Stranger Things 3 World Tour | Tokyo | Episode 3

Stranger Things 3 World Tour | Tokyo | Episode 3

OK, so I’m at the hotel. I just thought I’d show you this
’cause it’s cracking me up. So I get here,
and there’s, like, this fridge with this melon inside of it. So I ate all of it. I’m hoping that, like,
it was for me to eat, and that I didn’t just, like,
eat some kind of, like, sacred, highly celebrated melon. I’m on line right now… to get through security checking. There’s Gaten. I’m going to Tokyo. I’m on the plane headed to Tokyo. Thirteen-hour flight. We’re at a sneaker store. A lot of exclusive fits. We’re at a robot show
or something like that. I’m really nervous. We are riding bikes
at the Imperial Palace. I found these, like,
green Gatorade Nike sneakers. Good morning. I finally slept,
and I think I’m officially on Japan time. We do, like, press junkets and stuff
in the hotel this morning. We’re gonna be doing, like,
some cool games and stuff. -Hi.
-Hello. Oh, my God! Oh, my God.Chicken noodle soup-I went high for no reason.
-Yeah, you started out very high. -Is that your new toy, like, forever?
-It is my new toy forever. You want me to hold it for you?
Like, I’ll just grab it. -I’m sure–
-You wanna carry it–? OK. There’s a Guinness World Record
for how long that’s been held up. -I’m gonna beat it.
-You wanna try and beat it? You’re gonna try and beat it? I’m starting now. -Keep the clock running.
-I will keep the clock running. I gotta keep this on as long as possible. Remember, it’s still here. As long as possible, all day.
All day, every day. I already feel like
it’s gonna slip through. So they’ve known each other
for their entire lives. It’s started to make my finger numb. Whoa! He hit it? He took it off? I’m sorry. You are a terrible human. He just grabbed it.
Now I have to restart the clock. I think we should beat him up. I can’t trust Noah now. He didn’t even care.
He didn’t even bat an eyelash. And I’ve been doing it for like an hour.
I don’t want to restart the clock. We’re still in Japan. We’re done here. We’re about to go to… Do you call it a dojo? Is it a dojo? We’re gonna learn aikido. I’ve learned a little bit of aikido before
but, like, an American dude taught me. I don’t think it was, like,
authentic, real, like, legit aikido. So this is gonna be fun. Don’t cross me. You always fight monsters, so we thought
it would be a good experience… -Of course. Yes.
-You know? -We need to… yeah.
-To get some tips, yeah? Yeah. We’ll fight it with aikido. That sounds awesome, actually. Does anybody want to wear this? Rock, paper, scissors. Yes, they both said rock! They both said rock! I did not expect that. I wanna do it. Dude, my legs just gave out. You did very good.Arigato gozaimasu.Welcome to Japan! We wear these for traditional
Japanese summer festivals. So go have fun! Thank you so much for having us. Enjoy Season 3.Arigato, arigato!Stranger Things 3!

98 thoughts on “Stranger Things 3 World Tour | Tokyo | Episode 3

  1. 日本に来てくれて本当にありがとう!

    Thank you for coming to Japan!
      I love everyone! Come again!

  2. Every comment is about Sadie and the melon but the best part was Gaten and his balance bird and when he got so sad when Noah took it 😂💗

  3. Man, it was great to see some AIKIDO again! I did it myself but after having a stemcel transplantation to beat leukemia, i got GVHD and now i'm in a wheelchair for the rest of my life because of that, so i sadly enough can't do AIKIDO anymore, but i still love to watch it 🙂 And of course, i like Stranger Things, so it's two in one 😎

  4. THE THING IS I WENT TO TOKYO AT THE SAME DAY AS THEM AND I DIDNT KNOW THEY WERE THERE IM SO UNLUCKY😩Edit:When I watched the vid,I saw that I went to same places as them…:(

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