Stealing Time | SciFi Time Travel Short Film

Stealing Time | SciFi Time Travel Short Film

100 thoughts on “Stealing Time | SciFi Time Travel Short Film

  1. 5:16 , . . . iPod, 1st Gen. Had a white one just like it, but dropped it. Need to borrow this guy's time machine to catch it before it falls. . . dammit!!!

  2. Pretty good short film, except for a pretty big detail.

    If the time machine doesn't also move you through space (as is shown in the film), then the guy would not come back just across the neighborhood. He would be in space. The Earth moves fucking STUPENDOUSLY fast around the Sun.

  3. Wow, incredible theft in which it was only necessary for James to destroy the universe once. It would be good to know how James did to force the one who invented the time machine to travel in time to try to save himself and die by his own hand… ☺☺☺

  4. Time travel to future is very much possible though. It works through time dilation.
    No, you do not disappear and then reappear in the future, but time for you simply becomes slow as compared to others, so your body is always there.

  5. Bruh, did i missed when he travelled back to kill him self?!

    Saw him trying to stop, but getting shot instead but not the scene where he got the motive to shoot himself??

  6. Genius guy who invented time machine, JUST to go back to the past 5 minutes ago repeatedly, killed himself and creating a timeloop of his own. Yeah. What an idiot ???

  7. I already know why he's stupid even though he created that Time Machine…
    He's just too focus on the events at hand and forgot the Major Effect it would bring to the natural order of Nature's Law!

  8. All of the events are initiated due to the MC stupidity which draws me out of the film somewhat, but I still enjoyed watching this.

    Nothing in it for me – stuff them what they want – at the same time

    One item certain never their fault when road to hell paved with their intent

  10. Muchas cosas no tienen sentido, como las acciones de el creador de la maquina, el tipo es un estúpido que logro crear una maquina, eso no tiene sentido.

  11. Holy shit, this was mind boggling, and super cool!
    if the inventor knew about the paradoxes, he would try to avoid them, however, being shocked that there is a dead version of himself, he tries to prevent it, thus making him dead. If the inventor knew about the paradox and broke free from the loop, his present self would cease to exist! OOOOOOOOOOOoooooo this was a great short film.

  12. If someone who was from the future coming to the past would cause huge butterfly affect, the future for him would be different and wouldnt work

  13. That means there would be infinite bad dudes in the same universe because each copy would come back and restart the process, right?

  14. Some people think he is stupid, he may have invented time travel, but he only have 5 minutes, he doesn't really have time to think through and plan what he will do or possible consequence.

  15. Jumping 5 minutes will always get you landed at same house at some height or depth cause earth is also revolving around sun

  16. This is a really great masterpiece. Am I going to get the license to make a german version out of it? If yes, please contact me on Twitter. I'll give you the contact, if you're going to accept this 🙂

  17. But if the second guy didn't realize he had to go back in time to warn himself not to take the machine in first place… when exactly did the idea came to him?

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