either way thank you all right thank you
segment the savages are amongst us be safe let me turn this phone down guys
hold on a second fuck while on the check in huh
no he’s not turning himself back in folks let’s not play that game hear what
he said it’s any rocks till I drop any stands for Nostrand Avenue in Brooklyn area code 269 Hank good afternoon 269
talking about the flu season it’s here are you the speed Oh got a flu shot
anytime I get a flu shot I’ll get sick as hell okay but besides I just want to
call it a little quicker as of all the NFL thing yes sir
I honestly think that somebody or some news was that the Commissioner like
yellow our quarterbacks is mad well you want to bring this guy in
can we bring them in can you bring them in and it got to the point where you say
you know what I’m just gonna hold a workout and all y’all can see what he
can do soften the blow and from there I’m like okay but after singing telling
people mad at him if soup was me I would have did a private workout maybe Friday
you know maybe early Saturday and they had a public there and then I went up to
them and did they work out and then went from there but I don’t know what to say
what the whole thing is just he’s not a messiah you know and people trying to
make it that’s that he did what he had to do so what it happened and that’s it
you know and as people like they don’t even fight
for their own family to have a job good wine like they came in people people
were saying can you can I use that to reference and you might hear a dial tone
but they said here talking about but they stood here talking about get
Katherine in a job right you know what I mean that that’s just disgusting to me
you know here in its disgusting because a lot of the pro
blacks quarter-over-quarter newark eight fall yeah but at the same time they talk
about people having light wives and mixed kids and being mixed you know it
hits me a certain way because my wife is white even my kids this makes okay and i
just like oh you know but here the way captain it was raised on a system don’t
matter right oh honey who is raised by that stuff don’t matter it’s about who
you are yeah if I could also do jump in and say this you know I’ve said he
wasn’t that great when he was playing in the NFL but I had to go down there
Saturday just so that I could look at the guy so that my opinion of him on the
microphone is not just bias you don’t exam a couple of people reached out to
me Bob because they wanted to clown him quote unquote
and I looked at my phone Mike I don’t want to clown Kaepernick you know if
that’s what you want to do that’s fine but I’m not gonna clown him not after I
just drove 150 fuckin miles you know I mean maybe I’ll formulate a new opinion
but I’m not gonna just you know just clown just to plan him you know Sam yeah
because nothing so then I drove 150 150 yeah that’s what I’m saying so you got
more to complain about then yeah some other what is it twelve other teams that
didn’t want to go make the trip when you got over shit car
carpool I don’t know you should add a good day that’s nothing you know if I’m
working out of town they say it’s a different spot I’m excited I saw
something different yeah you know I’ll go there you meet your folks what’s the
wear it but i’ma let you go sir thank you carry yourself things are cool I
love what you do Thank You Lou thank you so much okay
alright oh just hung up on two one five by mistake uh 205 if you want to call
back in I hit the button on your pardon me I’m coming to super chat hang on a
second guys what is a con talking about I just why do I have this written down
here a con wants to join forces with Kanye West
ACON we’re not trying to see anymore Africans in the White House I’m sorry what is he doing these days a con in
case you’re just now joining the show folks I will be off pretty much the rest
of this week I’m gonna power down and rest my body I do have the flu
I want to Urgent Care this morning I’m gonna take this as soon as the show’s
over I got a sample here now I was worried
about taking this because last year I took the Tamiflu that was like four five
days had to take those pills and the very nice southern belle this morning
said that you only have to take these two these two pills
this must be some strong shit here huh pow
so I’m gonna take these right after the show I don’t know if it’s gonna make me
drowsy or not hopefully not because again I do want to go see ariana grande
tonight because that can anybody confirm if she’s um performing in Atlanta
tonight or did she cancel give me a second guys
anybody know correctly kortek black is out of here kodak black is out of here
somebody sister home arrest no not tonight I gotta go I gotta come and and
I’m gonna be respectful but I called someone earlier as I was leaving the
urgent care about tonight I said hey I’ll be on a grande tonight remember she
said oh is that tonight I said let me call right back I’ll call the back down
these bras be doing too much when I want to go someplace I just want to go I I
don’t want to be guessing hoping in Holland trying to figure shit out
Michael gonna have to know so he sends in a donation he says get well PS stay
on your normal dose while sick okay oh no no I actually uh Michael I’m
I’m not I just got my new bottle of sussed 300 in and I’m gonna wait I
haven’t even having to open it I’m gonna wait until next week to get back on the
cycle you know for a gun show Thank You Man thank you so much yeah I’m gonna
wait or does it matter does it I don’t want to mix the two you shoot me an
email you get you a good chance Mike hey sandy sandy says you mocking Michael
Eric Dyson was hilarious he really is like that lol what kills me is when he
inserts biggie quotes yeah hashtag the bed doing too much hey I
don’t just like the guy but I mean like Jesus man come on slow down it’s almost
like it’s like he’s trying to be a rapper I don’t think he should have been
on first take on Monday to talk about Colin Kaepernick but you know he’s got
another book coming out I’ve never read one of his books I don’t know what his
books are like hey uh good afternoon two and five were you there two and five
yeah I’m here what’s going on start how are you sure I’m doing good man I’m
doing real good talking about flu season did you get you shot or are you uh do
