Street Food in Iran – INSANE 10,000 Person FACTORY Tour + BEST Iranian Food in Tehran, Iran!!!

Street Food in Iran – INSANE 10,000 Person FACTORY Tour + BEST Iranian Food in Tehran, Iran!!!

– All right, check it out,
guys! It’s Trevor James. We’re with Mr. Taster! – Hey! – Just got in to Iran, and we’re at the Grand Bazaar in Tehran– – [Mr. Taster} Yeah! – [Trevor} –for a full on adventure. – [Mr. Taster] Yeah, we’re
gonna try different foods. We’re gonna have dizi.
We’re gonna have tah-chin. Lots of foods. Eat with us. Let’s go! – Let’s go check it out. (upbeat sitar) – [Trevor] This is it, part two of nine of our ultimate Iran food adventure series where we’re bringing you
to taste Iran’s best food in six iconic food cities, and today we’re going
for a full-on adventure through Tehran’s Grand Bazaar for some of the most extreme food. So make sure to click that
bell notification button, watch all the way until the end, and keep watching all the videos in our Iran food playlist. Huge thanks to Mr. Taster on Instagram and to Ali from Oh my, look at this market! Wow. This is beautiful! Hundreds of people. And this market, this Grand
Bazaar, just stretches. These alleyways are going for kilometers. We’re going deeper and
deeper into the alleyways, and Mr. Taster is bringing us for our first Persian meal of the day. (man speaking foreign language) And we found the Persian rugs. (man speaking foreign language) Look at these! Beautiful! This is really a location I’ve
been dreaming to visit, Iran, and to see these rugs in front of your own
eyes makes a difference. Just look at this. This is the land of beautiful
Persian rugs, amazing artwork. It’s a truly amazing experience to see this with your own eyes. – $3000.
– [Trevor] $3000? – Yes.
– [Trevor] Wow. – [Mr. Taster] It’s cheap.
– [Trevor] It’s cheap. – [Mr. Taster] Compared to
what they do, yeah, it’s cheap. – Mr. Taster is bringing us
through the carpet section– – Hey hey hey hey! (laughs) – to go through–
– I can smell the dizi. – Yeah, and taste the dizi.
– Let’s go this side. – Up the stairs here.
– Yeah, upstairs. – Awesome. Oh, and there’s all of these
Persian carpets down here. – And this is where we’re
going to have the dizi. This is our seats. – On the carpet?
– Yeah. (laughs) – Really?
– (laughs) – Wow, you can smell it, the lamb. Salaam. – Salaam. (man speaking foreign language) – Good, how are you? Thank you. We got the dizi. – Hartsa there, he’s the boss. – Wow, this is the boss here. (men speaking foreign language) – Trevor, our friend. – Salaam. – Salaam, hajji. – Salaam. – Very good! – Very good! Wow, nice
to meet you. Salaam. (man speaking foreign language) – How are you? – Good, good, very good. – How are you? (man speaking foreign language) – Thank you. – Thank you in English. – Thank you very much. – Can we show the dizis? – The dizi? (man speaking foreign language) – Yeah, we see. – Oh, and these are the
dizi. So what is this? – [Mr. Taster] It is fat, and you’ve got peas in it and beans– – [Trevor] Lamb fat? – [Mr. Taster] Lamb fat, yeah.
You can see it, this fat. – [Trevor] It’s lamb fat, tomatoes– – [Mr. Taster] Tomatoes,
peas, beans, onions, look at that. – [Trevor] Oh, and potato. – [Mr. Taster] Look at
