STRASBOURG | FRANCE travel guide, | tourism vlog, Alsace part 1

STRASBOURG |  FRANCE travel guide, | tourism vlog, Alsace part 1

Hi guys and welcome to my fruit travels in this episode is the first in a series of four on Strasbourg and france So make sure you subscribe hit the subscribe button to get regular updates on all my food travels This is my travel guide to strasbourg. I hope you like it Bonjour tout le monde aujourdhui je suis a Strasbourg because Everywhere you go its like something out of the middle ages its like something out of a fairy tale its a town frozen in time You really get a sense of the medieval age I Mean I’ll just turn over here Look at that behind me. I’ll just walk down Mediaeval street and I’ll just keep turning Love in the street. Can’t get over this street absolutely fantastic Medieval quarter part, but I don`t know how to describe it. its all tourist places to eat but you can’t resist it with the Building is absolutely stunning so Im in full tourist gear with the hat and the glasses But it is needed today its absolutely roasting I’m going to go on there will cruise And luckily theres no glass on it and I’ll get one Throw our won’t be roasted alive I might want to so a great thing to do in strasbourg is one of both tourism and Especially the class off the top of the mold on a great day like today It should be a super trip don’t me ha ha oh Strasbourg’s 142 meter high nor to Dom Cathedral is easily the City’s most impressive ending I Took an amazing three centuries to build the cathedral in struggled from the laying of the foundation than A 1976 It wasn’t completed for 1413 here Four people are queuing to claim of this I’ll have a look on this balcony something I’m going to do so incredibly functional medicine and a one of the must-see thing is the Same you not to church Get the view of the city So call in the morning As it gets really hot here Germany? So I’m just sending Mr.. Case So there’s a deficit for the morning the first people Invited to hundreds of people here’s quite plus a foolish so there’s a recommendation come early so the first viewing platform on that same up the side of the church suppose you here but Daffy something you need to be spent to get up especially in the heat That’s as large cries. You’ve no choice, but to keep pushing forward so Definitely only do this in the morning when you’re ready when it’s cooler and less people around otherwise, you could be in for an unpleasant stuffy class of Mobile Clamor percent of the church So even though it takes quite a bit of effort to get to the top of Notre Dame cathedral You’ll be rewarded with bastions of Strasbourg literally He goes to the buoy Ba-ba-boom be older murky Label the Holy name year girls ever beauty of what you something I’ve noticed since my last trip to france since last winter front started adding this sugary top into the Hustles on Polish Ocula, but this is her punished ocular should be It’s really crunchy really fresh. We’re taking absolutely delicious who So yourself from the coconut rice and other than the time clock can you finish by the blue cheese? We’ll start with those four and we go three goats and sheep chillies with different textures and tastes Which why you get audited by a summary behind this one is one key chain? Then you have the crash base with Jeff Vm to make the transition between sheep and goat To the clothes that the journalist to polymer casino fit me but the secret the vigil for Tina from Italia fat Monica failure MPTv, la flor de Sol No, no poly Pomona put away this one is the only cheese from champagne, and you finish with the book Irina and cheese With an Iranian base which is the visual villain? Energy from a major ring table, okay? So you have what shipped those two are goat code this one is shipped shipped in all the others or Kyle made with you Thank you very much Of course we’ve got the bread. So lovely bread here good very warm freshly made We’ve got the Superb plant I Love that plato served on ice a lovely place the music in this episode was recorded from Street performers in Strasbourg and I should mention one skipper form in particular a Mr.. Luke arbogast little did I know when I was recording him outside the cathedral that luke was an incredibly famous French Musician and He’s best known and for his work for a game of thrones his record theme music for it but he had also appeared on a voice in France and He’s a really talented Musician and I provided links below so make sure you check out below and check out the links to look arbogast the Cinematography along with his music is absolutely stunning So next up in my second episode from Strasbourg. I will taking you around sizeable time Are they showing you the rue and gallery? As well as more cheese, and more food stories make sure you subscribe to keep up to date

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