Studio Tour: Nostalgia Nerd + Ashens & Did You Know Gaming

Studio Tour: Nostalgia Nerd + Ashens & Did You Know Gaming

-It’s 2020! Yes, it’s been 20 years since the year 2000…. GOOD GOD. But I thought this would be an excellent opportunity
to do a quick tour of my office/studio, so let’s get cracking shall we? But let’s do this properly, let’s go back
a few years, back to when this channel began, and the entire operation was stored in my
house. In my bedroom. Most of the room was very literally a hoarders
paradise of vintage tech. Just stuffed anywhere I could fit it. With one corner for my bed and another reserved
for my desk and an area to edit whatever footage I could gleam from this collection. Sometimes I’d tidy up and it would look better
for a while, sometimes I’d add new shelves, but it was never an ideal arrangement. But this is really how Nostalgia Nerd got
started. It’s really the only way it could get started. The early days of Youtubing aren’t easy, or
glamorous, that’s for sure. But it served its purpose, and I recorded
many a video from there, including an early “room tour”. Heh. – Barcode battler, the Quake Resurrection
Pack, Klang – My Boglin, Joystick for a PC there – Quickshot one, there’s a Commodore
128 in that box there By mid-2017 I was able to afford a storage
facility, at one of those big and yellow storage places. It certainly freed up space in my room, but
it wasn’t really suitable for recording anything from, despite how much I tried to make it
so. Plus having to go back and forth between there
and my house, when I needed a certain mouse, or piece of software, was more of a nuisance
than anything. Luckily I recorded some footage of this escapade,
presumably to make a short video at the time, which I didn’t. Anyway, despite this I was still working solely
from the corner of my bedroom. But, somehow, I managed to do well enough
in that corner, to source some proper office space. It was actually through meeting up with Did
You Know Gaming at the Norwich Anime and Gaming convention that I realised this could be a
thing. They had found some cheap office space in
a building that Ashens was also renting from, and so wheels were quickly put in motion,
and here I was. This video was taken about 4 months after
moving in, and emptying most of my attic and bedroom into it. This is where I’d really decided to fully
concentrate on what I love doing, documenting retro tech, and so I had stopped accepting
web development and SEO work, which I had relied on in an ever diminishing amount beforehand. Youtubing is great as a hobby, but to really
give it, and your viewers, the experience they deserve, you have to put a LOT of time
into it, and in the world of capitalism, that means making it into a business. – So I thought I’d give you a quick tour of
the studio on my phone. This is the bit that you might be familiar
with from video. There’s where I normally sit and work, there’s
the chair in the background. There’s the standard Kallax arrangement, that
every office/studio should have. – There’s some monitors dumped on some sort
of Ikea metal jobby. There’s some PCs. There’s some studio lighting. Over here are the shelves of Glory, and these
contain all sorts of wonder and things which I use for videos, or want to use for videos. You know, I’m not like a normal collector,
where they have nice clean shelves with games all stacked in alphabetical order. This is just stuff chucked onto shelves, that
I like, and I’m planning to use. There’s an Apricot monitor, there’s an Apricot
computer, there’s an Apple III down there….. Now, it definitely, definitely helped that
I had Patron support at this point, but it also helped that Norwich office rent is quite
a bit cheaper than many other parts of the country. But this still wasn’t the ideal office space,
and you can see it was getting a bit filled up, even here, at around August 2018. Here’s a clip I filmed before moving out,
with the help of Octav1us amazing camera work. – Hello everyone, and welcome to my current
office. I got this office sometime last year, mainly
thanks to Patron supporters, to store all my crap. I’m currently sweating like a French Maid,
because it’s boiling in here, and I’m currently moving all this stuff out to a new office. So along with some other guys who also happen
to be in this office block… who… are out here… go, go, this way. -Come out here, this way, this way look. So this guy is here. You may recognise him, he’s coming with me. So if you come down this way… faster, FASTER, don’t drop the camera (I’m
not going to drop the camera), OK, these people as well who you may know. Yessss. -We’re going to new office space, that I will
cut to shortly, so you can see how fabulous it is… cuu.. cuttttt! *snigger* Yes, Matt, Greg and Dazz from Did You Know
Gaming, Ashens, and I, for a number of reasons, all decided we’d had enough of this office
space, and decided it would be cheaper, and better if we could shack up together. I’ll drop links to their respective channels
below, just in case you don’t know who these other Youtubers are. Anyway, we viewed a few different locations,