that. That’s the lamb shank. – Thank you. Okay, taste. – Oh… Whoa… (men speaking foreign language) (group laughing) (men speaking foreign language) – More than sixty years. – More than sixty years? (man speaking foreign language) – From the first day. – From the first day, and he’s been making this for his life. – For his life, yeah. – [Trevor] That is absolutely beautiful. You can see this entire dizi scene: the lamb, and tomato, and chick pea. – Thank you. Thank you very much. (man speaking foreign language) – Oh wow. Take shoes off? – Yes. – And we can sit here? – [Trevor] So we’re gonna put this down, and the food is gonna go over top of this? – [Mr. Taster] Yeah. – Persian style. – Yeah. (laughs) – [Trevor] Oh, and here
it comes, the dizi. Wow, right on the Persian carpet. Oh, and there it is, the dizi! It really is the pure lamb fat. – [Mr. Taster] Look at that. Look at that. – [Trevor] Oh! – [Mr. Taster] You’re gonna love it. – [Trevor] Really? – [Trevor] Is that the fat? (man speaking foreign language) (laughs) – So have that. – Thank you. Thank you very much. So this is the pure lamb fat? – Yeah, it is, yeah. Have it. – The dizi. Taste it. – Taste it, okay. – He said it is very hot. – (moans appreciatively) – It is so good. – It melts in your mouth. (laughs) That is delicious. So he’s going to mash the fat. – Yeah, and put it under water. – [Trevor] This is amazing. You can really taste
the lamb and the tomato. That is the best stew right there. – [Mr. Taster] Yeah. – [Trevor] The lamb flavor, the tomato goes so well together. And the fat, it’s all about the fat. – [Mr. Taster] Yeah. – [Trevor] Yeah. – And look at that.
This is the main thing. If you’re going to have the onion, you should break it like this. – [Trevor] Just with your fist? – [Mr. Taster] Yes. – Ohhhh! – Ohhh, that’s the one. Now look at that. We believe that it’s more delicious. – It’s more delicious? – Yeah. Just do it like this. Make it ready. – [Trevor] So you let the
bread soften up in your dizi? – Yeah. So, do it like this. – [Trevor] Mix it up. – Yeah, mix it up. Once we finish, take this part of onion because it’s more delicious. – Oh, the center! – Yeah. – Okay. – One, two, three! (moans appreciatively) – Oh my god! – Wow. – Onion. – Take the onion? – Yeah. – Oh! Oh, it’s sweet. – It is. (laughs) (speaking foreign language) (laughs) – Very delicious! – [Mr. Taster] This is the main part. – [Trevor] Oh, and what’s next? – [Mr. Taster] Take the bones
off. This is the lamb shank. – [Trevor] Oh, we’re going
to mash the lamb shank! – [Mr. Taster] Yeah, and
potatoes and beans and peas. – [Trevor] A little salt. – [Mr. Taster] Some salt, yeah. Some pepper. – [Trevor] This is so beautiful. That’s gonna mash up? – [Mr. Taster] Yeah. (laughs) – [Trevor] Wow. Oh, so all that lamb meat
is going to get mashed up? – [Mr. Taster] Yeah. (laughs) – [Trevor] Wow. (speaking foreign language) – [Trevor] Lamb, potato, chickpea, fat… And he’s been making this for sixty years? – [Mr. Taster] Yes. – [Trevor] Wow. It’s getting so soft. – [Mr. Taster} Yeah. – [Trevor] It’s beautiful! So you just take the mash? – [Mr. Taster] Yes. – [Trevor] And add it to your bread. – [Mr. Taster] Yes. – [Trevor] And that’s
the lamb all ground up. – [Mr. Taster] Exactly. You can either have onions with it, or greens, or some pickles. – [Trevor] Let’s try greens. – [Mr. Taster] Yeah? – [Trevor] Can I put it
on, or do I eat it after? – [Mr. Taster] Yeah, you can do it both. – [Trevor] Oh wow! (moans appreciatively) – Oh wow. To me that’s like an
upgraded mashed potato. – Exactly. You’ve got lamb, lamb fat, tomato, and then you’ve got the