you do have you ever had the flu what are your thoughts like five years man
haven’t had the flu okay I’ve got it now I wouldn’t cook my punk ass to the
urgent care forget it right now thank you what do we talk about um something
that seen you here one of your other videos about your cigar company how’s
that coming along it’s kind of like it’s stalled and I don’t want to put
something out there and not be able to you know follow through so
it’s on the it’s on the other back burner so to speak but I have not
launched it yet are you in that field got it yes yes I am
my company is called cigar in a good light okay
and my partner Taran and I my name is Joshua by the way Tom we do business
development or cigar company okay and anything cigar related nice
nice were you located yes I’m located I’m located in
Philadelphia okay yeah I was actually gonna reach out to a
buckwild oh I have a number and getting contact with anybody I was like you know
what let me I saw that you were alive today so now do you have his new number
because I mean he burns through those Obama phones like once a month gives new
number I want to say like maybe about two weeks ago okay okay yeah listen if
you want to talk about that behind the scenes send me an email I mean I really
would like to launch that but here’s the thing you see I’m the type of person if
I come out the gate with something it has to have legs to it because if it
flops then people get at me as if I’m you know not on top of something if you
know somebody that can quarterback that division I’ll put the work into it
definitely yes yes we have the people behind the scenes okay any thoughts on
Colin Kaepernick or are we past it you know I feel like he wanted to to control
the narrative and control everything and anyone that Spartan that’s fine and all
but you know I think he missed I missed his mark do I think it was a big
publicity stunt hmm I don’t know that can go that’s a toss-up you know you
know what I mean I I wish he did this better okay you know this this could
have this could have been something very good for him as far as
eight you want to do at the high school didn’t do it by school it’s fine but
give people ample time to get there and everything you know what I mean yeah thank you setting that email don’t
forget I got you thank you all right take care all right thanks for the cool
yeah with regards to colin kaepernick wanting
to control the narrative is that such a bad thing
I was talking to bullshit Ronnie about today’s generation that are born into
the matrix and the fact that to them taking pictures or taking screenshots of
conversations and sharing them with other people that’s the norm to them to
my generation that’s that that’s that sucka shit that’s how a shit filming
something with your phone is normal to them so colin kaepernick
to him well what is he 32 33 MF again yeah he wants to film his workout is
that such a bad thing is that such a bad thing for him to want
to film his net his workout and let’s take the whole Nike commercial thing off
the table because I heard that was not real but he wanted to film his workout
did the NFL not want him to do that or did they not want him to stream it live
I don’t know the particulars the details but I know it had to do with the waiver
that was sent back from Colin Kaepernick’s camp to the NFL and they
said the waiver that was revised was unacceptable hey Shabazz King good afternoon sir he
said suss is crap fry a test trend and who does this okay you talk about a
stack all right so you’re not even spelling sussed right you’re spelling
you s us it’s s us T you made me smile do you even know what I’m talking about
no it’s not crap it works for me I’m 55 I like
now respectfully you probably a much younger man than me I can’t do all that
stacking stuff man you know I’m 55 I’m not gonna be stacking shit and and then
fucking a busted goddamn a vessel and have an aneurysm and die
I appreciate the donation man salud to you uh
Shabazz kimba nah man I can’t be doing that stacking shit man I’m up in the gym
working out I do just you know light work cardio and shit like that I’m not
I’m not powerlifting I’m not powerlifting man if I understand you
correctly who niggas talkin about stacking shit
RJ supreme good afternoon he says hater Jesus is king was trash and bringing dr.
Dre ain’t fix it nothin Dre shit just start opening old Eminem checks and
forget about music so I disagree I don’t think Jesus is King was trash I think
it’s the next progression in Kanye West’s journey I don’t think it was
trash it’s my opinion you know anybody see Kanye West uh what was Joel Osteen’s
uh the name of his church in a Houston his name of his church Kanye was on that
stage and he looked smooth he looks smooth King ASA star lived in five pound
weights think he gettin it no sir 25 ha ha
I do a lot of reps reps and sets I’m not in there powerlifting shit Lake we yeah
Lakewood I mean just look at Kanye West objectively on that stage with Joel
Osteen Kanye was talkin Joel Osteen was like damn this nigga can talk you put
his head down look around bullshit damn near deal like this like shit
kanya has got the gift of gab let’s go to area code two five four
laughter noon to five four did Colin Kapernick blow his big chance to fight
for the oldest are you doing laughing how are you sir
I’m good bro um you know the thing with the Colin Kaepernick thing here bro I’m
gonna say it’s over with well first of all Scotty beam am representing k-town
aces ma’am twenty-seven yeah right but I was watching The Odd Couple podcast
that’s low but Chris Broussard in the Rob Parker you know they’re talking
about I probably have seen yeah you probably have man um and when it comes
to that whole everything I don’t know if you guys already covered this but Chris
Broussard says no there’s probably a couple there’s probably a couple reasons
they you know held that work out from um you know one of the main reasons was
tried to get him to sign that waiver because if he signed that waiver then he
wouldn’t have been able to uh through the NBA I mean I’m sorry
they NFL for collusion if you think he picked up by a team you know that’s what
that that’s what these that’s what they were saying on the podcast yesterday
