Stranger Things 3 World Tour | Gdansk | Episode 4

Stranger Things 3 World Tour | Gdansk | Episode 4

Cześć.I mean, come on. Here in Poland. Excited. We’re driving to the music festival here. Open’er Festival, 2019. We get to do… questions live. Man, in a few hours, it’s gonna be
beer cups and vomit everywhere. Already halfway there. It’s like a 45-minute walk. Oh, look at that hair.
Look at that hair. Welcome to our arcade in Gdynia. I just want to play games. No! Finn took these. You know,
I was just posing for the camera. This one, look at my big, honkin’ chonker. It’s like a huge nose. I was “talking” to someone here. He’s naturally… Yeah, I just… Natural. Yeah. He’s Caleb. FINN & CALEB
ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS Hi, I’m Millie Bobby Brown. And I’m Gaten Matarazzo. “Who would be the best
at eating pizza upside down? Gaten… Gaten? That’s what
I was literally about to say. Today we’ll be trying some Polish snacks. I feel like I’m gonna like this a lot.
And this. You guys really rock out here. Oh, I’m guessing this is gonna be good. “What color are your socks today?” -Black.
-Black. -Nice.
-Cheers. “First in a bowl: Cereal or milk?” Anyone who puts milk first
is a psychopath. I already smell it. “I love your hairstyle.
What’s the secret behind it?” I don’t wash my hair, so… I like sugar, but I can’t do this all day. -Hey, guys.
-Hey. Yeah, see you there. Yes. Have a good break. -Thank you.
-Okay. See you soon. -Look behind you.
-Oh, my God. I can’t, I quit swearing,
’cause it’s family friendly, but I was gonna swear. -What up, what up?
-Yeah! We should… -have the crowd mosh to no music.
-We should do this. How do you say hello in Poland?-Ahoa?
I’m gonna go withhej.
Just in case I mess it up.-Cześć?
-Perfect. -It’s like “trash.”
Cześć!-We figured it out.
Cześć.No. I don’t do any of that.
It’s all good. Okay, we just did press in Poland.
It was awesome. And we met Idles,
one of my favorite bands right now. It was really cool.
And now we’re going to get dinner, then we’re going to France tomorrow. With baguettes, baby.

100 thoughts on “Stranger Things 3 World Tour | Gdansk | Episode 4

  1. Wyobrazcie sobie teraz ze taka 7 latka przychodzi na to z rodzicami a oni gadaja po angielsku i nic nie rozumie xD [*]

  2. Im so stupid i didnt go on the show then. But maybe another time somewhere else. My MOSt aSkEd question of miner is: if Finn Wolfhard been in sweden. Thats where i live but im polish :0

  3. łot de coś? Huuuurraaaa……….ktoś przyjechał do miasta w którym mieszkam i to w dodatku ze Stranger Things!

  4. Mówi się ,,cześć"
    a oni mówią ,, sześć" ale dobrze bo nauczą się szybciej liczyć 🤣
    Fajnie że chociaż o nas pamiętają
    Bo bałam się że nie 🙂
    (Mówiąc ,,my" mam na myśli oczywiście Polskę)

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