Stealth Camping on side of Road⛺Low Profile Stealth Tarp Setups⛺Customizing Camp Spot

Stealth Camping on side of Road⛺Low Profile Stealth Tarp Setups⛺Customizing Camp Spot

This was a 10 day getaway stealth camping trip I recently took on my stealth mountain bug out bike – A 32 mile ride out of the city to a creek area in Southern San Diego California (Cuyamaca State Park)… my first stop on the way was off to the side of the road for a little stealth camping using the Aqua Quest tarp, where I set up my tarp and layed low for the night… stealth camping in the bushes is sometimes neccessary should you find yourself tired and running out of daylight… I set up my ultra light stealth Aqua Quest tent shelter tarp behind some bushes about 60 feet away from the road… this low profile tarp stealth setup worked. It kept all of my camping gear, as well as me and the bike, out of view from people driving along the road. I just layed the bike down near some bushes, and hooked one end of the tarp to the brake lever and tied the other end of the tarp up with a 20ft piece of paracord… I used that same 20′ piece of paracord to support the middle section of the tarp, to give me some clearance inside (about 2′ clearance)… I slept in my DIY bivy bag project, which I’ll be making a video on the completion of soon…so check my videos to see how I made that in two videos. I only used two tent stakes to secure the two bottom corners. It’s all that was necessary. I wasn’t expecting any rain that night, but just in case, I wanted to be protected from the elements, should a stray rain storm pop up. I just ate breakfast and it was time to repack the bike and head on out to my camp area destination! At this point I just rode 30 miles and climbed 3000ft in elecation…only about 2 more miles to go to final camp area destination… I made it to my stealth camping area I had in mind… After relaxing and enjoying the initial arrival of a beautiful place, I then got back into gear and climbed the side of the mountian/hill in search for a nice stealth camping spot that was out of the wind and overlooking the valley below… …it was also important to have a level sleeping spot to lay down on… I couldn’t find anything perfectly level, so I knew I was going to have to make a digging stick and rearrange the ground to provide an adequate sleeping spot, where I could also pitch my tarp over… temps were expected to be around 30 degrees that night with a good chance for rain/snow/sleet… so my main concern at this point was to setup a stealth camping spot, level the ground a little and get a tarp over it also keep in mind, the hill I was camping on was about a 60 degree incline. …and about 100 ft in elevation from the bottom of the valley. In need of a digging stick/shovel/trowel, I looked around and found a lot of dead Manzanita wood in the area to make the digging stick with. It was a very dense, very seasoned wood, but very strong! I began hacking, spliting and carving on the dead wood to form something adequate for digging into the ground with… it was a little tricky wood to deal with because it’s a very curved wood with no straight grains running through it… just a little more carving on the wood and I would have it… the end of the digging stick was starting to split right in the middle. So I would just tie a constrictor knot around the stick to prevent a further splitting effect the whole objective was to just bushcraft something up that would move a little bit of dirt with. I managed to build a nice little staged area for cooking and sitting, while utilizing the dirt for creating a level spot at the foot end of my sleeping area now it was time to bushcraft up some camp comforts, gather some nearby flat rocks for the cooking and sitting area, because rocks are just nice one of the first rocks I overturned had a bunch of red ants. Were they Fire Ants? were they Carpenter Ants? not really sure, what do you think? this was the cooking area I was preparing, where I’d set up my little pocket alcohol stove as well the following morning: it was just finishing up raining and I was eager to get out and do some exploring some of the bushcraft included on this mountain bike adventure included this little hook I made from a y branch and some shock cord here’s a little tour of the stealth tarp setup and it’s latest stage… over off to the left- as I point to here – I stacked up some dead Manzanita wood and dead Oak to form a blockage, so I couldn’t be seen from the trail across the valley… here I’m pointing across the valley towards the trail the trail was about 300 yards away from my camp spot… I took a walk over to the trail to see what other people would see and I could see a little of the green from the tarp along the barricade or view block I made, I hung some of my earth toned/camoflauge colored clothing on as well as a coyote brown sniper veil that I carry continuing on with the camp tour… here I show you my cooking area for the camp back up inside and under the tarp you can see some stuff I brought in there from the mountain bike: books, electronic camera gear, etc. for the little pocket stove that I use and make, I just used 3 aluminum tent stakes/shepherds hooks to make nice stand/platform to set my Stanley Cookpot on keep in mind this whole campsite was sitting on about a 60 degree grade I was running low on water, so it was to go harvest some water from the creek, bring it back to camp and filter it ahhh, a nice clear water running stream, a beautiful site to see on a warm day after building a camp spot returning to my secret stealth camp spot with my newly gathered water I use the Sawyer Mini water filter with some bleach and a DIY Carbon Filter modification/add on/adapter today I let the sun’s UV rays work on the water for a while thanks for joining me on this mountain bike adventure… if you’d like to see more of my bushcraft and mountain bike adventures, Subscribe and help me out by sharing the videos you favor… good night!

