Stunning View of “Gardens By The Bay”, Singapore – Love Eat Travel!

Stunning View of “Gardens By The Bay”, Singapore – Love Eat Travel!

We’re at the gardens by the bay! It’s definitely the most unique gardens that we’ve ever visited and we’ve been looking forward to coming here to our surprise – the entrance is free as well as the light show light show is at 7:45 and 8:45 and goes for 15 minutes we planned our whole day around coming here a little bit later so we can catch the light show the only place that you need to pay is the dome the flowers dome and the clouds dome and it’s $28 per person instead we decided to walk around for a little bit longer take our time and enjoy the beauty of this place (Kassy) Ow! We’re sitting at the Supertree Grove that’s where the light show is gonna start in about 3–4 minutes there is a lot of people starting to arrive probably at least a few hundreds around us people are sitting on the floor on the concrete anywhere where they can get comfortable for the show the sky-walk between the trees it’s actually for a fee it’s 8 dollars which is pretty good but the line up to get up there is anywhere
from 45 to an hour so we started standing in the lineup and then decided that if we’re gonna go for the sky-walk
we’re going to miss the light show and it’s definitely not worth it super excited don’t know what.. (announcer) Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls
(Kassy) and it’s starting! (Kassy) Yay! (announcer)
Watch the synergy come to life (announcer)
as we unveil the dazzling showcase (announcer)
of light and musical treats (announcer)
tonight, we preset (announcer)
A journey through Asia (announcer)
so pick a spot, grab your cameras (announcer)
and enjoy the show! (Kassy)
The light show was very impressive (Kassy)
We had so much fun (Kassy)
and enjoyed every moment of it (Kassy)
The work of modern art of this scale (Kassy)
cannot be expressed with any words or video footage (Kassy)
You need to be there (Kassy)
to see and hear the spectacular combination (Kassy)
of sound and light (Kassy)
We’ve had such a fantastic time (Kassy)
and we hope when you’ll have a chance to visit Singapore (Kassy)
You’ll be able to attend the light show
at the gardens by the bay

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  1. Well hello fellow Youtuber! With all your travels I was gonna say you guys should have a channel. I'm happy you finally have one! Obviously I'm supporting and subscribing! I would love to have you part of mine as well. I don't do travel vlogs as much as you guys but some ahaha Talk soon Mel Xo

  2. I watched many of ur travelling vlog n I must say ur channel is the best 1 which provides really useful information .. luv ya

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