100 thoughts on “Starbucks Year-Round Holiday Drinks Taste Test

  1. Its cheaper (during the holidays while we have a button for it) to order a snickerdoodle hot chocolate withshots in it rathrr than adding the individual syrups to a plain latte

  2. hazelnut macchiatos have been discontinued so you cant order them though, lol. also to make things easier, y'all can just order a snickerdoodle hot chocolate and add however shots of espresso you want.

  3. The white chocolate mocha is my favorite thing on the menu, so I was happy to see a lot of pumps of white chocolate mocha

  4. Rhett and link: drinking lattes and Mochas and Frappuccino
    Me: sitting here eating green beans and drinking tead

  5. As a Starbucks barista I appreciate the disclaimer that we don’t know the recipes of secret menu items we also have some of the holiday drinks year round and people don’t realize like the peppermint mocha or the salted caramel mocha (minus salt topping) though some of my favorite secret recipes are the apple pie frap or apple pie ala mode if it’s hot it’s just half apple juice half heavy cream caramel syrup and whip with caramel drizzle or the banana pudding frap for that it’s a vanilla bean frap made with heavy cream add a banana and add toffee nut syrup and it tastes just like banana pudding

  6. Dont assume that because you order a secret menu item that the barista has ANY idea what you are talking about. They aren't trained on secret menu items. They're trained the actual menu. Thats it. So have how to make it ready to help the situation go by quicker

    Former starbucks barista

  7. I’m a barista at starbucks and YES we would love to make these drinks but you’re gonna need to give us step by step directions 😂

  8. I got the Christmas tree frappe thingy and it was really good but I think it was too peppermint I couldn't taste much of the matcha or raspberry. Lovely experience though!

  9. I get iced chai all the time, recently during the polar vortex. I'm gonna have to get some caramel in it next time lol

  10. Word of advice for those wanting to get an 'all year round' Starbucks drink. Don't assume they have all the ingredients. Some ingredients get phased out to make room for new drinks e.g. not every establishment will have the Cinnamon Dolce syprup. Also, some syrups really are seasonal, you'll be lucky if Toffeenut stays around till February, this goes back to my point on how much they can keep in storage.

    Plus for those in Europe and UK, we are DECADES behind what they have in the U.S. e.g. you won't be seeing the frickin' Unicorn frap till another 5 – 20 years. If we're lucky.

  11. I am a barista at Starbucks and am constantly getting requests for these drinks. I try to memorize them cause sometimes it upsets or annoys the customer when I don’t know the drink but thank you Rhett and Link for clear up that we are not required by our company to memorize these.

  12. PRALINE!!!!
    Why did he say it like that?!?!? 😂😂 you say it like praw-lean. Im from louisiana and i have never hear anyone say it like pray-lean 😂

  13. Rhett says: Link the ultimate Christmas tree strawberry whip cream frappuccino, with a cherry on top should be number one.

  14. Starbucks shift manager here. No hazelnut drizzle since 2015. It was one of my favorite ingredients for my own drinks. 🙁 I am watching from Texas, though.

    Toffee nut iced coffee with almond milk and hazelnut drizzle was my game.

  15. As someone who works at starbucks i would just say that the cookie crumble and hazelnut drizzle are not year round and actually we dont have hazelnut drizzle at all.

  16. Sometimes these recipes have ingredients that were discontinued or just don’t exist, so just be prepared for that possibility when you very nicely order your drink 😊 Also snickerdoodle is the best.

    -your friendly previous neighborhood barista

  17. for starbucks employees:

    do you know what happens to the desserts like cake pops and lemon bread to make them all over 400 calories. the little cake pop being 100 something.
    ive always wondered

  18. I am never, ever, in the lifespan of the universe, going to ask my barista (or anyone serving me food) for something that includes the words 'nut milk'

  19. Macchiato? In a medium sized coffee cup? Is this an American thing?
    Because machiatto literally means espresso with dash of foamed milk

  20. Starbucks is for those people who want to drink coffee but can’t handle it so they order a drink that’s so masked with sweetener you can’t even taste the coffee

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