freshness from the herbs. This is a dream come true, coming to eat in Iran. (speaking foreign language) – [Trevor] Thank you! – Thank you. – [Trevor} Bye bye. – [Mr. Taster] (speaking foreign language) – [Trevor] Bye bye. Thank you. And we are going to keep moving. (laughs) Mr. Taster is bringing us for more. And next up, Mr. Taster is taking us to the busiest restaurant in Iran, serving 10,000 people per day one of the most famous
foods in the whole country, the saffron butter-infused tah-chin rice, along with the most incredibly sweet and sour cherry chicken rice. And next up Mr. Taster
is taking us for more. We’re going even deeper– – (laughs) Yeah. – [Trevor] Into these
markets, these busy markets. This bazaar is just
breathtakingly colorful. – [Mr. Taster] Yeah, it is. – [Trevor] Rich, soaked
with culture and history. – And next up is the tah-chin. – Yeah, it’s tah-chin. (crowd speaking foreign language) It’s some stews we’re
going to taste in Moslem. Moslem is one of the best
restaurants in bazaar. – In the whole bazaar? – Mr. (speaking in foreign language) He’s the owner of this restaurant. – [Trevor] Hi! – Hello. – [Trevor] Nice to meet you. Salaam. – Salaam. (speaking foreign language) – Ready? It’s the kebabs! – Oh ho ho! – Kebab station! – And the coals you can see. – Wow! You smell these
as soon as you walk in. – This is the koobideh
(speaking foreign language). – [Trevor] Koobideh lamb kebab? – [Mr. Taster] Yeah, but
it’s the larger size. – [Trevor] Larger– – [Mr. Taster] Yeah. – [Trevor] –koobideh lamb kebab. – [Mr. Taster] This is chicken kebab. – [Trevor] Chicken kebab. – [Mr. Taster] This is
(speaking foreign language). – [Trevor] Oh, chicken
kebab and then the lamb. – [Mr. Taster] Yes. – [Trevor] Lamb (speaking
foreign language) and grilled tomato. Oh wow. – Now, let’s go inside. – Okay. The Iranian rice is so fragrant. – Yes. – You can smell it. Mr. Taster was telling us
that it’s the fluffiest and most fragrant rice in the world. – Oh! – [Chef] This is the lamb shank. – [Trevor] Lamb shank with onion. So what’s this called here? – Eh, mahicheh. – Mahicheh? – Yeah, cholo mahicheh. – And you eat this with rice? – Yes. – This is amazing to see
the action in this kitchen. – Look at that. – Oh! And here comes the tah-chin! Oh, so this looks… This is chicken stew? – [Mr. Taster] Yeah. – [Trevor] Over top of the Iranian rice. Whoa… – [Mr. Taster] That smell nice. – [Trevor] That smells nice. Oh, aubergine. – [Mr. Taster] Oh, aubergine
going on top of that. – [Trevor] Oh, and this is the tah-chin. – [Mr. Taster] Yeah, take it. – [Trevor] Oh, that’s barberry and saffron-infused rice on top, right? – [Mr. Taster] Yes, yes. – [Trevor] You can get it
with that chicken stew? – [Mr. Taster] Yeah. Look at the chicken. Look at that. – [Trevor] Wow… It looks like a curry almost. – [Mr. Taster] Yeah. – [Trevor] It smells like
an onion chicken gravy. But this was just the beginning. Seeing these stews and tah-chins was just a warm-up for going upstairs into the real massive factory
of tah-chin production. And the real magic is upstairs? – Yes. – We’re going to see how
they make the tah-chin. – Yeah, yeah, exactly. – And we’re going up. – [Woman] Salaam. – Salaam. – [Woman] Salaam. – Salaam. – [Woman] Salaam khoobi. – Thank you. Thank you. – Wow. (speaking foreign language) – Thank you. Look at this, guys. It’s so busy. Just look at this scene here. We’ve got hundreds of
people eating this tah-chin. – [Mr. Taster] Thousands! (laughs) – [Trevor] Thousands. Thousands of people. Three levels of people
eating this tah-chin. You walk in here and you
