Struggles Of Traveling Abroad

Struggles Of Traveling Abroad

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  1. the languaje stuff happened to me in moscow, no one speaked inglish, only with the google translator they comunicated with my family. BUT!!! i never trust a translator more than 50%, because i know somthimes its wrong. and guess wath, we got in problems with a taxi driver because of the mother f traductor :V

  2. 7:05 yeah, Imagine when literally no one knows your language, because there is like 5mil Croatians in world and you probably wont bump in any of them so you have to speak english constantly, and when you are in country that nobody speaks english and you met someone who actually does it's heaven, like right now…?

  3. I feel yaa
    I was on a 5 day vacation & brought 3 suitcases with one & one of them was twice the slice of my husky

  4. Lilly: I do a lot of role play for my audience,…they like it

    Me:sooooo that’s why she has a vibrating pink curling iron

  5. Bruh me and my family travel all the time and I get RANDOMLY SELETED ALL THE TIME. AND IM SOOOO WHITE
    AND I'm 12!!! Its random dude

  6. Mind the gap between the train and the platform and take care as you alight. Thank you.
    Bobl Bach!
    Any other welshies?
    Pwy mae yn byw yn cymru?

  7. 6:22
    Me: i didn't even say anything thing.
    Also me: okey i will stop talking but i didn't…..
    Lily: shut up shut up
    Me: okey?

  8. Lilly I’m sorry I do really love you so much but I’m most videos your like I’m brown brown people are amazing but as a white people im really not loving it

  9. I have a natural fear of the security checks because when I was on a school trip I carried my scissors by mistake and they caught me with them??

  10. I was part of a school exchange trip (but we stayed in the country), and we were going back home. But our original plane had maintenance issues and the flight was cancelled. So it was like lunchtime, we had to get up early so everyone is hungry, tired, and grumpy. We have to go back to the restaurant we ate breakfast at, get lunch and a snack for later, etc. They sent two smaller planes, we got on one, flew to the place we stopped at as like a halfway point/checkpoint or whatever (stopping halfway there for fuel). We wait at the airport, turns out like 6 ppls luggage got left in the town we had the exchange in, great (mine wasn’t one of them). So we hang out at a mall for THREE HOURS! Then we went to the hotel we were staying at for the night, and went to sleep. We were told to wake up at 11 AM, cuz it was close to our checkout time. Turns out, it was switched to 1 AM, I’m already dressed by the time we know this, so basically I’m sleeping 2 more hours in my cloths. So we got up, I had 3 of my mozzarella sticks I’d gotten for the “snack.” At 1 we head to the chaperones room and we wait outside the door, one other room shows up (one with other chaperone) good we r at the right room. Turns out everyone else went to breakfast and we r left hungry. The other rooms arrive and we r let inside, everyone who hadn’t eaten was kinda mad no one told us. So then we get our things packed, check out, go the the airport, and we finally are able to go home!

  11. I think I can speak French since I’ve been learning it for 9 years
    Me in France:oui oui

    Jk never been to France ??

  12. I went on one flight, and all the teenagers (me at the time included) were pulled aside for our bags to be checked.

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