Stranger Things 3 World Tour | Teaser

Stranger Things 3 World Tour | Teaser

Hi, guys, I’m Finn. There’s Gaten. -Noah Schnapp.
-Hi. I’m here with Caleb. Hey, I’m Sadie Sink. And I’m Millie Bobby Brown. Hi! Oh, my God, I feel like a vlogger. Paparazzi, stop. Hi. -Hi.
-I don’t understand anything. High five. Noah! My God, I found Noah! -We’re in New York City.
-We’re in Rome. I’m here in Japan.It’s too much celebrity…in one shot. I’ve always wanted
to wear something like this. I can’t trust Noah now. And now you know what it’s like
to live with this human.

100 thoughts on “Stranger Things 3 World Tour | Teaser

  1. Hi, I speak Spanish but I could learn English, I love you and I will meet you someday … viva stranger things ,????

  2. I love your cool cool things that you do in the movie and it's like so cool me and my sister watch it what is so cool we always watch a movie watching y'all y'all are the best and y'all are so cool cuz I never met y'all but I can't meet y'all cuz I can meet you here if you text me back but guess what it was so fun when I first saw y'all in the movie and then but my sister had to try to find it cuz she heard that that stranger things was coming and she found it so she washed it it and she was like so amazed that she that she wash it it and that's y'all in here and she and she subscribed to do y'all I hope you have a great day have a great day having fun and I just like how can you tell me every stay like how did you do all that stuff so quick and like a and is like super duper magnetic and I can't believe it and I never seen you before I never only in the movie and I I like the one when will gets lost but then I like the one when he gets lost over me I just said that one I like the one when they try to find him Eva sister have a crush on you

  3. Honestly wished they went to my country Malaysia. Maybe if the plane didn't disappear, people wouldn't be scared of my country.

  4. Hi everyone

    netflix family favorites like the most and were followed Stranger Things "from Turkey with us by coming in as a fan more fun that I FANTAG to prepare Nerflix I welcome the vision I share with you =)

  5. Will there be a Series 4 and will you have 8 bit Consoles/Computers in it cause you have none in the series at all.I have a Atari VCS and the came out in 1977, i have a lot of 80s and 90s Consoles/Computers,The first computer I used was when I was 12 in 1983 and it was a Commodore Pet then in 1984 got a C64 and never looked back… 🙂 Still use my C64 now.

    Was there a problem with copyright is that why you don't have 8bit Consoles/Computers in the show..??? Nice to see a Arcade, can't wait for 1986 and see Sega Outrun… 🙂 I was playing the other day Millipede on my Atari VCS.. 🙂 Love Pacman and Batllezone. If I lived in the US, I let you borrow mine, just to see them on the show.. 🙂

  6. I wish they would visit santa fe or Albuquerque whyyyyy they always go to big places it’s always been my dream to see them one day!!????

  7. Hey I am a huge fan of stranger things and would love to be on stranger things it seemed so much fun so if your looking for someone there is always me I have had experience of acting before thank you ?

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