okay oh wait really now do they know for a fact or is that a suttas at their
assumption and I say that respect I don’t know that show just by you saying
look at it I probably know it do they know this for a fact was that’s their
assumption this is what this is this is what Chris Broussard said like he said
he was talking to a lawyer okay and he said if Colin Kaepernick was his client
then he would have told him not to sign the waiver because it would’ve been
considered malpractice sure yeah I’m saying so you know right but yeah man
that’s really I really don’t care to my brother Colin catbag I think you pulled
up out there yesterday I mean we movies out there in Atlanta yeah yeah I woke it
like they’re talking walk it like a talkin I was there no no you got that
library be pulling up you put your money where your mouth is I was by myself by
myself a couple people we’re supposed to go there’s
another a friend of mine he lives in Jonesboro I see old man I’d be there and
a half now was popping something something my wife yes right man don’t
worry about it I’m gonna build him inside yeah I took footage it’s all my
ID page yeah I know I was looking he was out
there in our black grid looking grim reaper no I had to big ass windbreaker
on because I had four clips on me we got a real dude still on the streets my boy
Laurie’s here man thank you oh thank you me okay yeah yeah I have four clips on
me oh hold on a second guys yeah man salute salute you know to the couple of
people that you know they were supposed to come hey listen I told people listen
I’m going no if ands or buts I drove from Woodstock down to the mercedes-benz
arena because I’ll just say a family member of mine said yo no it’s at the
mercedes-benz arena I said you sure got down there ask some some guard he said
no it’s out at the UH the flowery branch some tie said what I had to google that
man drove out there forty some odd miles got out there and um they said that they
had just left I said just left to go where I just drove davin at 90 miles and
they sit down to Riverdale I said Riverdale I google oh and thank you to
boss shit Ronnie Ronnie um she confirmed that it was at that High School in
Riverdale then I drove way down there as I was you know here’s how I caught the
flu I’m almost positive driving from flowery branch the Falcons practice
facility down to Riverdale speeding blasting Iron Maiden son of a seventh
son anybody know that album when you look in
the lab jet smoking cigar blasting son of a seventh son by Iron Maiden Steve
Harris was working a base literally do Bruce Dickerson lead vocals that’s I got
the flu probably and then and then when that was finished
oh and salute to uh I started to take some awesome footage they had some like
some who’s calling me on that’s my date for tonight call her back they had some
motorcycle I don’t want to say gang club they had their the three wheelers was
anybody there Saturday you know I’m talking about essence love set star has
mono know her baby I I don’t have mononucleosis anyway who so that’s how
probably got the fucking flu blasting Iron Maiden driving from flowery branch
down to Riverdale the windows open my dumb ass area code three four seven good
afternoon you there three or four seven hello hey yes sir good afternoon
hola let me take you up hey what’s this drew okay yeah yeah ain’t none same old
things to the show yeah Georgia show we’re talking about jockeys the king of
R&B does he pop his booty yeah I care less important me I got the flu I
watched a jockeys video he’s like he pops his booty I see oh this is the king
of R&B anyway what were you saying come on man
yeah come on yeah Kaepernick you know you go to any job interview you can’t
turn that down man uh but you know if you don’t want to be a part of it go
apply somewhere else right you know and you know run your whole campaign about
you know brutality with them XFL League or uh you know they coming out with you
know the Canadian League run that over there but you know all that did you get
an interview you know you just gonna not show up when he showed up wearing a cool
tech engine you should he showed up on yeah you know no nobody got time for
that you know at the same time yeah yeah you know at the same time you got a lot
of people formed and you know what you doing man come on we appreciate that you
go out being me and I’m impressed that you said you was out there in Ferguson
and be more you know that’s great man so I put boots to the ground I’m no tough
guy I’m no tough guy but you know on this microphone people have to respect
what it is that I do whether they like me or not and and when I talk about
these events and these these things are gone I like to go there so that I can be
better informed whether I fuck with Kaepernick or not not really fucking
right now I’ll keep honest with you but you know I had to go there yeah yeah I’m
in Georgia I wasn’t gonna I wasn’t going that’s just a hood it damn sure is I’m
right right right past there on 20 I’ll keep going that keep going
no I gripped up I gripped up to a couple of people attached to me I said I’m not
I’m the answer no fucking phone one of these niggas my snuff me and put me on
worldstar I kept my hand on the trigger four clips wall clips yeah I bet she was
looking at your surround and you see all that people people around you yeah sure
but I was there I got a escort when I go through it is when I go through it I got
a escort okay yeah but it’s fine I think you uh you go to the gym and stuff
maybe something you didn’t wipe down man and caught the flu out there but you
know III gotta decided that I’m pretty sure I was a blasting Iron Maiden you
know that was one of my favorite bands and the windows were down and yet the
weather was kind of nice and then I was putting the windows up you know on him I
was doing too much I’m doing too much yeah that’s Georgia for you sunny in the
morning freezing at night right right right yeah yeah but as far as Kanye and
dr. Dre like you said I mean dr. Dre he needs something to spark them and Kanye
on this you know religious run you know ID oblems not bad you know I it’s about
time you could get an album that don’t have a bunch of Kirsten ordering and
everything so you know something I can actually play in my house I got three