just smell the saffron. Okay, we’re going all the way up. Here we go! Up the stairs. Oh! Oh, and I love how
these kebabs are just saturated in saffron water. This is insane! It’s a tah-chin factory here. It’s so aromatic. – [Mr. Taster] So the
first step for Persian rice is just taking the water and then cook it with the steam. – [Trevor] It already
almost smells buttery. – [Mr. Taster] Yeah, exactly. – [Trevor] It smells so fragrant. – [Mr. Taster] Persian rice
is different to other rice. – [Trevor] Oh, and here it is! So this is the cooked rice. – [Mr. Taster] Yeah,
this is the cooked rice. – [Trevor] Wow! Tah-chin. – [Mr. Taster] Yeah. This is tah-chin. – [Trevor] And it’s so fluffy. Oh! This is the saffron? – [Mr. Taster] Yeah, this is the saffron. – [Trevor] Look at the color there! Saffron water. – [Mr. Taster] Yes. – [Trevor] Oh, and
they’re mixing it through. Wow… And you can smell the
butter. It’s so buttery! – [Mr. Taster] Wow… – [Trevor] Butter and saffron. This is just unreal. It’s tah-chin in the Grand Bazaar of Tehran. – [Mr. Taster] In Moslem. (laughs) – [Trevor] Look at the color! Look at the color there! – [Mr. Taster] Wow. – [Trevor] Oh! Buttery. – [Mr. Taster] Yeah.
– [Trevor] Saffron delight. – [Mr. Taster] Yeah, exactly. – [Trevor] I’ve never smelled
something that aromatic. – [Mr. Taster] (laughs) – [Trevor] Look at this! Ooo!
– [Mr. Taster] Oh my god. – [Trevor] Barberries! – [Mr. Taster] Yeah. – [Trevor] The baberries, right? – [Mr. Taster] Yeah, it is, yeah. – [Trevor] Oh, look at the color! Oh, the double layer!
– [Mr. Taster] Yeah. – [Trevor] Oh, that’s going
to be really delicious to try. With the barberries inside?
– [Mr. Taster] Yeah. (laughs) – [Trevor] It’s truly amazing– – It is, yeah. – –to see this. The
barberries in the middle? – Yeah.
– The butter? – Yeah.
– And the saffron water? – Exactly. – This whole kitchen–
– Yeah. – –smells like saffron.
– Yeah. (laughs) – And kebabs. So it’s cut into squares?
– Exactly. – And then baked?
– Yeah. – And then you eat this
with chicken curry? – With chicken, some aubergine. – Aubergine? – Yeah, that would be brilliant. – Wow. And it’s going right in the oven. How long is this going to bake for? – [Mr. Taster] Thirty-five minutes. – [Trevor] Thirty-five minutes? – [Mr. Taster] Yeah. – [Trevor] Oh, and here it comes! – [Mr. Taster] Look at that! – [Trevor] The tah-chin! – [Mr. Taster] It’s ready! Oh wow! – [Trevor] (laughs) – [Mr. Taster] Wow! – [Trevor] Wow – [Mr. Taster] Look at that! It’s boiling! – [Trevor] Oh, it’s bubbling. – [Mr. Taster] Yeah. – [Trevor] It’s sizzling. – [Mr. Taster] (laughs) – [Trevor] It’s like butter
and saffron, barberry– – [Mr. Taster] Yeah. – [Trevor] –on top of that
already extremely fragrant rice. – [Mr. Taster] Exactly. – Oh.
– Oh. – Wow.
– Wow! – It’s so nice, isn’t it? – So they’re all finished.
– Yeah. – And now we can see the plating. – Yeah, let’s go! – Okay. Oh, and here it starts. So it’s the steamed rice with the chicken, onion, saffron. – [Mr. Taster] With the chicken, yeah. – [Trevor] Oh! – [Mr. Taster] And aubergine. – [Trevor] Little bit of… – [Mr. Taster] And now the real tah-chin! – [Trevor] Oh! – [Mr. Taster] Way on top. – [Trevor] With the
barberry in the middle. – [Mr. Taster] (speaking foreign language) – [Trevor] And then here’s the real magic. That is the barberry saffron rice. And then a little bit of butter on top? That just looks amazing. Let’s go try it out.
– [Mr. Taster] Yeah! (laughs) – [Trevor] Let’s see it! Here we go. We’re going
