Stuttgart Germany Travel Guide

Stuttgart Germany Travel Guide

Yellow Productions Presents!
Stuttgart, Germany. In this video I will cover the major attractions
in Stuttgart. Beginning with a walking tour of the historic
city center. A discussion of how mass transportation works in Stuttgart. And then a brief visit
to the Mercedes Benz Museum and the Porsche museum. And we’ll get started with a tour
of the Stuttgart city center. The city center is anchored by Stuttgart’s main train station.
Which is most famous for it’s twelve story tower with iconic Mercedez-Benz Star. Another
neat part about this train station is you can check in for the Lufthansa Air Train.
It’s a train to the plane. A train that you can take to Frankfurt airport, but you can
check in for your Airplane, get your boarding pass and check in your luggage here at the
train station. A great way to get your bearings is to take
the elevator up to the top of that twelve story tower where you can check out some really
neat views of the city from the twelfth story observatory. Directly in front of the train station is
a 1.2 KM long pedestrian street that is Stuttgart’s main shopping street. And that street, the
Koningstasse, which you can see here from the Observatory, is a great place to begin
your exploration of Stuttgart. And if you come on a warm weather weekend you’ll find
plenty of Stuttgart locals enjoying the beautiful weather. Maybe even blowing some bubbles.
If you’re looking for shopping come any day except Sunday. Sunday most of the stores on
this shopping street are closed. If you’re looking for something to eat you’ll
find many eateries with indoor and outdoor seating. For food and of course German beer.
So not really a German food, but a pretty tasty food are Kebabs. And they are just about
everywhere in Stuttgart. This one is a “Rolle”. mmm. You could easily spend the greater part
of a day exploring Stuttgart’s city center. There’s lots of interesting side streets to
explore. Or, do like the locals do and just grab a seat on the steps. Or maybe even enjoy a street break-dancing
show performed to Classical Music!?!?!? One particular attraction off the KoningStrasse
not be missed is the Markthalle. The Stuttgart Markthalle is considered to be one of Germany’s
finest markets. It was built in 1912 in the Art-Nevau style. In the square next to the
Market Hall is a flea market every Saturday from 8am-4pm. If you want to bring back some
interesting vintage German souvenirs, this might be a place to find something pretty
unique. For those that are more of the nature oriented type they might enjoy a walk in the
Stuttgart Castle Garden. A 600 year old Garden in the form of a park. It’s so large that the map back here takes
up four signs. It’s a nice park to go for a walk, stroll, or bicycle ride. The park
has some very lovely statues, fountains, meandering paths, and a lake. The city center has more
parks in addition to the castle garden. In one of the neighboring parks I found this
bird house, which is the biggest bird house I’ve ever seen. This looks less like a house,
and more like a pigeon mansion. Public transportation in Stuttgart is pretty
easy. There is two main types of trains. There’s the S-Bahn, and the U-Bahn. The S-bahn is
like a local railway, and the U-bahn of more of an underground subway / trolley. Almost
all the stations here will have a sign that will tell you what the next three trains coming
are and how long and what their destination is. Buying tickets for the transportation
in Stuttgart can be a little complicated. The s-bahn and the u-bahn both have different
ticket machines. And the thing you need to know when buying your ticket is where you’re
going because it will ask you to input your destination. On the s-bahn you actually enter it on a keyboard
and then it will bring up what your fare is. On the u-bahn there is a touchpad and a number
you enter the three digit code corresponding to your destination. Or if you know how many
zones you’re going to travel you can buy one of the all-day passes. That’s what I did and
that’s about the easiest. 6.80 euro for two zone travel. It’s pretty easy that way you
don’t have to buy tickets everytime. For the U-bahn ticket machine you find your station
on the numbers over here, then you push the number of the station you’re going on this
keypad. And then up at the top it tells you how much money to insert, you put that money
in the coin-slot, or the dollar slot, and then you get your ticket down here. If you
want a day-pass you can push one of these buttons, or a week pass. The U-Bahn is essentially a underground subway
or trolley depending upon what parts of the city it’s in. The U-bahn is really better
than the S-Bahn. Because the U-bahn is actually air-conditioned. And much newer. One of the top visited attractions and the
number one museum in Stuttgart is the Mercedes-Benz Museum. Getting to the Mercedes-Benz museum
is pretty you take the S1 line from the main train station to the NeckarPark Mercedes-Benz
station. It’s about a five minute trip, pretty easy. From the train station it’s about 7 minute
walk to the museum, on a pretty well signed pedestrian route. Another mode of transportation
to the museum could be by a class mercedes benz car. And if you own and drive a class
Mercedes-Benz car, they’ll actually let you park right in front of the museum. Admission
to the museum is 8 euro, and it comes with a neat audio guide. The first thing you’ll see when you walk in
is the grandfather clock engine, along with a pair of motorized carriages. One built by
Daimler, and one built by Benz. This is one impressive museum. It houses 125 vehicles
over 9 different floors. And you could easily spend the good part of a day in here. Car
aficionados will really this enjoy museum. But even people that aren’t that in to cars
will enjoy it for the wonderful presentation and some of the more interesting vehicles
like this Mercedes-Benz bus from Buenos Aires. This museum really has everything, including
a fancy sit down restaurant. Where i had some of the best schnitzel that I had in all of
Stuttgart. It wasn’t cheap though, 20 euro for the schnitzel, and 4 euro for the coke.
And last but not least on the ground floor is the Mercedes dealership showroom. So if
you were inspired by all that Mercedes history, you can take one home with you today too. The number two visited museum in Stuttgart
is the Porsche museum. The Porsche museum is in this very trippy building. It looks
like a big floating box filled with Porsches. To get to the Porsche museum you take the
S6 line to Porscheplatz. It’s located across the street from the Porsche office building,
and the Porsche dealership. Admission to the Porsche museum is also 8 euro, it comes with
a slightly less fancy audio guide. The focus is on the history and design and engineering
behind Porsche automobiles. The Porsche museum isn’t as big or grand as the Mercedes-Benz
museum but if you’ve got a couple days to spend in Stuttgart it’s worth at least an
hour or two to visit this museum as well. Porsche is very proud of their racing heritage
so you’ll see many of their race cars in the museum. And you’ll also find the first Volkswagen
bug. Which was designed by Ferdinand Porsche. Thank’s for watching! If you enjoyed this
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  5. Wonderful video +Yellow Production, I miss it so much. I was stationed there from 1999-2005. I was married and started a family there. I was so addicted to the donner and yufka kebaps.

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