kids and you know not that you know I don’t want to hear some some ratchet but
you know sometimes you want to appreciate something that you know oh he
said a little something here at night so you know his dr. Dre’s opportunity to
try to let me uh let me get a piece of this if you asked me I think this would
be the perfect avenue for dr. Dre because you know there’s still that
stigma with him that he’s a woman-beater multiple women have come forward and
said that he has change tack them giving them two pieces Michelle a yeah you had
that white rapper Terry B and D Barnes and a host of others so so he’s got to
get past that whole woman-beater thing and I think this might be the avenue for
him to go down you know gospel music and and to just you’ll finally break away
from hip-hop he’s a man of a certain age you know it it’s time you know yeah that
was a regular thing at that time you know that was a it was a normal thing
injury but him not me be the Chicka man thanks employee thanks
for that before yes sir thank you soon okay yeah yeah yeah I had
to focus Saturday when I was down in Riverdale I did the time though I was uh
shaking some hands oh I did some suckers shit
I shouldn’t I shouldn’t say this I shouldn’t tell you this
I did some sucka shit alright so I was there for Colin Kaepernick’s workout and
when he did his little speech you know to the crowd I was there the hit was
right there and as I was holding my phone up over the fence as he was
walking by and it was kind of crowded people were like you know just all up on
each other and that’s I maybe I caught the flu from people breathing on me who
knows and I had my phone right there and I said I gotta get this footage I can’t
move I got a rep the troll babies you know the troll babies gotta know the big
papa was here I swear to you a little kid will black kid maybe 10 or 11 he
touches my arm and he tries to pass me a jacket to have Colin Kapernick sign the
jacket folks I couldn’t put the phone down and I said to said to the little
kid I said you got to go around shorty and just you know I ignored him I had to
get the footage and the footage is on my IG page I wasn’t about to let you know
take my phone down pass his jacket to cap to sign was that fucked up let me
look the live chat who say show the footage it’s on my IG paid you fuck
troy terrain if somebody said star got a samsung s6 go i think this is the five yo i wouldn’t put the phone down to pass
the little kids jacket now come on man y’all see sure you got to walk around
and then I just ignored him and you know what I’ve you know what I thought what I
thought up I said you know I said somebody did that to me once upon a time
Elvin Hayes I know that’s the old story Elvin Hayes who played on the Washington
Bullets when I ran up to him to get his autograph on the basketball court and he
said get the fuck off me anybody remember that I did it wasn’t
the same thing but I did something similar
I felt bad but I see oh I can’t move this phone man I gotta get this footage
man no I’m sure he walk around yet I was fucked up let me go to super Chet hold
on a second eight one three boss good afternoon sir he says told you he wasn’t
going to show hater and why is cap talking with the black southern accent
now hmm that waiver is indeed a standard waiver for tri well to my understanding
I could be wrong he did show up but he then left it my understanding I could be
wrong but I was there I drove out to fucking flowery branch got there very
nice very nice guard he was gonna let me in he said uh can I get your name for
the M for the list I said Lopez Lopez he’s oh okay I didn’t
ease oh they just left us are you sure because he let me drive right in thank
you eight one three balls free donation can I read sandy Thank You sandy RJ
supreme Dana with the data Everly Dana I’m calling should have taken a page
from Jim Brown and given the NFL the finger yet he’s still begging the
oppressor for a job is that really Dana okay Jim Brown giving the NFL the finger
you mean after he played for nine nine seasons Colin how many seasons into Colin play
and if that is Dana Dana Jim Brown also had a thriving acting career so he so
yeah so he didn’t give a fuck about the NFL at that point was it nine seasons
how many how many seasons did Jim Brown play guys I forget I don’t know but
thank you that is the real Dana NC edge says damn Yo Gotti
five hundred thousand really outs that gotta hurt
yeah I saw that video what was that about can somebody call in and break
that down jay-z they were on stage was it some type of foundation what was it
about Yo Gotti lost five hundred thousand Campbell I can both my life
never my money thank you for your donation big nigga key on the check-in
theater super he says salute to the white man Max Kellerman defending
supporting and speaking the truth about cap over the black man Koon Steven a hashtag no flu shots
hashtag King me thank you big nigga key thank you sir for your donation hold on
guys somebody texted me it’s better be important hey Danny she says I’m on the
line where are you girl Danny with the smoke is that you yes you can hear me
guys without your donation as somebody else no no with me because I was out and
time I get running errands so let me just send in a donation let’s talk about
it I’m glad you feel on a little bit better but uh but yet huh what a
reference Jim Brown yes he had a in Korea but he left the reason why he
left he was going to leave he would want to even want to stay one extra here but
his coach his coach who knew he was doing a movie and a movie ran over a
couple of weeks so he was gonna miss what do you call it a training camp and
the coach Bennett and then maybe two or three games and the coach said well
you’re gonna get fined if you don’t show up and Jim Brown was like I’m Marvin
guarantee you’re only paying me if I play and you know that I’m doing this
movie you have enough stand I gave you enough notice No so the coaches giving
him a hard time manager and didn’t promise I’d forget it I’m leaving you
know and they had a horrible season and I don’t think they recovered since then
what I’m saying what covenant if you sue though they did you fall after you you
won your grievances you know so you won that lawsuit they gave you the money all
that and you still want a job well if you have a problem with the way NFL has