but one stood out, literally just around the corner, and here it is. Well, here’s me setting things up and moving
in. This is one larger building, with several
rooms so we could each have our own office space. But still reap the benefits of shared common
business. Thankfully, my room was quite a bit larger
than the previous space, and had built in storage, which was utterly essential. It still needed a few tweaks here and there. A few shelves needed putting up, and I spent
many an hour deciding the most practical layout for work, storage and filming purposes, but
a month or so after moving in, I released a Patron exclusive video of how things were
looking. It’s worth noting how much tidier it is here,
because retro collecting, and kind donations, means less room. -So, here it is. This is the new office, where I’ll be making
videos and recording stuff, and y’know, anything else, storing all my retro equipment and the
like. Here is the main desk area. Over here is a slightly more exposed area,
with various boxes and monitors, we’ve got an Apple III monitor there. -Down here are various boxes, containing various
cables, and things and many other things. If we pan back to the office there, there
is the main bulk of the office, and there is a Mega Drive and a Mega CD and various
Amstrads! So, here we are, just over a year later, and
this is where I’m at. This is Nostalgia Head Quarters if you like. This corner is where the office work gets
done. I tend to do a fair amount of video editing
at home, but when I’m in the office, this is the hub of the operation. There are some coat hooks to the right that
I generally use to keep wires on, and then above these awesome Ikea shelves are amazing
for displaying consoles and computers. Some of my favourites up there. Whilst over here is the wall of Sinclair machines,
interspersed with some canvas prints I had printed, from Bonusprint or somewhere like
that. Below that I’ve got a JVC Broadcast Production
monitor, that serves as my main retro display, and then to the right of that these sweet
shelves I got from Amazon a while back, which are perfect for housing retro machines. We’ve got an Atari Falcon, Vic 20, Acorn Electron,
Acorn Atom, Atari ST, Amiga 600, Super Nintendo, Sega Dreamcast and finally an Amiga 500. To the left of the JVC is a pair of Ikea desks
that I like to try and always keep clear. This is where the bulk of filming takes place,
and it’s pretty handy having these two back to back so I can fit even the bulkiest of
machines on. And I say I keep it clear, because as you
may have noticed, this office is pretty darn packed full of items. This is where my Tetris skills, or lack of
really come into play. I mean, just underneath these desks is chock-a-block
with Vtech computers, monitors, IBM PC Compatibles. Basically anything that’s bulky and I can’t
fit else where. This definitely isn’t a minimalist look. To get that, I’d have to rent out some more
storage, and that’s just another cost, and place to travel which just isn’t cheap or
convenient. It’s handy then that just beside these desks
is a massive floor to ceiling cupboard. I’ve assigned the middle door my sticker area. Who have we got here? There’s a couple of mine
A signed Patreon disk from LGR The Retro Future
Aravelle Octav1us
Numskull Designs A awesome hand-drawn postcard from one of
my patrons, Vokabre There’s at least a 3 year lease on this place,
so I plan to have this filled so much, that it makes it a real mission for me to remove. So if you’ve got a spare sticker, you know
where to send it. Alright, left cupboard, what’s in here? Well, apart from the water bowl at the top
keeping a roof leak at bay, there’s another Amiga 500, an Amstrad 464 Plus, some Boxes
and CDi consoles, An Amstrad 464 Monitor, and a few PCs at the bottom amongst others. The other end holds similar treasures. We’ve got a Tiger Star Trek Game, a “3D Scanner”
from the 90s, which I’ll review soon. The almighty Interactor Cushiom that I reviewed
a while back, an Amstrad PCW down the bottom. There’s loads in here. I don’t even know anymore. The middle door has some serious issues sliding,
BUT also contains a crap load of boxed machines, some unboxed machines, a stack of cassettes,
oh and nice assortment of PCs and monitors. I mean, there’s enough material here to last
me for years alone. It’s not really an organised or logical collection. It’s more things which I’ve decided will make
interesting Youtube videos at some point in the future, and I’ve bought them when I’ve
found them cheap. Odd hardware, interesting software, curious
toys from the 80s, it’s all here, and hopefully will appear on the channel at some point in
the future. Right, over to the first Kallax unit. Now, this is what I like to call, a gathering
of glorious items. No kind of order here, just an entire shelf
of boxes or things I like. Including that amazing European NES box, the
Master System II box, the Amiga 1200 Magic Pack that any sane person wanted in the mid
’90s, along with various figures, including the incredibly subtle luminous Robocop. Nice. The next shelf down is similar, with added
Hasbro Wresting figures, and then, behind the LED studio lights (which I’ve only just
