Starbucks Holiday Cup Controversy

Starbucks Holiday Cup Controversy

– I’m in a great mood.
I’m in a fan– usually in a great mood,
but I’m in a great mood today, and, uh, you too. Good.
[cheers and applause] I’m glad. I’m so glad to hear that
’cause I got to work today and a lot of people
are very unhappy because of the trouble
at Starbucks. Have you heard
what’s going on there? Over the weekend, Starbucks introduced
their new holiday cups, and what I’m about to show you
is highly offensive. Brace yourselves. Here it is. You can tell it’s mine
’cause it says, “Eileennn” with three Ns. People are mad about this cup
’cause they’re saying Starbucks is being
anti-Christmas. The old cups has snowflakes,
and Santa’s sleigh, and elves. You know, all the things
that you find in the Bible. And, um… [laughter] Now, they’re just red,
and I mean, look at this cup. you might as well call it
a “Satan Sipper”. People are so upset, so Starbucks released a
statement about their cups. They said that belonging,
inclusion, and diversity are the core values
of Starbucks, and Starbucks wants to give
customers an experience that inspired the spirit
of the season. How dare they. [laughter] So now,
this holiday season, if you want Christmas
with your breakfast, you’re gonna have to do it
the old-fashioned way. You have to get really,
really high, and then you have to go
to IHOP, and then you just stare
at your pancakes, and then go see Baby Jesus in there. [laughter] You know? [cheers and applause] “Doesn’t that look
like Jesus?” I understand what Starbucks
is going through. I mean,
they’re really trying. But I know that people
don’t like change, so I want to help
bring the holidays back into your holiday cups, so I’m going to introduce
these exclusive– here, I’ll trade you.
Thank you so much, Pete. These are Starbucks holiday
vision glasses, and what happens when you put ’em on… [cheers and applause] Yeah. So when you’re wearing these,
you go into Starbucks, and you’ll see Christmas
everywhere you look. Not much else,
but that’s what you’ll see. They’re available for $99, which is slightly less than
a vente frappucino, I believe. And remember, don’t wear them
when you’re driving. If you do,
let Jesus take the wheel. [laughter] Please.
[cheers and applause] All right. And now, join me in my first
holiday dance of the season.

100 thoughts on “Starbucks Holiday Cup Controversy

  1. Julio GonzalezIf you have a sec to read this and share thank you but no biggie if you cannot or won't. Thank you second ago•

  2. We all love you ellen and Jesus does to but mocking against the bible is not good because one day we all are going to have to bow down before God and get judged and judgement for the wicked is not good becuase after that is the second death which is the lake of fire

  3. she is so amazing ……ok you know guys her name is in the popular video gta 5 ….its an easter egg

  4. What the world has come to.. Nowadays, EVERYTHING is offensive lmao. People.. Really? Grow up. It's just a cup, don't like it don't buy it. Like the world is going to end? Man, I just can't get enough of.. Of stupidity✌

  5. I went to star bucks yesterday NOV-6-2016 (A few days before Americas death) and they had boxes that said no peeking until November 10th so I think that's there new cup

  6. "It's ridiculous! It's just a cup"

    And this is why Trump won liberals .
    Everyone wants to be politically correct.
    Bye bye Happy Holidays
    Welcome back Merry Christmas

    Trump 2016-2024

  7. Ellens great. The jokes aren't bad. But I couldn't stop thinking if this had a bunch of Muslim/Islam-related jokes instead about Jesus, Christians & Xmas, I could only imagine the shit storm that would follow. Possibly Ellens murder too…

  8. glad I gave up religion….. fairy tales who's good who's bad who's going to hell who's going to heaven I stopped believing in all of it. religion has killed more people and set us back a thousand years than any other democracy or government on the face of the planet If You Could reason with religious people there would be no religious people. Happy holidays. everyone…

  9. Is this controversy only in the Us? Because I'm not American and I don't really remember this controversy last year. Then again, I am incredibly forgetful.

  10. 2015 and 2016 it happened maybe Starbucks should skip Christmas cups all together but wait than people would be outraged there is no Christmas cup   point being getting upset over a red paper cup is just stupid the cup will be thrown out after you use it so who cars  if it was a ceramic cup or a travel cup meant for re use maybe that makes a bit of sense but a paper cup?  and 2 years in a row too

  11. well great we voted for a cheeto for president and now we got people mad about disposable coffee cups

  12. Not gonna lie, but she's definitely part of the illuminati. This is a trick.

    She must include Satan into something that has to do with Christmas, and she done it in a lowkey way.

    Don't be fooled by her.

  13. It's not anti Christmas it's to make it more inclusive to everyone because not everyone celebrates Christmas how is this bad

  14. From deep deep in my heart i love you Ellen, you are so amazing ? you bring so much happiness to this world when there is so much chaos

  15. Jesus wasn't born on Christmas and it wasn't originally a gift holiday watch the adam ruins everything video about Christmas a cup not being christmas designed doesn't mean satan made it

  16. Ellen is a serious Lucifarian.
    She signed her soul away for fame to the illuminati. She turned her back on Christ and become apart of the system that is destroying humanity.
    Shes a satanic scum

  17. I'm a Christian and what offends me is how Ellen makes fun of Jesus. Don't get me wrong, I really like Ellen, but that joke crossed the line for me. I'm sorry Ellen.

  18. They mad to the company because there is no snow flakes on their cups, man!!! American people is so crazy!! Remember, there is someone, country's, or family's out there who can't even get coffee. JUST DRAW YOUR OWN DAMN SNOW FLAKES!!!

  19. Josh handled it wrongly. I’m a born Again Christian but I don’t worry about what Starbucks does. I think we should be preaching the gospel, serving God, and helping others

  20. I can't believe that after all that, she called them "holiday glasses." How insensitive. I can tell it's just a dishonest money-grabbing scheme.

  21. i have not heard people made about the cups with things on i have heard people say they never cared more then they do and they are mad about the no snow man when this was a thing

  22. Being a True Christian, it's hard to forgive these kinds of actions but we have to. It's always hard to see the mocking of Christianity on television but it's also something that could change. Sure, Starbucks makes a red cup, oh no Satan means red right? Not all the time. All Christians will tell you that even the "Christians who don't put God first." Did I also mention I am a barista at Starbucks?

  23. People are homeless in America and people are getting fatter and people are worried about a cup. Oh California ?

  24. This happened 4 years ago and I still love watching it????? it puts me in the holiday spirit Ellen's hilarious

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