been a policy walk away because you can have a flourishing career with 19 social
justice and probably entertainment you don’t need to NFL okay so you know stop
stop seeing that they’re races they’re this and they are pressing you know but
you’re begging for a job be a man and leave that’s all I’m saying
what are the other leagues football leagues in America isn’t is the XFL
coming back or it’s something else yeah I’m gonna have that Canadian league
but it’s ours yeah I heard it was something else they’re trying to bring
back and I think a couple black people trying to be owners I don’t know so I
don’t you know I don’t know I’ve heard of it but I never read up on it but is
he Cabernet Cabernet Cabernet he’s just doing too much and I quote the King be
sure that said it all for me I can’t hang on Dana Shabazz king sends in a
cache and he says cap wasn’t woke until he got with Nessa
hashtag whipped and any truth to that his girlfriend Nessa she’s a radio host
and a hot 97 well buh he was kneeling before the
before the media put a spotlight on it so I don’t know if he was dating her
when he first started kneeling so if you going way back then you know if he
started dating if she thought it nearly after day with dating maybe you know
because it seemed like she got a battery in his back you know let her be spent
home when tweeting stuff that actually rolling some deals with the NFL so that
could be a possibility yeah so what are your active thoughts I mean I saw some
of the exchange with Stephen a Smith and Eric Reid do you think what have you
heard anything about any offers with regards to teams winning Colin
Kaepernick to play or is it now just a smear campaign because I’ve already seen
Yahoo News and other platforms saying no offers have come in I don’t think you
want to get on off and now because before all this happens even a cent last
week if you know the workout goes well he’s definitely want to get an offer
from someone within two weeks but you know with everything that transpired
after that you know I don’t think he is and at the end of the day as if you are
owner of a business you know I’m not gonna hire a troublemaker or you don’t
see I’m not going to hire someone that’s gonna be difficult so I don’t think
they’re going to love them I just think they’re not going to deal with happening
because it’s too much it’s too much hmm it’s so much of a headache even though
they like the attention in NFL but the Hitman photo right now it’s already
popping there we have a large accident you know DeSean watch then they have all
these black quarterbacks that’s pop it do you think about carpeting they don’t
need them let me ask you another question
Dana objectively speaking is Stephen a Smith part of the problem he’s the
highest-paid host now on ESPN but he’s never played professional sports that
that was always my thing with him you know
played the game any game and he played college ball college ball I know that
when he never played at a professional level now he’s got the gift of gab
clearly but is she part of the problem with regards to know this Collin camping
situation no because he’s always defended Kaepernick and I think he
played basketball in college but you know he wasn’t you know like most or
anything but it’s a lot of sports casters that were never athletes and but
they they they master their field so I’m you know always respects even internet
but the reason why I’m asking you because I’m asking is because you see
why people will allow a situation to tank if there’s one black person that
kicked dirts on it the white person or white people can can then step back and
say what you see one of your own is saying it’s not a good situation
regardless to what Steven a Smith has done in the past by way of supporting
Colin Kaepernick he came at his fucking neck Saturday and he did it on Instagram
that wasn’t on ESPN and that’s why I’m asking is he part of the problem because
that was just like some really just some intense hatred if you ask me they do
good I don’t think that was part of a problem I just think he was just fed up
because he was supporting him so that was this is where of you know of its
person just how fed up he is what happened Kaepernick in this whole
situation however they now you have a lot of athletes retired athletes that
are sport casters and they could give you more of you know they can tell you
what goes on in the locker room so a lot of the former NFL athletes are signing
with Steven Knight did you know they’re singing the way he went by doing his
workout was not worried it was not professional so he does have people
backing up you know his opinion okay so what are you up to today what’s going on
with you today I’m running errors I think imma die you do not Tuesday – they
thought show 7 p.m. I’m debating if I’m going to do it today
but yeah I supposed to do that to 970m YouTube the Rodina I think I’m at I
think I’m gonna go back to the black Queens black one the more Queens honey fired by her Lamar Jackson’s mother who
was his coach and his agent in his manager and he’s just flourishing you
know the black woman yes she’s clean so quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens
so you talk about those who don’t know quarterback for Baltimore Ravens he will
be MVP this year yes okay I’ve listen good good to talk to you thank you for
your donation I’m gonna try and get some rest so I can go see ariana grande
tonight if she’s performing because she’s sick also and other the other
holistic remedies you know just for preventive health
that’s not for when you get sick oh you’re doing the right thing okay all
right Dana with the smoke on the check-in whoo
give me a second guys give me a second I’m feeling tired now let me take a swig
of some orange juice ah I have the flu in case you don’t know in case you join
the show late was diagnosed this morning I went to the urgent care and I’m taking
the rest of the week off I should probably take these now right hold a
second so flus uh let me take one of these now hold a second
okay says take both tablets in this package as a single one-time dose okay
hold on do it right now I think it this shit open hopefully this won’t make me sleepy I
really gotta go see you on date tonight wait a minute let me check my text CB