to try the tah-chin. Right at the source. Oh!
– Wow. – Wow!
– Wow. – This is beautiful. – Yeah (laughs) – Ooooooo! – Wow. – Thank you. – Oh my god. This is kahmed,
a stew that I told you. It’s very famous in Iran. – All specialties.
– Yeah. – Look at the color here. So these are all Persian specialties? – [Mr. Taster] Yeah. – So we’ve got? – [Mr. Taster] We’ve
got chicken with cherry. – [Trevor] And it’s that
chicken gravy with the onion – [Mr. Taster] Yeah. – [Trevor] And the saffron? – [Mr. Taster] Yeah,
that’s the one exactly. – [Trevor] And then we’ve
got saffron-infused rice? – [Mr. Taster] Yeah. – [Trevor] With pistachios? – [Mr. Taster] Pistachio, yeah. – [Trevor] And then this is
the real specialty, right? – [Mr. Taster] Exactly.
This is tah-chin and on top saffron and barberries,
pistachio you can see. And some aubergine here. – [Trevor] Eggplant. I
love how in the middle there’s a layer of those barberries. – [Mr. Taster] Exactly. – [Trevor] And it just smells like butter. – [Mr. Taster] Exactly. – [Trevor] And saffron. – [Mr. Taster] This is gheymeh. Gheymeh is a kind of very
special stew, like ghormeh sabzi. – [Trevor] Okay, it’s a– – I think the two main dishes in Iran is gheymeh and ghormah sabzi. – Okay. – The main stews that we
cook every single week. – So this is a lamb stew? – Yeah. – Oh, lamb with split pea. – [Mr. Taster] Exactly. – [Trevor] Oh. – [Mr. Taster] And we’ve lentil, and we’ve got potatoes as well. – [Trevor] So lamb with lentil? – [Mr. Taster] Yeah. – [Trevor] And chips. It’s like a stew. You just
pour it over the rice. – [Mr. Taster] Yes, we
just put it here like this. Look at that. – [Trevor] Oh ho ho! – [Mr. Taster] We just put it here, and then have it like this. Oh my god. – Oh! – (laughs) – Oh wow! It’s a little sour. – Yeah, it is. It is, yeah. – It’s like a sour lamb stew. – [Mr. Taster] With the lime, you know. – Oh, so it’s a little bit of citrus. – Yes. – Now we should try this tah-chin. – Yeah. – [Trevor] So it’s all
about this chicken stew. – [Mr. Taster] So this is the chicken. You can have it either breast or leg. – [Trevor] So it’s got saffron? – [Mr. Taster] It’s got saffron, turmeric. – [Trevor] Turmeric, kind
of like Persian curry. – [Mr. Taster] Exactly. – [Trevor] A little bit. – [Mr. Taster] It’s
almost 50% of Iranian food has got turmeric. – [Trevor] So you take a little
bit of the chicken with– – [Mr. Taster] Yeah, with tah-chin. – [Trevor] –tah-chin. Oh, and
it’s like a baked rice cake. – [Mr. Taster] (laughs) Look at that. – [Trevor] Like a rice bite. – [Mr. Taster] Oh my gosh. – [Trevor] And the best part is probably the crispy outside, right? – [Mr. Taster] Exactly, yeah. – [Trevor] And I love the color on there, the barberries on top.
– [Mr. Taster] Yeah. – [Trevor] That’s just so buttery. (both moan enthusiastically) Oh! It’s crispy! – It’s mix of flavors, isn’t it? – Mmmm – You can feel the pistachio. You can feel the saffron.
– Butter – A barberry And everything mixed together is– – (moans enthusiastically) – It’s an art. – It is. – A little sour too. – Mmmm – Slightly. – Yeah, it’s because of the barberry. – The barberry. – Yeah. And you saw how they making it. It’s amazing, isn’t it? – (agrees) – [Mr. Taster] Put the
lots of rice together, and then the saffron going in there. – [Trevor] It’s a factory. – [Mr. Taster] It is a factory, yeah. Ten thousand people having
