Stop Animal Abuse for Wildlife Tourism! | Red Flag Animal Entertainment

In an industry worth $250 million each year… …there is a dark side. They would beat her and she was overfed and she wasn’t given any exercise and she was locked in a box in darkness for 20 hours a day. So that people can come and clap and laugh at them. It’s immoral and it’s… embarrassing to us as a human race. Actually cannot believe what I’m seeing here. These beautiful, intelligent animals who are being dressed up and humiliated and made to perform. Now which one of these is the greater ape? More than 500,000 animals are suffering worldwide for the sake of entertainment. There’s beatings and cruelty beyond belief and abuse that goes on behind the scenes the tourists don’t know about. And now at the end of the show everyone gets to pay about 15 dollars and then they get to ride on the elephant. One of the most disgusting things I’ve ever seen. That tiger is on a tiny chain. It just paces back and forth and then gets stuck in its chains. This is a wildlife house of horrors. It’s disgusting. We must stop this cycle of abuse. Vote with your feet and don’t visit these attractions Promote responsible tourism The tourists come visit us for see them, looking them. But no riding on her back. No working any more. The elephants have a good life here. You can make a difference. Join the movement. Red Flag Animal Entertainment

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