Shorty’s talkin reckless whoa doesn’t know if she wants to get the flu maybe she’s jealous of Ariana Grande should I wear my mask tonight I mean
I’ve already got the flu so this might bring too much attention to myself okay
you heard that right now she’s talking reckless I might be going to see ariana
grande behind myself okay I deal with that later
Hey evany thank you darling for your cash yep looking sexy as always she says
okay I can’t I don’t wanna read what you said yeah but the young kid who was
asking me to pass his jacket check happening to sign not I couldn’t do it
Evan II I couldn’t lose the footage or my place
could you imagine if I would have took him that little kids jacket and then
passed it to Kaepernick so he could sign it and somebody filmed me the hater
getting an autographed jacket from Kaepernick oh no couldn’t do it
that kid probably said to himself man fuck that man she probably said fuck
that man wouldn’t passed my jacket to get signed Oh ass nigga that money blue
sends in the cash yep good afternoon feel better
did you drink that eucalyptus tea okay Willis I got some real fancy crystals
honey ginger tea it was like six dollars for the fucking box I got it from GNC
and soon as I finished this show I’m going to sleep a thank you so much for
your recommendation that money blue you are appreciated
brother mo good afternoon sir he said did Dana say
tabernac yeah you got that right hashtag Reading Is Fundamental here she
said cabin AG big tick 97 good afternoon sir he says they tried to set him up
Kaepernick you talking about hey I don’t know I I don’t know all I know is I
thought about my troll babies I said daddy got to go represent daddy took it
daddy got a walk it I had to Snickers bars and a cup of hot black coffee no
cream no sugar note knows Splenda nothing son of a seventh son by Iron
Maiden blastin traffic Atlanta traffic I took my punk ass down in Riverdale put
some respect on my fucking name good afternoon area code 479 are you
there what something for some rain pardon me what’s happening hey how are
you sir what’s going on father today I got the flu man but back to lay down
soon as we finish up here yeah man that I was able to tap in man for you lady
damn you know just wanted to happen on a cap in this situation come on here huh I
feel like you know with all the uproar these first came out with his notice
nobody’s movement he had everybody behind oh right and therefore maybe
students honor you know look for cows have teams you know come out for
the workout some would not formally pull that move I feel like it was kind of
like really unprofessional like supportive 30-minute move right before
the workout to a whole nother location versus then you have a host set up there
so clearly that was playing you know they got t-shirts on and I know my
rights and you win the kunta kinte shirt so that was the plan and I feel like
whatever happens to him as far as I’m not picking them up he deserves every
bit of it if you don’t get picked up by any NFL team you deserves right I’m
saying that’s my personal opinion I appreciate your perspective it ass
hold you hold you I’m 35 okay now again it’s a different game football and I
don’t pay attention to football as much as I as I should I guess but you know I
just wanted to make sure that I went there so that when I come back on this
microphone I’m somewhat connected to the story so that I’m not just sounding like
an older guy just talking you know trying to tell the younger guy what he
should or shouldn’t have done I looked in his eyes I said good luck you know I
don’t want to talk crazy to the man cuz I drove a lot of fuckin miles but to him
I think it might be time for him to go to another league you feel me just go to
one of the other sports leagues and get the bag I mean fuck NFL I mean if that’s
what you’re really trying to do but if you’re trying to get workouts he’s
trying to continue to hire you stop the goofy shoes right you know we got the
statement you made it first you know I mean just cut it out knock it off man
you know I mean it’s time to get the bag we got we got the statement out the way
let’s move on you know we got people in positions nowadays you know to keep the
fight going don’t don’t mess up your future you know
just trying to you know keep egging an egg in the situation all you feel me but
on can I ask you a crazy question before you go sir jockeys is that the new king
of R&B I’m not hating I’m just asking Chucky’s
man listen like I told you I’m the eighties baby okay
not at all he doesn’t his catalog isn’t long enough you don’t have enough
experience to even be talking like that he’s a goofy for that but look man
everybody look check out my page rich fatherhood on Instagram and Twitter me I
got some exclusive content for the single parents out there I got rich
motherhood as well if I paid his rich fatherhood man rich fatherhood on in
single-parent fatherhood yeah keep your head up forth just keep your head up for
the single parents out there in the struggle it’s gonna get greater later
stay in the fight man for these babies man we need it they need us out here
give me your autograph thank you salute thank you okay so I
just took the two pills Soph loser hopefully I’m gonna wake up to go to
this ariana grande concert alright I took the pills hold on guys fuck Wow
keeps texting me what’s going on with him he says Top Shot ahh
wha gwaan yo yo hate is enough
good afternoon sends in a super chat the kid got a valuable lesson on the hatred
of the world his father should have been on his job the XFL is returning in 2028
teams already announced okay XFL wasn’t that vince mcmahon’s league or he had
something to do with that league Vince McMahon from the WWE I could be wrong as
94 Dre hasn’t been popping since he was giving 50 cent instrumentals he’s trash
now I agree I agree Dre had a guy working under him or maybe he still does
his name is focused and he’s the son of the greatest or one of the greatest bass
players ever bernard edwards from the band chic and i don’t know if he’s still
working with Dre or not but um i think this this could be a good thing for dr.
dre more so than Kanye West I think Trey’s washed black racist afternoon sir
he says super secret get well remedy take a clove of garlic soak in some