lunch here every day. – Wow. Every day. – Every single day. – Every day. (laughs) – Thank you. – It’s amazing. – It’s amazing. Very nice. – And now we’ve got chicken with cherries. – [Trevor] That looks unique. – [Mr. Taster] Yeah.
You’ve got the chicken. You’ve got the cherry.
You’ve got the rice. – [Trevor] And you can just dig in. – [Mr. Taster] Yeah, you
just put it on your rice, and then– – [Trevor] And then take
a little rice with it? – [Mr. Taster] Yes. – [Trevor] Oh, that looks delicious. Look at all the juice from the cherries. – [Mr. Taster] Yeah, put
some juice on it as well. – Let’s try it out. – One, two, three, attack! – (moans enthusiastically) – Oh ho ho ho ho! – That… That is amazing.
– It is. – That tastes like a sour
cherry pie with a chicken gravy. – Exactly. – Super unique. – For this one, the sourness
coming from barberries. This one coming from cherry. And this one coming from lemon. – [Trevor] And next up,
before going with Mr. Taster to try the most famous dish
in Iran overlooking Tehran, we’re going to find the
oldest traditional teahouse in the Grand Bazaar. And next up, Mr. Taster
is meeting back up with us in a couple of hours
for a big Persian feast, and we are going to continue
exploring the Grand Bazaar here right up ahead. We’re going to go to a
hundred-year-old plus traditional Persian teahouse, and I think we’re going to try and
find some saffron tea. And we’re just walking
thorough the spice market. You can see hundreds of
spices, fresh and dried fruits, and we are going to be
walking into this bazaar through a local hundred
plus year old teahouse, and I can’t get enough of the
beauty of this architecture. It’s a place of ancient
history, soaked with culture, and the art is beautiful. And what do you think
of Tehran so far, Tink? – I think it’s… People is really nice, and it’s really B.C., and… – How’s the food? – The food is amazing. – Amazing, right? – It’s unique. – Unique. – Yeah. – Yeah, it’s unlike anywhere in the world. And here we are, Haj Ali Darvish Tea. – Hello, hi, welcome. – Salaam. How are you? – Welcome. How are you? – Good, how are you? – Yes, I’m fine. – Wow. – Welcome to the smallest
teahouse in the world. – The smallest teahouse in the world? – Yeah, a hundred years ago. Do you want tea? – Yes, please. – Which one? – Kindness. – Kindness, yes. – Let’s try the kindness. Lemon, saffron, and mint mixed? – Lemon, saffron, mint, yeah. – Salaam. – Salaam, hajji. – Salaam khoobi. – [Trevor] Wow, look at the color there. Mint, lemon, and saffron.
Oh, and the rock sugar. – It’s crystal sugar. – [Trevor] Crystal sugar. Wow. – (speaking foreign language) – [Trevor] Thank you. Thank you, hajji. The kindness tea. – (speaking foreign language) – Wow. And that’s what it’s all about deep in the bazaar of
Tehran, the old bazaar. Having the kindness tea. Mint, lemon, saffron. And just look at this ancient architecture on the roof. Absolutely beautiful. Hundred-year-old bazaar. Let’s finish this tea, and then go meet up with Mr. Taster. And next up, after driving through Tehran and up to the hills for our final stop, Mr. Taster is taking us to try the most famous dish in