bought, as the old lights took up a crap tonne of space), we’ve got a crap load of green
storage boxes, which were, at one point, organised by system. But due to frantic searching and packing away,
there isn’t as much order as I’d like. But essentially, this is where power supplies,
wires and accessories for all manner of systems are stored. Then just in front of that, well, first we
have Yuji Naka. This is from my Sega Lock-on fight with him
on Digitiser. I’ll pop a link below if you want to see that. Anyway, this is where the piles begin, both
in a medical context and physical manifestation. Behind this pile of gubbins is actually a
Bang and Olufsen BeoVision 1 television, which is truly excellent for retro gaming. For one it obviously has a scart connector,
but it also has one of the clearest pictures you can imagine. You might expect that given it was several
thousand pounds originally to buy, but this little beauty only set me back £50 about
a year ago, so it was positively a bargain. But to the right of that is another Kallax
unit, which houses, oh all, sorts. On top I’ve got a TV Teddy, a couple of Amstrad
Mega PC monitors, which are pretty hard to acquire, along with the BBC Bridge Companion,
and lots of other important things. The shelves below are mainly for boxed game
storage. On the left I’ve got PC games, obviously including
the Descent trilogy, but also these shelves are double deep, so we’ve got Alone in the
Dark behind that, and all manner of things. The further right you go on these shelves,
the more we turn to Amiga and even Spectrum big box games. But as you can see, blocking my way is another
pile of stuff. The thing is, because I cover so many different
systems, and subjects. I can’t sell a lot of this stuff, as the moment
I do, I’ll need it just for a quick scene or technical component of a video. I’ve learnt that the hard way far too many
times, where I’ve sold retro machines or software, and then been unable to buy it back, as the
price has tripled in the couple of years since. But I’m re-opening my eBay shop to sell things
I’m fairly sure I don’t need again. Link below if you want to follow it for updates. You can see a whiteboard peeking out from
behind the Apricot monitor, and stack of various oddities. We’ve got a Per4Mer steering wheel, a Tomytronic
3D. Lots of stuff that I really need to organise
into distinct sections. I’ll get round to that, eventually, but hey,
at least there’s enough room to move about still. Check that out near the door, PC Golf. That will be in a video very soon. We’re talking essential accessories here. To the right is another couple of shelving
towers. Filled with all sorts of different items. At the top is a Manta Force ship. Bloody love Manta Force. My friend Michael had most of the collection,
and we’d spend ages playing with it. There’s also that bloomin’ Sonic Mania collectors
edition. The least said about that, the better. Mainly, there’s just games on the shelves
below. PC jewel case games, Master System games,
Spectrum games, my duck mock-up from Numskull designs. Basically, anything small that doesn’t have
a home, I try and fit in here. But y’know, I really quite like this hoarded,
packed feel, it’s comfy and homely. Minimalism really isn’t my thing. It doesn’t mesh well with this career path. Look, there’s a Tyco Video Camera below that
desk. Nice. Let’s take a closer look at these shelves
a second. There’s a recent acquisition… Fifa Soccer for the Master System, oh yes. There’ll be a video on that soon. Y’know, if I’m going to make a video on something,
I really prefer to have the physical item. I think it gives a certain legitimacy to what
you’re doing. I could easily make a video about it on an
emulator, and just include downloads of the box art, but that’s not the same. It feels like cheating. In my mind, it’s worth paying £80 to get
the game imported, and make a proper feature, a proper presentation. It’s the same with all this stuff. I want to make a video on these crappy Tomy
handheld games. These were Tomy’s answer to the Game Boy. But I need to really get them all, before
delving down that road. Otherwise, it’s an incomplete story, no matter
how utterly crap the source material is. Let’s take a pan around these desks though,
see what I’ve got tucked away. Those LC-20 Star printers are an essential
piece of the 90s. Every magazine I read had adverts for these
budget printers, so we definitely need to dive into their history sometime. Same for all these vTech machines. That’s a video I plan on doing soon, mainly
because they’re just so interesting. Trying to be more than what they were. I love that kind of underdog push for something
greater. Anyway, that’s really, the main office, but
there are other things to show you. Let’s exit through… yeah, let’s go for the
door, and we find ourselves in the entrance of treasure. Again, this is stuff that couldn’t fit in
my office, but it’s utterly essential. First up, this huge poster of Teletext art
by the amazing Horsenburger. I’m on there somewhere, but I’m distracted
by this horrific robot from the 90s, and again, more items of beauty. Look there’s a James Bond ZX Spectrum, which