olive oil stick it up your rectum and squeeze it squeeze it tight for 10
minutes thank me later no sir I gotta go to this concert
tonight crazy like that but thank you because you my bum bitch sends in his
super champ I hope kid dangerous says something mad
disrespectful in a battle and his opponent pulls out the blam er and
leaves him looking like rain donut okay I shot him an email I haven’t that heard
from him kid dangerous I hope he’s okay I don’t talk reckless about
people you know especially when they support the machine he has sent in
donations but I spoke to North Street Sarno RL you know what says my homie
I hope they work it out what can I say huh phone calls you what time is it okay
so I put in an hour guys I got the flu I did a one-hour show I think that’s all I
can do I got some tea here with a whole bunch of our chopped up ginger in it give me a second guys I’m coming to the
phone lines also and let me just say in case you did not see the footage on my
IG page Saturday I went to the Colin Kaepernick workout a lot of miles
again I drove from Woodstock down to the fucking mercedes-benz arena it wasn’t
there I was given the wrong information then I drove out to flowery branch thank
you to Ronnie because there was some confusion about Riverdale a River Edge
or something and then that was 51 miles and then I had to drive back up to
fucking Kennesaw and then from Kennesaw to Woodstock it’s crazy and salute I did I took a couple of
pictures I don’t I don’t do a whole lot of pictures ma’am just some funny style
took a couple of pictures I don’t do soul brother handshakes and
I’m no tough guy but it was just me by myself meet me at my homie Moses anybody
who Moses is let me see some of you remember huh me and a homie Moses and
four clips nobody no that’s old we said poor my hammer Moses back in 2003 yeah I
call them Moses because when he talks nigga’s part like the Red Sea I’m just
me a Moses gonna Aryan Kota at nine one seven
good afternoon nine 170 there hast are you still talking about the dr. Dre
Kanye West I think that album is gonna be fodder man come on let’s go talk
about it please listen you know it’s the first time that just came out a few
weeks ago it was pretty good you know it’s pretty good but now these gonna
link up with the best that ever did in the West okay he might come with a fire
I’m excited about what he has to what they have to offer grow you’re teaming
up so I think it’s gonna be good I think it’s gonna be good start yeah to be
honest with you I look forward to the collaboration whether dr. Dre is washed
or not I’m respecting Kanye West hustle right now he’s trying to get that 501c3
he just spent another 14 million on some more a property in Wyoming I got to
respect his hustle you know hello nope okay his phone dropped off you know
who’s got to be in his feelings right now minister Mase Mason betta murder
Mase whatever he’s called himself now oh he’s got to be in his feelings huh got to be his feelings one more calling
them out of here guys ah shit area code 908 tried to do not
over to you there nine a week no either pendejo in this is ice mover hey wait a
minute check it in from bum what’s going on man just want to say
yeah we respect the fact well I respect the fact you did the groundwork you were
really out there yeah I was impressed honestly I was like oh you there I I
wanted to you know want to ask so you know we didn’t really saw so much from
the highlights how did he look how did well he’s tall and he looked like he was
in shape I mean he had a nice demeanor about him I mean I only said good luck I
wasn’t trying to have a conversation that wasn’t anything like you know
getting autographs no shit like that but yeah I was I was standing next to him
standing next to him II he looked me in the face he looked at me then he turned
away they look back and safe to say I’m like that fucking guy but but the
footage is on my IG page it’s right there Freud terrain where we can i okay
okay yeah yeah I think you know in terms of what he’s trying to do the other call
was right he I mean if you want a job come on example we know these do they
they were they they funny they can’t trust them but at the end of the day is
like you’re you looking to get a job somewhere like in reality you gotta have
to not necessarily conform but this played a part to that you know what I
mean so that’s the only thing I had to say about that and also in reference to
uh Kanye and dr. Dre I think I think Kanye really really starting to find his
stride now he’s really found a way to come back I don’t know if he has like PR
people over there or like Kim card that his mom is something but you’ve
definitely found his stride one of my cousins that actually went to
his uh is I want to see concerts with Joel
Osteen over weekend and crazy like he performed some of the songs on the on
the last album famous and I was listening to it on Instagram I thought
like this is amazing let me go on record right now and say if Kanye West comes to
Atlanta I’m in the building I think I think I think what he’s done he’s
realized you know this whole thing with hip-hop this young man’s game after a
while they feed you out anyway but still you should do my way we should about you
might and funny yeah I think he’s really finding his lane and you know hopefully
gets them for whatever whatever they got yeah hey man I thank you for calling
thank you for the cash absolutely thank you yes sir take care okay okay all
right hold on guys hold on give me a second to close this down because I’m
just I’m really tired right now please remember I’m gonna take the rest
of the week off what’s today Tuesday I need to recharge my battery thankfully I
had to good enough sense to get up early and go to the urgent care she came back
and said dad you got the flu good thing you came in here people I hear dying hold on why it’s just not working wait a
minute what the hell happened what the fuck okay all right I’ll see you guys I
may do something on Instagram but I need to take a day or two a couple of days
off right but thank you for your support and if you’re gonna be at the ariana
grande concert tonight if she’s performing she’s she’s sick as well you
might see me there you might see me there okay take care and be safe you you