Iran, the ghormeh sabzi. And all overlooking downtown Tehran. And this whole city is so beautiful. Next up we are going back to meet up with Mr. Taster again, and just look at the color here. Tehran is so stunning, and we’re gonna have another big meal. Let’s go check it out. And we are back with Mr. Taster. – Hey! – And finishing up the day going for one of the most famous dishes in Iran. – Yeah, we call it ghormeh sabzi. You can find it at home as well. It’s really nice. – [Trevor] Wow, this is cool! – (laughs) – [Trevor] We’re on like a ski lift. – Yeah. (laughs) – [Trevor] How are you, Tink? – (laughs) – [Trevor] Having fun? – Yeah. – And here we are. We’re gonna go see the ghormeh sabzi. Salaam. – He’s the owner of this complex. – Nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you too. – Nice to meet you. – Nice businessman, very nice person. – Nice to meet you. – Thank you so much. – And good friend of mine as well. – Really happy to be here today. And here we are. This is the– – (together) Ghormeh sabzi. – [Mr. Taster] Yeah, the ghormeh sabzi has got parsley in it,
coriander, lime, onions. – [Trevor] Wow, ghormeh sabzi. This is the most famous dish of Iran, one of them. – [Mr. Taster} It is, yeah. One of them. – [Trevor] I’ve heard so much about it, and I’m looking forward
to trying the real thing. Let’s go try it out? – Let’s go. – [Trevor] And here it is.
– [Mr. Taster] (laughs) Yeah. – [Trevor] The ghormeh sabzi. – [Mr. Taster] Ghormeh sabzi, yeah. – [Trevor] The national dish of Iran. – [Mr. Taster] It is, yeah. – Oh, there it is! With saffron rice! – Yeah. – [Trevor] The ghormeh sabzi. – [Mr. Taster] Yeah, it’s beans, parsley. We’ve got black lime. – [Trevor] So it’s a little bit citrusy. – [Mr. Taster] It’s dried lemon. – [Trevor] Wow, it smells really herbal. – [Mr. Taster] We put coriander in there. – Coriander. So this is ghormeh sabzi, and you put it over your saffron rice? – Over your… Exactly. – [Trevor] So we just
scoop it onto our rice? – [Mr. Taster] Yeah. – [Trevor] The ghormeh sabzi. – [Mr. Taster] We’ve got lamb in it. – [Trevor] Oh, so there’s
lamb in here as well? – [Mr. Taster] And the key
thing about ghormeh sabzi is to have it a bit fat in it as well. – [Trevor] Oh, so this is
lamb and herb stew with beans. – [Mr. Taster] Yeah, it’s
the magic stew of Iran. And this is the salad shirazi. This is the chelow kebab
(speaking foreign language). – Chelow kebab. – Yeah, we tried it yesterday. – So chelow kebab:
ground-up lamb with pepper– – [Mr. Taster} Exactly. – [Trevor] –salt, and somagh. – [Mr. Taster] So take a bit lamb. – [Trevor] Take a little lamb and beans– – [Mr. Taster] Yes, some
beans and vegetables. – [Trevor] And rice, saffron rice. – [Mr. Taster] Yes, all together. And we take the onion. – [Trevor] Take the onion? – [Mr. Taster] Yeah, just… – Oh, take a couple layers? – Yeah. – [Trevor] And this is
for the afterbite, right? – [Mr. Taster] Yeah. (moans enthusiastically) Oh! – Yeah, go for it. (moans enthusiastically) (laughs) – Wow, that has flavor! – It’s nice, isn’t it? – [Trevor] You can taste all the herbs. That is the most herbal lamb stew. And you’re saying that
the fat is important? The lamb is juicy.
– Yeah. (laughs) – And I love the coriander.
– Yeah. – I love how the saffron is in the rice. – Yeah, it’s everywhere, isn’t it? – It’s so fragrant. Wow! Good day. – Yeah. (laughs) – [Trevor] What a beautiful scene looking out over the city. – [Mr. Taster] Yeah, look at that. – [Trevor] Beautiful. You guys can check out Mr.
Taster, @mr.taster, on Instagram. Thanks a lot.
– Thank you so much. – Pretty amazing day. – It was good day, wasn’t it? – Tehran is amazing, yeah. – It’s our last day in Tehran. We’re gonna go to Mohdanarn tomorrow. – And have an awesome time. – Yeah, let’s go. – Thanks, guys. Leave
us a comment down below. Bye bye! (laughs) (speaking foreign language)

