STRASBOURG, FRANCE travel guide | tourism vlog part 2

STRASBOURG, FRANCE travel guide | tourism vlog part 2

Strasbourg, France, Travel guide and vlog Welcome to my food travels in this video series. I’m exploring start work and france I get to explore the sites meet the local food Producers taste the great food Strasbourg work seems to be a town with always something going on And on the weekend, I visited there was a rubber duck race. It was great fun I’m always on the lookout for great artists and produce Chants Wander into Mantra marker, Led me to Meet Pierre de Lodge So tell me a little bit. I’m talking about the sharpened. Yeah, we actually have a form in Vitam bar which is just filling your buttons about an hour drive from front door family of the pharmacist about 40 years and the Family’s originally our german-speaking My father I know started upon or to your school And we love the virtue in human stuff, so we produce And Commonwealth and we felt legitimist Last job decided to open a Sultan’s mascot sell our product we got to depend on me On anybody, and so we try to send everything that we produce with an investor in a sharp angle shot Every patient’s amazing would explain it like what I want to find So if you’re coming to start work, and you want to get real local team? Yeah, it’s very differently from the bomb in the montaigne Which also products on the fun? did Pier just say that the Irish taught the French had to make munster cheese. This one is probably German Always are the official cheese, which is going to go? and You can say problem. They are pre this set of human But it was to avoid tax And why did you avoid the tax? I’m president somewhere else Yeah, because they didn’t sell a tax on these cheese producers and the official change the way official cheese But not on the obligee that they were hiding Starts for the Thomas Tom Dothis hidden cheese really it hidden from the Authority You can find something sub world fine Involve any different part of homes you can tell and what of the night that was because we want to poor boy sometimes Family Family Cheese excellent is the good stuff Farmhouse butter All you could get that more more widespread So here’s something if you like sparks online from every smartphone champion because grandma, so this is promote ourselves This it says Sparkling wine, but does not mean champions with the camcorder jump on So I’ve been saying for years that We probably make the best cheese in Ireland because we’ve got the bad milk But there as I’ve just find out from pierre the maker of munster cheese. We actually taught the franchisor make teeth Whilst to prefer we taught them how to make munster cheese and our task Master Montez can’t Deny that Thank you So the street behind me. I didn’t see a say with some day all the shops closed, but looked we all were the chanted shops are and the Foie gras shops and specialty wines and so on so It’s just incredible definitely really treat another they walk down I discovered all these things Okay, so this is our station speciality at the brioche with almonds and raisins I had it for breakfast this morning at the hotel and it is lovely right, but at the games especially I’ll give the region and What I love about france is in come to a region and you can tear something new ahh yeah When you think about things that make you smile? It’s something that makes me smile La Frituur can`t beat that I’m welcome. Here’s a walk down Strasbourg with les frites here’s a restaurant called pia Voix infer which is french for Stolen wouldn’t fire and they specialize in sealer Cattle beef There’s a little sealer cattle so I Assume they do steak and That’s quite interesting So I’m in the fantastic test-takers Instructive as fitted so here’s the thing they’re all of their Quarters in France so how do you get your sake put in front -? number one LoV this means We’re Gonna hide it one minute inside Another variety of getting the truth is Bang-on which means bloody so the way I suppose its like medium rare in a way Afar can medium one medium upon also be and Crete which Stretches out there well could or should be some thickness land in the middle of the stage and then Arabian Creek we will be ripped all the way through as you like if you like to take well to Israeli and so hope that the little guy to her daughter’s taken from Blue Spaniel Op farm medium Can create radiant? in the next video of the taking you on a tour of the Rohan gallery so don’t forget to subscribe if you’d love to see that beautiful painting Strasbourg France travel guide and what to do in in Strasbourg

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  1. Nice series on Strasbourg. I moved recently in this city for work, and as I'm working I don't always have the chance to go around and explore. Now I will have more clues, thanks!

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