warning this video contains artillery
gameplay. viewer discretion is advised! deutschland your wallet uber alles 9o
looks watch it’s a tier 10 only game with three artillery pieces I shall
prevent the enemy team from camping my my tailor piece looks like a cucumber would you be kind don’t stop jumping Oh what you need to cap like right now no
let’s watch cap cap throwing to kipper hello objects I’m not here just letting
you know I’m not here it’s already loosened don’t come here
hey you’ll never catch me alive hey hello bitches I need for damage yeah
that was a great game how are these people playing at tier 10 oh we go we go
do damage grinning why gamble that you can just cap and win they are about to
die yeah we’re not they gonna capital so
like 30 seconds ago the team was like don’t cap and now they’re spamming cap
people just cap okay don’t kill oh oh no sports watch hello could I think stop
camping ha ha that was nice hello guys I’m a chiller a piece I’m a
very skillful player and I’m gonna use my advanced tactics and skills to
destroy you ah stop camping in the middle of the map
ah I clicked so well this watch lizard I’m
ordering you to stop camping ah hello 60 TP how about you you stop camping in the
middle of the map ah 64y a monolith still aiming punish him
please stop camping that was it that was enjoyable that was fun I have to agree
yes that was fun expected that was an unexpected chain of events
well still managed to do 2000 damage fantastic swatch right i won in my
battle on means in the GW e100 but I still have my x to mark on it
what where’s my x to war gaming alright swatch let’s play the Rose key
some risky balance if there if the shirt ins have the turf Kambei
then we’re gonna do some serious damage swatch sport hello people I am here to
prevent you from camping oh they’re all behind a building it that’s a shame
hello Sharon can I just just kind of destroyed it you know what I’m just
gonna stump this guy oh you are in cover not for me comrade
oh hello it’s watch what are you doing this is
t57 here Oh rip I’m loaded in ten seconds oh I
see I got 1,100 assists on the children hello i7 stop camping in the middle o to
see ah it’s two stuns for the price of one Oh
any 152 couldn’t make a triple stun oh baby a triple how many 100 come on home
receive it yes very nice very nice indeed
yeah only SWAT on a grease cap because the city is about to fall the shooting
is about to fall hello if I do me a favor and stop
camping come here stand still stand still
yes come on oh yeah yeah everyone screaming cap wait maybe I should defend
you guys didn’t even know they had okay I’m gonna go go 4100 them there we go
yeah run away why why aren’t more people capping are you the only guy cap what’s
what’s up dear people into your 10 and not bother to cap it’s the only way
we’re gonna win this this is crazy to peek here
nope he needs damage but he’s just standing up there what a moron
okay shells coming up Helly 100 stop camping in the open area
I got to be pious and to the cap circle goddamnit of them cap circle what this
is more than doing your seconds from losing this come on swatch oh thank god
I love you see what’s what’s with tier 10 players and not capping for more
damage because my penis will grow if it wasn’t for you swatch this would have
been a guaranteed loss complete and utter morons in this freaking game man
stop bullying people in this game please oh he’s the icer so the is-7 prod enemy
team in the in on the game of the highway says stop bullying people marine
consists of dueling people that’s that’s a new lesson new level or not balancing
people anymore I’m bullying people sorry man
just just doing it’s for the views it’s late let’s play the coal artillery I
guess buh-buh-buh-buh-buh Oh God no wait I can’t see some of these guys now that she’ll never arrived thinking
might need to get out of here you’ve hit an ally what I hit the TVP I hit this I
ain’t here and I hit this guy okay hello people hey take some splash yes I did
one damage to the is-7 thank the cola come on i7 let me do one more damage and
it’s six damage this time yes look up you better be nice because
artilleries focus hello Cobra please stop camping I am doing the game of
favor because you would dominate if I didn’t balance no way that’s Russia net
actions I mean I’m doing this table favor yeah oh you’re if I don’t have a
first a kid that gunner in 1892 shit me playing artillery is so much fun
dammit this is something I really don’t like about the matchmaking now sets your
10 tier 10 all the games is not that much of a big deal but we they have a
platoon of 50 PS we are for tune of object two seventy sevens two completely
different kind of vehicles but they get matched against each other because your
heavies imagine that this would have been like a like a city map but humans
torpor ensk chases Christ Swach I want you to go here swatc wreck
him oh you said mo fire I’m dead though no you’re not
yes Oh Vance he had a great game good trade okay this guy was spotted and it
didn’t move why would you have a genital herpes what success I didn’t I didn’t
kill him why do people play this it’s like I’m just gonna throw potato in the
air and see where it lands could kill someone might as well not do anything at
all t92 it’s been like over a minutes I wonder
if you’re still here oh yes yes relocating is harder using the keyboard
you know this really hard man really hard hello a phone would you like a
potato would you 27 hello people I would appreciate if you stop camping please
stand next to each other that would make things a lot easier for me balance victory she’ll like all right is
watch let’s play some I mean I mean all let’s play no okay no outer looking but
get the balance oh great our we are for tuning around receiver
like Oh Oh guys I just unlucky 100 let’s get tuned up and and do heavy a
telling stuff and who know don’t get prokhorovka well sister only two
artillery pieces is gonna fuck you over I’m gonna Park up here right next to her
to the red border oh hello e15 balance come on ah I want to advance on the one line I did
zero damage no direct hit fuck coming up oh oh I see seven hello
okay I have one more coming up I’m gonna live or how about anymore yes to the
project come on here we go all right reloading man there we go
it was a nice miss me now I was terrible the two heavies camping next to each
other how inviting here we go have some balance do you want it I can bring it
some balance 31 damage fantastic I am back which are more balanced ah 100 is
just a slaughter at this point different damage 100 stop camping good click I
want to balance this guy come on hey t92 what did you do that that’s another one
come on batchat come on come on on the move yay yay hello t57 heavy all SS that
was extremely underwhelming for Jesus Christ how do people who have put up
with playing this it may take longer for SPG’s to find a battle then for other
vehicle types please be patient okay maybe like yeah we don’t want you
to play artillery we kind stay away from this cloth thank you just stay the fuck Oh hmm yay hey guys stop camping wait
what what that wasn’t even close to where I aim that we meet again this guy
isn’t such a good cover I can still hear him this is just this is wrong
this is so wrong six hundred damage get rekt Arnold oh wait here he is here he
is come on ah that was a nice miss oh hey come on TP how we have some balance
okay that’s good you can watch a killer now I guess hey hello oh shit death’s
door he just fired now go get him go get it boy I’m gonna come get you nice well I ever know before the Death
Star has reloaded find out in two seconds
yes thank you for watching please tell us in the comments what you want us to
play next and remember that the only way of avoiding artillery is to stop camping