100 thoughts on “Street Food in Iran – INSANE 10,000 Person FACTORY Tour + BEST Iranian Food in Tehran, Iran!!!

  1. Iran is AMAZING! Huge thanks to Mr. Taster for the AMAZING tour through Iran! Also big thank you to for helping arrange such a wonderful trip through Iran! Please leave me a comment down below, I would love to hear from you! Are you enjoying our Iran series? These videos are some of my favourite we’ve ever made, and there are still 7 more videos left! Make sure to hit that bell notification button too so you don’t miss any of these Iranian food tours! Thanks so much for watching and I hope you’re enjoying this series!!!

  2. Ohhhh… Every time I watch any of your videos I feel like if I were there. Thank you for bringing us the opportunity to get to know many other places by watching at you eating. Blessings from ?? EC.

  3. Remember people, this is the country the US empire wants to decimate next. Be critical thinkers. You have no excuse to be ignorant in this day and age.

  4. WOOOW !!! The US imposed sanctions on IRAN but doesn't stop to sell COCA COLA.

  5. According to BBC there are protests in Iran sure to rise in food prices. Now don't get yourself killed eating rice. Just saying.

  6. As an Iranian I must say to you guys: Come to Iran, have cheap delicious foods, see hundreds of ancients building and stuff, feel the fantastic culture, BUT NEVER STAY OR THINK ABOUT LIVING HERE
    living in Iran is so different. I don't recommend it at all

  7. I ❤ Iran. Iran is heaven. Iran is best country. Iran & Iranians are great. Iranians are extremely helpful, friendly, good, generous, hospitable, warm, hard working, honest.

  8. Yark.. that lamb fat with bread. Was ?????
    That's rice and tachin is mouth watering.
    Your tour guide is living sample of Persian food.

  9. watched tons of videos that you posted, trust me buddy, Iranian Food vlog and those extremely tasty dishes will be my forever favorite,, love from country of Himalayas, NEPAL.

  10. I travelled to Iran, Isfahan in 1997, amazing place, amazing food. Just a shame the Zionist USA keeps sanctions on this great country.

  11. Iran is very different on what the media potrays it, I admit it looks much safer and people are much respectful than my own country ??❤️❤️❤️

  12. We are getting addicted to your videos.This country is soo beautiful. Plz also visit Iraq.This country is also very famous in tasty food

  13. Trevor I love that you are promoting Persian culture. Iran is a very misunderstood country in America due to ignorance and propaganda here but anyone who knows Iranian people knows how amazing the food and people and culture is there. Thanks for the wonderful tour.

  14. Persians, Iranians are the best of the Middle Eastern people. Trump's America must be ashamed of itself to have revoked the Obama Nuclear Deal with iran. Iran's threat to Israel are all empty. Just rhetoric. Ordinary Iranians know that Jews are the original owners of Maccah and Madinah and hence the Kaaba. The entire Middle Eastern region belonged to Jews before Muhammed wiped them off with evil Islam.

  15. This is love Trevor.I am so in love with Iran food and Persian cuisine.its so heavenly to watch you gobble , so tempting.. really enjoying your videos.Not to forget Ting looks beautiful too!! ?

  16. Me.taster really is your biggest fan
    And man you really gone too deep this time
    Thank you for let me all of it free on YouTube

  17. This is clearly YouTube propaganda I do not like Islamic food I do not like how they eat their food I do not like their culture it is theirs and I have mine stop trying to make me like eating on the floor with my hands

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  19. I tried to eat gormeh sabzi but it has a different smell and a bland taste. Some Iranians in Germany made it for me but I m Pakistani basically so it wasn't working for

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