Stranger Things 3 Filming Locations Tour Dressed As Eleven!! // 11 Stranger Things Set Tour

Stranger Things 3 Filming Locations Tour Dressed As Eleven!! // 11 Stranger Things Set Tour

Hello. And welcome to the upside down. You read the title. So, I’m just gonna
jump right into it. In case you don’t know,
I am a fan of Stranger Things. Stranger Things is an original
series from Netflix. In case you didn’t know,
most of it was filmed in Atlanta Georgia or the surrounding areas. And guess what?
I’m in Atlanta Georgia. I decided that it would be super fun
to go to all these different locations. So… Here we go. Right off the bat what we have
here is Hawkins, also known as Jackson, Georgia. This is the town to where
Stranger Things takes place. Right in the same corner
we have two locations. This is where Hawk theatre is. The theater doesn’t really look
like much of a theater right now. For the show they actually
added the marquee in the corner. You just have to,
use your imagination. And this is
where the Seward company is where you see Joyce and Jonathan have their fight
in the middle of the street and it’s all scandalous
and things are happening. And what we have back
here is the general store and the Radio Shack. It is in this location
where Joyce works and where she buys
the famous Christmas lights. Much of what you see
of Hawkins in stranger things was filmed right here
in Jackson, Georgia. This back here is
the public library on the show but this is not
a public library in real life, this is actually
the Butts County Probate Court. So, just like the public library because a lot
of the locations aren’t exactly what they are supposed
to be on the show, they just use the exteriors
of the buildings. Jackson is just
under an hour south of Atlanta. A little bit more from Jackson, we have Hawkins middle school. Not only do we have
Hawkins middle school right here but we also have
Hawkins high school right over there. This is obviously
where all the kids go to school. I believe
that they shot both exterior and interior in both
of these buildings. To my knowledge this used
to be a high school that was then abandoned because of some old issue
that they have which, if you ask me,
is a little bit fitting to the show. But anyway. If you walk behind the buildings
then you can find this track field, where you can find the official
mascot of Hawkins high which is the Cubs. Pretty cool. Go Cubs. By the way there are a lot
of people that you will see stopping to take photos and videos here on the various
different location. Meeting other stranger things fans
is always awesome especially when you’re
dressed up as Eleven. I am standing right
outside Mike Wheeler’s house. Because this is a private property this is pretty much
as far as I am going to go because obviously like
I wouldn’t want people to just come over. And there’s signs everywhere, there are like
private property, don’t come in, blah, blah blah. I’m not gonna put the address,
the exact address for where this is. If you want to go find it then go find it. But I’m not gonna be responsible
for people coming on to this person’s property. But in the very same neighborhood we can actually find various houses, we can find Barb’s house,
we can find Dustin’s house and Lucas’s house as well. So, just a few minutes south
of downtown Atlanta we have Bradley’s Big Buy
which is now a Piggly Wiggly. And, of course, this is
where Eleven buys her famous Eggos. These guys were so nice
that they gave me the original box. So, this is not a real box of Eggos but it is the original design
which is what you will see on the show. By the way,
if you are enjoying this video please don’t forget
to give me a thumbs up, and be sure to follow me on Twitter
and on Instagram. I am @redromina all over the place. Because it is super hot here today and right now the Sun is just killing me. So, yeah. Give me a thumbs up. Right now I am standing outside
of Benny’s burgers which in real life is a real restaurant
and it is called Tiffany’s Kitchen. In this location
they filmed the exterior and interior. They’ve got burgers,
they’ve got hot dogs, they have waffles, they have breakfast,
serving breakfast all day. Of course, I got a burger
and french fries, so. We’re now in Douglasville
which is just a few minutes west of downtown Atlanta Georgia. Here we can find the police station. This is where Hopper works
because he’s the cop of town. Here you can also find the arcade. And now we’ve made it
to the Palace Arcade which is of course where the gang
goes to play some cool games. I believe that this location
used to be a laundromat. So, it is no longer
in business obviously, so they just painted it
and did whatever they wanted with it and so it’s still the same. So, these are the colors
that you’ll see on the show. So, what we have back here
is Hawkins National Laboratory. And this is where everything starts. Pretty much the birthplace
of Eleven as we know her or so we think this is
where she closes the gate. I can’t get very close
because you are actually not allowed to get any closer than this. I’m pretty much on the street
right now in order to get this. But if you do want to come by, you can, but just know that it’s pretty much
as close as you’re gonna get without trespassing. All right. So, you might be wondering, what the heck is this Romina? This doesn’t look like
a Stranger Thing’s location. But it is. Right down this road
and beyond these gates is the quarry. The Bellwood Quarry is the quarry that
we see so much of in season one where supposedly
Will’s body is found. No spoilers if you haven’t seen it yet
but, you know, it’s been a few years. This is pretty much
in the center of Atlanta as well. It’s just a few minutes west
of downtown Atlanta. This whole area is currently
under construction. The city of Atlanta
has huge plans to make this. One of the biggest parks
in the entire city. So, active construction site,
so people aren’t allowed in. So, if you guys do decide
to come and check this out, please don’t try to go in there. There’s people have gone
to jail and this is, this is a stupid, this is a stupid thing
to go to jail for, guys. What kind of Stranger Things
video would this be if I didn’t mention season 3? Which comes out tomorrow
as this video drops. Behind me I have the Starcourt Mall
also known as Gwinnett Place Mall. This is about 30 minutes out
of the center of Atlanta. They did use this mall
to shoot the exterior as you can see the entrance. They have various entrances all around
the entire mall that look just like this one and Stranger Things
was also shot inside of the mall. This mall is pretty interesting
because it’s pretty much dead, there’s nothing going on in there. Most of the shops are closed, there’s not a lot
of people walking around. If you go right now,
they actually have various parts of the mall that are blocked off, and you can see little bits of the set which they made to make it
look like an 80s shopping mall. I can’t really get much
of that on camera because they have it really blocked off and they have signs everywhere
that says no photos or videos. Really, really cool to walk by
and see some of the 80s logos, like they have
the RadioShack logo there. So, if you’re in the area
you can definitely stop by and catch a glimpse of the real sets that they used
for strange I think season 3. As of this video, we don’t really
know much of how this mall is involved but there are some theories. I have my own theory
in which I think that they are going
to get trapped in this mall and there’s gonna be a whole
upside down thing going on. I don’t know, I think it’s been really cool
and very reminiscent of, you know, the 80s films,
people go into the mall and, you know,
stuff happening at the mall, which is a lot more exciting than
really going to the mall in real life. I hope that you guys enjoyed this video and that you have
an awesome 4th of July if you decide to celebrate. But if you don’t celebrate,
well, there’s plenty to do over on Netflix, you can watch
Stranger Things season 3. By the way, this whole video was not
sponsored by Stranger Things or Netflix, but if either of them
would like to sponsor, just go over to
and there’s a contact form for sponsorships, just… But really I am super excited. Hopefully you enjoyed this video, and I also hope that someday
you will have the opportunity to visit any of these locations
if you enjoyed the show. I always think that it’s pretty cool
going to different film locations and seeing what
the real-life place looks like compared
to what is on the screen. Alright. I am gonna go now. So, I will see you when I see you, bye! This video was made possible by my patrons
over at PATREON.COM/REDROMINA If you like what I do, become a patron
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