Step by Step Harvest Host Experience ~ Camping on a Farm!

Good morning guys from Yuma, Arizona. I
hope you’re having a great day. Today’s vlog is gonna be a fun one. Because we
have the opportunity to share a very unique experience from start to finish
with you!…. Yep! So what he’s talking about is: “Harvest Host.”
We’re gonna go out to a Harvest Host here in Yuma. And we’re gonna start by
showing you how to find things, how to utilize their website and their app… Yep!…
And then we’re gonna go to an actual harvest host and show you what it’s all
about!…. So in case you don’t know… What is harvest host?…. Harvest host is an amazing program that gives travellers the opportunity to stay at a wide range of
places! Orchards, vineyards, wineries… Because sometimes the winery and the
vineyard is apart from each other. Museums, breweries and… They’ve recently expanded into golf courses…. Mm-hmm… So basically what you have to do is join
harvest host. It’s an annual membership. And then once you’ve done that, they give
you access to their directory of harvest hosts! You can choose one in the area
you’re traveling to, go and stay with them… There’s a few, you know, polite
things to do like…. Call ahead and let them know you’re coming…Mm-mmh… But then once
you’re there, you can stay for free! If they sell something, it’s generally
customary for you to spend about 20 bucks they say!…Yeah, yeah!…It’s a good you know, pay it for type of thing…. A way to support
their business…. Okay, let’s start at square one! How do you join harvest house? You
can go to but one better, if you use our link we have a
promo code that’s gonna give you a discount off of your annual membership!
Alright! Now that you’ve signed up for harvest host,it’s time to search for
hosts to go stay at! I want to give a shout out to their app their app! Their app is absolutely amazing! And I say that because it works and I love the mapping
feature of it! You don’t have to use that whole two fingers thing to slide it around. But for the sake of this video, we’re gonna use the
laptop. I’m gonna type in… Yuma right there. It auto populates and let’s give
it a search!….Alright! It’s pulled up an area of Yuma and we have a good idea
where we’re going for this video. It’s called: “From the farm.” On highway 95 just outside of town here. So this is the homepage for: “From the farm.” You’ll find
contact information, their address, some details about how to get there, a little
below that are GPS coordinates and their phone number. This place says no need to call ahead but that’s not the norm most of the time you need to call ahead. But
don’t be shy! They want to see you so just give them a call. And then down here,
you could scroll and you see what type of rigs can be accommodated. And… Their amenities! So it’s pet friendly, there’s a farmers market, restaurant, gift shop and
then the photos! So you can really see what you’re getting into. But…This
location looks absolutely gorgeous guys! Well, now that we had all those details
out of the way, let’s go grab some lunch because…. I’ve heard amazing things about this restaurant! So we hear that everything off the grill
is really good!…. So we got a chicken, cheese and bean burrito. And then from
the farm tacos, beef and chicken with chilli on top!…. And for beverages, lavender lemonade and a famous date shake! When you come to this part of the country,
there’s a date palms growing everywhere! And specifically you Yuma. Date shakes
are really popular and…I don’t think we’ve ever had one honey!…Nope!… Well, let me give this a shot before we even eat the food….. That’s good guys! It’s really good!…
Okay. That hit the spot! So the really cool thing about Harvest Host is that every single one is unique! So this one has food and date shakes, they have events
here like weddings…. Oh wow! Look at this place!
This is full of stuff!…. Well as most of you guys know, we travel full time in our
motorhome. Which just so happens to be a 13 foot box. So we do not have room for
stuff like this…. You don’t wanna get the table set for our track?…No, no!… We don’t have room for that!….. Okay. Well, our nice hosts said
that we can park just about anywhere on the property except places where they
are working in the fields. And I think this looks like as good of a
spot as any! Good morning from the farm in Yuma,
Arizona. It is a beautiful, sunny clear day here. A little chilly but in a good
way! And….. We’re done! We’re taking off… Yeah! We enjoyed our night here at a Harvest Host…Uhhmm…. A couple of closing thoughts as we bring this video to an end. Number 1: The website mentions this for harvest
hosts and I really loved it and wanted to share it with you guys! When you plan
to stay at a harvest host, think of it as a destination not just a place to
spend the night and plan your visit accordingly! You can arrive earlier in
the day or plan to stay later into tomorrow and enjoy whatever amenities
they have! You know, we’ve been at orchards where you can go for hay rides
in the orchard…Uhhmm…Some of them are just full blown farms that are like amusement parks…Exactly! They always have something to do! And you can even do this if you’re,
whether you’re full timing or not! You can plan a weekend around a place like
this! Arrive early on Saturday, stay the night,
plan to stay into Sunday before you head back home. And take advantage of whatever
they have to offer at the one you’ve chosen! So…. I really love that! Don’t
forget to click on the link in the description below to take advantage of
our promo code so you can get a discount on your annual membership! And thank you to from the farm for a great place to stay and Harvest Host for an awesome
program! Seriously, this is a great network!
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