100 thoughts on “Struggles of Being Latino During The Holidays

  1. When you got such a big family that not everyone fits in your apartment so people have to hang out in the hallway and chill.

  2. The one about the drama is true my mom gossips so much once she was going through facebook and it was my cousins birthday and they took a photo of my cousin behind a cake and my mom immediately starts comparing her to me and says to me Nina se comes mas se vasas avere como tu prima (sorry If i spelt things wrong) and I was like wtf mom its her birthday and your judging her? I also hear her constantly gossiping about my aunts and stuff

  3. Nope can not go to my room because there is like 5 kids in there and upstairs to relax with your friends that u invited over forget about it because there is about 20 cousins up there

  4. I don’t have families close to us just my family which sucks cuz none of my families get along lol struggles idk what it is to be in a family holiday

  5. My phone died after julissa said “ because there is a kid there my phone died and I didn’t care because I was dying 😂😂😂

  6. In my dad’s birthday we invited my boyfriend and well everyone was like ooooo I see u and I was like shut up already😂😂

  7. Am I the only one who feels good, kind of sexy, kind of naughty, when Curly call us "papitas fritas"😐? Just me? Okay 😐

  8. Wait… I'm from Puerto Rico and I thought that they celebrated Christmas in the United States the same way we did, but with different names if that makes any sense… The way my family does it is we have noche buena in the 24th which i think is Christmas eve, and we open presents on the morning of the 25th.

  9. Very mixed ethnic person here (Cuban-Persian-Japanese-Moroccan) and my holidays are these struggles and more. The food is worth it tho XD.

  10. Oye tu no tienes novio? No pero tu eres muy chiquita. Hay niña que alta tu estas. Dios mío namas tiene 12 años? Pareces una adulta mi amor. Oye mira a mi niña un ratico ahora yo bengo

  11. “Nope because there’s a kid in there sleeping” FR, and it isn’t a specified bedroom, it’s known as “the room”. Lmao I’m not even latinx I’m aboriginal

  12. I FEEL THEIR PAIN!!! I have a big ass latino family and every thing they talk about is sooo true.

  13. So our family always had the parties at my aunts house and she lived down the street from my house . Thank god for that. Would go late would be started at liked I just finished killing someone . Or if I did arrive early I would wait around for my best cousin just to go take a “walk” 😂😂

  14. like everybody be like my mom "que dramtica es ella" : what a drama queen . or what type of hairstyle is that is like OMGGGGGGGG UHHH BUT I LOVE EVERBODY ITS JUST A PART OF BEING CUBAN


  16. My aunt would always be the one to make Los tamales on Christmas and my mom would go to her house and drag me and my sister along to help con Los tamales and I liked it but at the same time I didnt but at least we had some tamales!!

  17. Also don't forget about that one tia who is either on facetime con tus tios and Tias y primos from Mexico or on Facebook live with like 1 person😂🤷🏽‍♂️

  18. This reminds me so much of black holidays, it's actually relatable to the next level, minus the Spanish tho

  19. Lmfaoooo were actually not related but he’s still my cousins facts and yes y la nobia or y el nobio that shit pisses me off

  20. Maya you don't have enough vaporu in your life.. 😜 Or your voice is so sweet and delicate as you, and your diaphram goes b-a-na-nas every other month 😄 But it's the charm of you aswell 💕

  21. Esme have you ever had a boyfriend (says one of my tias in Spanish)
    Me: nahh tia Ni me hablan. 😂😂
    My tia: es que estás muy flaca. Los hombres quieren Carneeeeee!!!
    Mouth later, it’s Christmas
    Esmeralda los hombres no quieren una muchacha que tenga tanto como tú. Deja de comer.


  22. My holiday struggles are coming from a huge ass family and having loud crazy holiday childhood memories and it no longer being a thing in my life. So during the holidays I mask my sadness with loud ass music and food for 50 people even though only 4 are eating.

  23. I remember the next day straight up gossip & chisme from my sisters & mom about everyone in the fiesta! For like hours

  24. I have my birthday party tomorrow, and I've invited two friends, one isn't latino, so Imma have to explain a LOT of things and introduce him to A LOT of famila, and I'm a littler nervous about that because I don't want them to think he's my boyfriend or my sister's. Ayyy,

  25. The only thing I'd change about my Honduran family, is if for that one day we get to be all together. They wouldn't fight, it isn't drama it's a HUGE fight.

  26. With free programs like food cash advance and Food Stamps they give out Christmas cash. Their is really not a struggle if you have those programs. Their is also Medicare and http://www.bcbs.com life is a great gift as well as giving a gift to family.

  27. Race does not matter. It is the reason for the holiday. God sent jesus to she his blood for our sins then he dies. Yes jesus died on a cross.

  28. When my shady Tia asks "y el novio?" I always want to answer with "y tus papeles?" But I don't because I know how to keep my mouth shut unlike her.

  29. Gadiel your so Dominican 🤣 I'm Dominican too but I don't talk like you. I also don't say 90% of the words that's so called Dominican talk. Like you said cheape something that I would say *maceta* means the samething,but I guess I don't talk like that cuz my dad was Puerto Rican.

  30. When you have a boyfriend but your fam is always asking “cuando vas a tener hijos?” “Tienes 23 años y sin niños, estas esperando mucho”…

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