100 thoughts on “Star Is On Vacation With The Flu

  1. I probably would be scared to death catching the flu in Atlanta…that virus out there probably put and nigga in the dirt

    If you have any vid of the exhibition, and please post it on Youtube!
    Kids need to see as much as possible! These kids don't have to wait, now, they can send out their tapes, and no longer is it an elite game of payoffs for scholarship!

  3. You cant smoke a cigar when you have the flu. You shouldn't go to concert either. You should rest and take your medicine.

  4. 19:07 Star what the hell are you talking about? Kanye and Dr Dre in the studio means fire beats and perfectionist and creativity at a high level, if you thinking rap from dr dre in this aspect, old nigha its probably time to hang it up Respectfully

  5. Dr Dre is Washed! I beginning to think this Star clown is being told to change the Narrative about HipHop legends, just like Hoe budden does!

  6. I gained a lot of respect for you Star, most black people are too fucking stupid to understand medicine & try to feign intelligence by pedaling holistic and homeopathic bullshit because they’re too stupid to understand vaccinations, let alone immunology!! I fucking hate my people sometimes.

  7. Kap is the Shaun King of Football. The quicker Black people realize this…the quicker they will see Stephen A. Smith was right for criticizing Kap. Kaepernick doesn't even mention police brutality anymore…that tells you all you need to know about him being a fraud.

  8. Kap played himself by trying to control the narrative instead of beating the NFL at their own game on their terms. Kap’s been releasing all these vids about not getting work and being ready, so the NFL called his bluff. The waiver was a bullshit way to move the shit to the high school and showcase his basic throwing skills. It was NOT a legit QB workout for a NFL level QB. He only proved himself to be more of a spectacle and it was exactly what the NFL needed to move on from him. If the league brings him back, it will be for them to make even more money off of him like Nike is doing. Kap playing goes completely against what he preaches because he should know that he will only serve to make those “white” billionaires more money. Period.

  9. Shouts out to that Boss nigga named Star. Hopefully there will be another podcaster that is as unbiased as him. I used to think Akademiks would lead the charge but the whole 69 situation made him lose credibility.

  10. LOL customer service does not exist down in the South I live here in Florida for 2 years I can't wait to move back to New York

  11. Im here for the maga blue lies matter comments on kap… From star his callers and inside the comments …………
    ……… Wasnt disappointed as usual

  12. The only reason Kanye is getting Dr Dre to work on JIK2 is because Kanye knows no one is checking for that shit again. #ScamLikely

  13. Lapperdick is god dam fool….. and just fucked any chance he had to play in nfl. Thats why boss hogg doesn’t wanna talk about it .

  14. The same medical system that experimented Syphilis on black men and never apologized is the same source of the Flu Shot..

  15. Is y you can't be so quick to advertise online WHERE U WILL BE ahead of time … THEY can do all sorts of shit to get u ill…be careful out chea'.. blessings STARR!!????

  16. Kaepernick is nothing but another fraud and craves the attention after that "bootleg boycott",if he think the Nfl is gonna let him off the hook that easy he must be out his mind ,as for Dre and that Kanye collaboration album i dunno ,i personally think he is trying to bring about some kinda cult possibly ?.

  17. NFL is an entertainment business, and the way Colin was acting like a drama queen he was bad for business. Get him the fruck outta here!

  18. These niggas talking about riverdale the hood and they supposedly live here. ?????

    You niggas dont know shit about ATLANTA. You niggas live in Georgia, not Atlanta.

  19. Amazing my master sent me too the dog house with my tail under my legs massage sent and I'm truly sorry for the hard ache and please forgive a dog not connected

  20. I heard 2 teams showed interest.but if the NFL don't want him in the league its just not gonna happen.Colin Kaepernick is a prime example of when people tell you to change your attitude.with a fucked up attitude like he got he not going nowhere but the CFL Canadian football ? league.

  21. Those of us taking the gibger, honey, etc. aren't the ones going to the ER with flu like symptoms ??????????????

    Wow…'re okay with being ignorant to holistic living….What a joke ?????????

  22. Star over there in Woodstock, GA where my babymother stay…Star u shud slap that bitch for me just cuz we both Jerzy niggaz ??

  23. A married woman, needs to sit his girlfriend down and explain it to her, he will be hit in by women, the rest of his life…. Even ON has a Young 25 year old, and she on point not on social media, ruining his futire, because she scared someone more accommodating will throw it in him…. She is ridiulous, if have left her are over them social media comments, ruining bags and future ventures, in FEAR

  24. I must admit, I was one of those people pushing home and natural remedies until the flu kicked my butt a few weeks ago, and only allopathic medicine helped me get better. It was literally the worst I ever felt in my life. When I went back a few days ago for followup, my doc and assistant said I looked a lot better and they were worried about me the first time. This experience may have altered my viewpoint on medicine a bit. Still not taking the flu shot though 🙂

    Also, Michael Eric Dyson is a mile wide and an inch deep.

  25. Colin 'THE DIVA' Kaepernick….I'm not caping for a nigga who just got a $10 million settlement. Go sit your bitch ass down and enjoy retirement, start your own league, go play in the CFL, go play in Europe. Niggas out here scraping by with $10/hr jobs and we focused on this fuck shit. Same with Monique, they only offered my big dusty ass $500k. Daddy Sidney needs more than that to keep his Bussy fund full…GTFOH

  26. Can't wait for you to come back! Take a the weekend off and enjoy yourself!
    The ginger, grows nerves, and helps with healing! You are on b12! It produces nerves, but not healthy nerves! You should investigate what b12 does! You need one !both off every four months! All B vitamins are nerves and sensory

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