Storming in Italy: Hiking in the Dolomites Part 2

Storming in Italy: Hiking in the Dolomites Part 2

Justin: Are you ok?
Claire: Hahaha I’m fine. We spent our morning enjoying our first
spa experience ever, but in order to watch the sunrise at Lago di Braies, we
have to drag ourselves away long before closing and face the four and a half
hour drive through the mountains. The sun was shining and our bellies were full of
delicious street food, so the ominous Stelvio Pass felt much less intimidating
than the night before. Oh, also this backround music is
pretty cheerful so that helps. We got a good night’s rest and hit the road before sunrise to beat the
crowds to Lago di Braies, one of the most beautiful lakes in Italy. I am freezing, absolutely freezing cold
but I think it’s going to be worth it to get into the water. Justin thinks it’s
worth it so I’m going to do it. Oh my gosh, so cold, so cold, so cold. It is so cold! Freezing! I needed my coat but I couldn’t find it this morning. I know it has to be
somewhere though. After a peaceful morning we had
breakfast in our adorable hotel and then returned to the lake to do the hike
around its perimeter. This was so gorgeous and peaceful this
morning and now it’s a carnival. What I would give to have a place close to us in Houston. So I look over and I see four people that look like they’re straight out of Instagram. Yeah, definitely models. well you know just doing a photo shoot.
Dog: Woof! It’s amazing to me, like, how dramatically more put together they look
than everyone else here. Alright Justin, we have to be supermodels we have to walk we’re cool. Is that what cool people look like? It’s just like us to find the one trail
no one wants to walk on because there are too many people here. This trail
doesn’t actually go anywhere. I had a feeling it was going to be crowded but
the traffic jams are so much worse than I anticipated. It felt like half of Italy
was there to tour the lake that day. This is a madhouse. This is completely ridiculous. Apple? No. So we’ve finally got to the part of the
trail that’s a little bit more open so we can actually go at a speed that’s decently reasonable. I haven’t seen this many people on a
trail since like Yosemite. We left the lake early that day and headed to Tre Cime to finish the day with a massive hike. Justin and I are about to start a 6 hour hike. It should be interesting. Alright originally I was gonna bring my drone but the chances of me safely
flying in this are pretty slim and I’d rather have a light pack. Wish us luck! Everyone is fleeing for their lives it’s like angry ants running from the
rain. Justin this is the most adventurous thing you’ve done so far so you have to
vlog with me. How do you feel about hiking in the rain? Justin: I love it. That didn’t sound that convincing. It’s gonna be nice and empty eventually. We’ve only been walking for about five
minutes but I decided to poncho up. I figured in the long run (six hours) I
will be happy I did. How’s your setup? Is your camera safe? Justin’s shoes are wet. My pants are wet. 6 HOURS. People are rock climbing that? Forget it! Must keep up with Justin. Must keep up! Alright we’re okay for now. It’s still sprinkling a little bit. Justin thinks he felt some hail. But look! Blue skies! Don’t know how long it’ll last but cross your fingers. We started and here we’re already here so we’re gonna go up here and the elevation
change is gonna be interesting The sun came out! Sort of. Close enough right? I think that’s where we’re headed and it looks kind of close. That storm still looks really bad but the wind’s going that direction so shouldn’t hit us again. I’m guessing that the estimates online of this trail being four to six hours
might have been for something else cuz we’re over halfway done and we’ve been
at it for an hour? No we’re not halfway done, a quarter done, but if we’re a
quarter done that would mean four hours would be accurate right? Math is hard. This is the second hut. I have a feeling we’re gonna eat something delicious and slightly overpriced. I really want a photo with the llamas. I think this might be the most excited
I’ve ever seen you, actually. Justin found a stock photo. Justin’s trying to give me a heart
attack Justin please tell me that’s as far as you’re going.
Justin: That’s as far as I’ll go. okay, alright, photo time. This is how I know we’re going the right
direction, I think, right? So where we’re headed is up in
here right next to this rock. Justin says it’ll be easy. Dude, wow. Alright let’s go look at these caves. Justin: haha people just come in to poop. Claire: Oh look, there’s poop! So I guess the path just
sort of has a gap here…um… If you die right now I’m gonna be really
mad at you. okay Claire: Are you okay? Oh my god!
Justin: Yeah Every time I turn around you look like a freaking tourist supermodel.
Justin: What? It’s ridiculous. Look at that man it’s not fair. When we packed the bags for this hike it was
pouring rain and the sky was black, so I left the sunscreen in the car. Bad idea,
however, sun protection outfit. Eh? Today we go behind the shot with Justin Black Photography as we wait for this mountain to turn orange. It is not turning orange. This is a problem. I’ve been sitting here too, waiting and waiting. We got addicted to sunset and we stayed
over an hour later than our itinerary allows so we have to book it down the
mountain. This can’t be safe. oh yeah and Justin twisted his ankle so that makes
this all the more safe. Justin: Are you ok?
Claire: Hahaha I’m fine My first war wound. “It’s safe” he says! Forget it! My pants aren’t thick enough
for me to slide down on my butt. Ugh. Boss! So Justin re-sprained his sprained ankle and I’m bleeding, but we’ve got the shot!

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  2. Everything for that elusive SHOT! Also, kind of glad both of you were ok. Because the BGM was definitely pretty ominous 😀

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