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  1. Thanks for sharing. Can see why you'd like that spot, even if it isn't ideally flat. Good ideas for breaking up sight line of those who may spot you from afar, otherwise.

  2. Nice trip, 10 days is a long one! I've used this 'handlebars as tent pole system' myself, also keeps your bike close where u know it's safe!!! I used the Bivy & low hung tarp setup until 2011. Eventually I decided to stop using it especially because the combined weight of the tarp and Bivy is heavier than a tent.

  3. I have gotten behind on everyone's videos so I will have to get caught up on this trip.  Really neat seeing some of the stuff you made in other videos being used.  Enjoyed tagging along with you.  TC – Stan

  4. I had the best time watching this at work in stealth mode on Friday. I really need to explore the more unconventional spots more and get my bike tuned up.

  5. yes yes, a camouflage tarp would be better for hiding and I do own a camo poncho, but the green tarp gives you a better perspective to see how I have it tied up, pegged down, etc. Maybe give you some ideas.

  6. I set out on a 10 day 32 mile bicycle stealth camping adventure. This time I left my camouflage bike and took the orange one. It's just as easily hidden though with the aid of some earth toned colored clothing and a couple of sniper veils. Enjoy folks and thanks for your tuning in and supporting. It makes it all worth while to know people are interested in seeing me go out there and do this stuff as well as wanting to show you how to do it!

  7. You had spent hours to build the little place to sleep in instead invested a good hammock and bigger tarps to cover the hammock and all of that could takes about 15 minutes to set up. Just something to think about my friend. I love the bike setups. Good video as always enjoyed watching it

  8. awsome movie – i love how i can almost never see your face! good tips …
    thanks for sharing please keep in touch keep um coming

  9. While you were batoning that wood for the shovel I was waiting for-and nearly saw your knife slip and hit your femoral artery. I like your vid. But, you almost had to rename it "Stealth camping and bleeding out in under 5 minutes alone and unseen". Not smart.

  10. Do you ever have a problem with creepy crawliea and how do you deal with them. That's one thing that creeps me out about tarp camping.

  11. What about snakes, spiders, scorpions? Tarps are OK, but not really that good on protection from these predators! Please reply. Really interested.

  12. Well done, as others have mentioned, either the correct camo for the location or just a better shade of green to match the grass/shrubs. :44 second mark.

  13. i know its an old vid but maybe look into narrow shovels and using the head off one as a mudflap on your bike, then just attach it to a stick whenever you need to dig

  14. can you please tell me how you put a cacti symbol next to your channel name or what you used to make the symbol???… Its not letting me put a symbol next to my channel name when i try and change my name. It wont work for me. Please let me know… Awesome Video btw!!!

  15. Ever thought of using a hammock ? Don't need level ground , roots and rocks will not bother you , insects are below you. Besides being a place to sleep it can also be used as a chair or lounger. There are a bunch of folks making them but Warbonnet makes some nice ones. Warbonnet also makes a camouflaged poly tarp to use with the hammocks. I have several different hammocks but when I set up the Warbonnet you would have to look really hard to see me , if you even could.

  16. I see the country you're camping in and the very first thought I get is the Pacific Coast rattle snake. Looking at it, you are smack dab in the middle his kind of territory and sleeping on the ground. I keep thinking "hammock" for some reason.

  17. 20,000+ miles transcontinental..5 different brands of bikes.. Cannondale was my favorite..Desert high and low, forest, mountains and lowland…Jannd panniers.. Schwalbe tires, MSR multifuel stove, some of my favorite gear..Carried a shortwave radio, no internet devices….Best days, 135 miles +, average 60 mile days…All seasons.. Awesome, challenging, profound… escaped the rat race, did jobs and extended camping….☺️? helmet…

  18. Even though you like to think that you live in a free country camping stealth camping is highly illegal because it is free and you're not paying the camping to anyone you're not paying fees are recreational fees or park pass fees or fishing fees or permission to use the dirt road fee permission to fill my water bottle fee permission to fix my flat tire on the side of the road fee all in a free country and God help you if a police officer sees you stealth camping because he will exact the full extent of the law because you are a criminal camper a dangerous breed and outlaw you're a camper on the lam a free wandering spirit in search of Highly illegal camping activities such as tarp tent making Fire Starting and all such Bushcraft is highly prohibited in the land of America

  19. its ashame u cant go on a trip in america and camp like u did without fear of law or prorety owners being on you over it i get not wanting some one camping out for days or watever but if u are just traveling across the land by watever means of transport one should be able to set up a tent and rrest his body for the night and do wats needed and move on just dont leave ur crap laying around so it doesnt become a trash pile or toilet,

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