dear mom and dad , your love has been the greatest support to me OMG ! its 7 already i woke up 1 hour late …what to do now? hmm….where did that topic go ? ya here it is ! f=h^ -2.36 …ya the formula is right , but .. where to use this formula ??? their is no time for revision also…i have my calculator, hall ticket…hmm , what else ? oh my ID card ! what ashok ?…u look so tension free, have u studied everything ? look buddy, there is no use of studying now…so just chill out ! i have studied only 3 units dude …i think i’m gonna fail in this exam !! dude i have done only 2 units …so,don’t worry.
In case we fail , we’ll fail together ! ok fine ! look at this *$#*# ..he said ” he had not studied anything ” and look how he is writing now … let him meet me outside ! i’ll belt his case he somehow managed to study …but what did i do ??? i’ll have to take out my books at least once a month or else it gets dirty i have my books ready … but it’ll be easy for me if i make a timetable ! i have the bulb and power for it …. i have the bottle and water in it i have my pen and ink in it … i have my books and even the time table is ready ! only thing left is to start studying ! if i complete 1 unit by tonight … i’ll be free tomorrow , y to waste time, let me start now damn ! its been 30 min and i’m not able to understand even a single page mostly the time i have started for studying was not good i guess ! tomorrow i’ll get up by 7 and visit a temple and start studying ….enough for today ! i slept for too long today ….anyway i have gods blessings na … things will be fine is this the complete notes ? i remember there was more ! oh, i forgot to get it xeroxed that day i’ll have to visit ashok’s place and get it immediately ! y did u runway like that …. is their no one at home ??? what ? pause the game dude ! tell what ? is there no one at home ? no everyone have gone out of station for 2 days oh then u must be busy in ur home ! ey shut up dude …not as u think .. i’m busy playing btw i need CN unit 1 part 2 notes i’ll give that …but look at this new game COD ghost its too good ! is it ! hit him ….hit him … he’s right behind u …hit him !!! ya ya i’ll kill him u just follow my lead ! it’s asking u to reload ur gun , reload it fast ! wait i’ll change my gun ey pause the game ….its my father ! hello hello ! what are u doing ? was studying father ! and did u have ur dinner ? ha ya father study holidays r going on , don’t waste ur time don’t just roam around with friends concentrate on ur studies completely ok father ! wait , ur mom wants to talk hello son …how are you ? i’m fine mom have ur food at the right time ok … don’t stay up for too long ! god only knows what you will be doing in ur room ! ey ! don’t eat too much of junk food healthy food ok ! ok mom ok ! ok shall i cut the call ? mom give the phone to dad ya what is it ? father ! what is it ??? father i have no money in my account day before yesterday i had sent u 2 k ..what happened to that ? i had to pay the exam fees … so i spent on that hmm ok ok ..i’ll send the money ok ok thanks … good night ! ok then i’ll go dude y what happened ? my mom has told me to sleep early and get up early ! i heard ur father saying something about ur studies ??? is it…..i never heard him say that ! first of all u r alone, y to disturb u ! shut up and go dude ! fine ! damn ! while playing the game yesterday i forgot to bring the notes i needed i’ll have to go again to his home ok let it be … i’ll study some other notes for now and go in the evening ! ashok ! ashok ! oh ! here u r main door’s open … u r sitting in the dark what r u doing dude ? shhhh !!! ok fine …just give the notes i asked yesterday and i’ll go it must be on the table go take it ok! switch off the lights too ok ! which movie r u watching ? 1+1=11 ! haha ! y is the title like that ? story is ” one boy and a girl goes to a forest ” and they come back with 11 kids with them ! is it ! then ??? u idiot ! can’t u see , its a horror movie oh ok …move even i’ll watch ashi listen to me ..go home now , don’t watch this i know u r a coward ! look at my face i’m scared already dude ! when i’m not scared of an army of 100 men will i be scared of a movie ? …come lets watch it fine ur wish ! ashok ! ashok ! y what happened ? i’m too scared looking at ur face i can tell, u won’t sleep alone tonight anyway even i’ll sleep alone in my room i’ll stay back tonight ok ! standard ethernet IEEE 802.3 ? what non-sense is this ? never heard it in my class before hmm… let me search the internet i can’t understand this either let me see who’s online omg ! its evening already ! tho ! …if this continues i can’t study what to do now ? i better learn from the topper ! the given condition is abb put a=b , b=c and c=d if noting is given put to dead state i’ll be back in 5 min thank god he’s gone ! he confused the things i thought i had understood being a topper is a tough job dude guys forget about that… deepika’s new photos have come let’s see them ! is it ! ey forget about deepika … i’ll show u priyanka’s pics ey deepika was the best dude ! ey ey shut up did u see the pic in the red dress ? what dude ? what ? ey ! ey ! forget ur deepika and priyanka …see my samantha guys dude do u have sherlock holmes new episode ? ya i have it then put that wow how easily he solved the case guys adi,u wanted to buy a bike right , what happened ? ya i’m still confused which one to buy dude buy R15 only ! ey ! buy CBR …see its pickup speed but guys 220 is better than all these right ? ey no man ! fine ! buy splendor as u wished for hmm now u have come my way its 2:00 dude ya even they have slept off already what else should we do ….we’ll also sleep hello ! hello ashi , its me vishnu speaking ya tell me r u free today ? free ..y ? nothing i was giving my b’day treat today so i asked treat is it ! ….ya i’m free , i’m free today ok fine then we’ll meet in orion mall in a hour ok ok i’ll be leaving now what an ultimate b’day treat today ! i have wasted a lot of time since morning i have to sit and study no matter what !!! hello ! hi ! what were u doing ? nothing , i just started studying oh..u mean i’m disturbing u ? did i say that dear but i felt that way forget that …what were u doing ? oh my gf has sent a message anyway i have time till 4:30 ..let me study till then omg ! 50 calls and 25 messages !!! i’m dead today ! time just passed away without my knowledge my actions did not reflect my dreams my soul was satisfied by all the other thing in the world time just passed away playing all my dreams lost hopes …in short span of time time just passed away without my knowledge i have wasted a lot of time this semester next sem ! i’m gonna be changed man for sure pls show me ! pls show me ! i’ll slap u now ! hmm.. i asked her to show her paper right ? don’t know what she thought ! its better i stay away from girls damn ! I’m not getting a single answer what did i do this time ? no matter what….this is our fate ! madam ! madam ! we had asked for the short film and u din’t reply s#$t , i’m not able to understand even a single page ….ey sry ! sry ! dude, what r u doing ? …its ur 20th take , do it properly !!! u shut up ! dude come we’ll finish off the shoot get lost ! i’m doing a movie trusting u guys , god should only save me now ! THE END

100 thoughts on “STUDY HOLIDAYS – A KANNADA SHORT FILM [ ENGLISH SUBS] BY Ashish Paunarkar – Must Watch !

  1. Nice movie
    Pls do watch our short movie 🙂 samyoga- life is a katta-meetha combination

  2. Wow suppperrr sir …..brilliant…..same navu hinge madidu exams time nalli …..veery good short film

  3. Hi good video and script yar very good going same to same nice yar u an do still more videos good keep it up yar super ?

  4. That last kannada song was ammmmaaazinggg..filled with tears we all do the same thing wasting time on social media and not Studying

  5. I was like a child then! So interesting to watch it again now. ? I am the girl who is playing the hero 's gf in this. Iaishwarya_152

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