I’ve got a video lined up for, and just below that a Stereo system with a built in TV. I love that thing. Ok, let’s go for a wander, to what used to
be the reception area, maybe get some more light in here. This building used to be home to an accountants,
and this is the former reception desk. Currently, it’s housing a lot of my retro
PC equipment. The idea once I’ve found proper homes for
most of this, will be to have a LAN PC area here, perfect for death matches of Doom, Duke
Nukem 3D and even Quake, oooh yeah baby. Oh, also, there’s a few boxes of VHS tapes
I grabbed off someone locally, with hours and hours of recorded 80s and 90s TV, but
also some incredible viewing, such as BLOOD TRACKS, and, well, other tapes, which may
or may not be burnt depending on the content. Anyway, over to the left is a small room,
that’s mainly used by Did You Know Gaming for voice over purposes. Yes, here we have a custom build sound box,
providing tremendous acoustics. “Hello, no echo, nice and quiet” Although it does get a bit warm in here in
the summer, and it doesn’t really fit with my style of voice over recording and editing,
so I tend to just record mine at home. Back to reception. Ohhh, look a nice stack of books there, including
Steve McNeil’s Hey Listen. To the right, we have the main hallway, which
leads to the smallest kitchen known to man. You really can’t fit more than one person
at a time in here, but it does contain possibly the best mug I’ve ever seen. Property of Stuart Ashen. Back out of the kitchen, there are toilets
to the right, and then behind them down a small corridoor, the GAMES ROOM, WITH A TERRIFYING
mannequin in the middle. You can tell Ashen’s has been here. Now this is really a collection of games and
consoles, owned either by myself, Ashens or the boys from Did You Know Gaming, and it’s
really just to provide a lounge type area for chilling out, low key filming and even
live streams. I use it occasionally, if I want to record
some casual console gaming, but other than that it’s used for eating pizza and looking
at consoles such as the Amiga CD32, and anything else that will happily reside in another Ikea
Kallax. Seriously, Ikea must have made a mint from
Retro Gamers alone. It’s probably what their business model is
built around. OK, more to see, more to do. Now this building was actually built in the
16th century. Hence these windows, and wooden beam style
supports. I really like it. It’s very Norwich in feel. If we wind down this anti-clockwise style
stair case. Which is always good for right hand sword
fighting, an absolute staple for castle defence. We get a full size arcade cabinet. Ohhh yes. Look at this beast. It says Neo Geo at the top, but Mr. Ashen
has house a PC within, with all manner of emulated arcade games. It’s a shame it’s stuck down here, but then
it literally doesn’t fit up the stair well. Anyway, let’s get back up to the main deck,
and check out this Oatly carton… and then maybe go up these stairs, where we find more
offices. To the immediate left is the office of Ashens. He’s not here, so I won’t take you fully in,
and invade his space, but you can see, it’s very Asheny. Opposite that is another office space that
he uses to house Atari STs and Amigas and all things nice. It’s like a treat for all 5 of your senses. Including smell, as this building is pretty
old. I wonder how many people have died in here. It used to be a pub and hotel many years ago. Further down this corridor we find the last,
but certainly not least office, of Did You Know Gaming. “This is Did you Know Gaming”
“Hi Everyone” “Hows it going”
“Good, good, good” “Hard at work”
“Yeah, that’s right” “Ok, nice to see you”
“Bye, bye!” It’s ok, that’s how we always greet each other. Ok, back across the landing, back down the
stairs, and back to my office. Which clearly looks very different to Did
You Know Gaming’s. I mean, the contrast in stuff is, staggering. This is a collection I’ve built up over the
last 10 years or so, and most of it is because of my channel. So I really have you to thank for allowing
me to do this. For allowing me to get where I am today, and
for allowing me to have all this awesome stuff. I’ve gotta give a big thanks to my Patrons
as well, who really allow me to even have this office space at all. Despite the low cost rent available, in Norwich,
it would be a pretty tight squeeze without them. But, really, I’ve got enough stuff to be going
on with for now. I mean, look at it. So most of the money from ad-revenue, Patreon
or sponsors from this point forward will be going back into video production. Into new camera equipment, into new software,
into outsourcing parts of production to animators and the like. Really, I hope, to create some tremendous
content throughout 2020. So stay tuned. I’m also planning more live streams, both
Twitch and Youtube from my office this year, so watch out on my social media channels for
that. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are the main
ones I use. But anyway, thanks for watching this tour
video. I hope you enjoyed it, and I’ll see you again
soon. Thanks for watching and, have a great evening.

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