38 thoughts on “STOP CAMPING!

  1. wow what an artillery shit cancer shit show case… lets play artillery and shot full gold… cancer shit… DISLIKE

  2. Use to play on PS4 artillery was a beast could make or break a game depending on your skill i had so many games i was the only player left aginst max 4 enemies and i carried the game in Arty

  3. Amen people. If your in a regular tank don't camp. Sell them all and only use Arties and TD's Then you can camp all you want.

  4. I like how people say superheavies are usless on (insert map here) when I've aced my maus on every map except himmelsdorf lol.

  5. Wow.

    This Video has inspired me to quit playing my tiger 2 for the e100 and start grinding for the t9 American Arty, and the top French one. I mean who needed to grind baguette lights anyways.

  6. EdvinE20 does your gaming glasses you wear make you a better player. Like does it give you 20+ skill like if it does and you use #2 premium ammo my god you would be like 40% better than everyone. You are a world of tanks god rofl

  7. Nothing represents the epitome of "no cap, kill all" than capping the enemy in your Lorraine 155 mle. 50 and you get a message from the T49 ordering you to stop camping. Next thing you know you get team killed by the T49 who states he did it so his platoon mates could continue damage farming. However, the battle is lost well, because RNG goes against the remaining team who all get destroyed. Good times.

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