(sub) 제로 웨이스트 소풍가는 날 | Zero-Waste Picnic

Kamang’s mom, who had attended a Zero-waste lecture last month, suggested a ‘Zero-waste’ picnic I bought just enough unpackaged vegs, fruits, and bread to avoid unnecessary trash and over consumption At dawn of the picnic day, I started preparing lunchboxes. So exciting! I planned to make Bruschetta, a kind of an open sandwich with various ingredients on top of a grilled bread Bruschetta is an antipasto from Italy which is always so nice for a snack or a light meal I soaked the onion in cold water to mellow out that strong flavor I chopped tomatoes to the perfect size to top on the bread cucumbers I salted the cucumbers for mashed potato salad lemon I’m going to bring lemon cucumber water For summer I recommend you a simple and delicious water infused with fruits, vegetables and herbs instead of caffeine drinks that may cause fluid loss I filled up a glass tumbler with water and added dill Cherry tomatoes and onion Lemon juice olive oil vinegar parsley, salt and pepper Mix these ingredients and voila! Tomato salsa sauce is done With some left over mini potatoes I will make a mashed potato salad Squeeze and discard water from the salted cucumbers which will be added to potato salad Carrot salt pepper parsley and olive oil Mix well Mashed potato salad is just great to eat itself and also nice as a topping on the bread It will make a great dish for lunch box! Add some almonds and top with dill, and my potato salad is done Preparing an easy and simple lunch is done with lemon slices topped tomato salsa sauce Let’s open my zero-waste lunchbox for zero-waste picnic! The picnic foods are in airtight containers Water in my tumbler Handkerchief Rye bread in a cotton pouch Knife, chopping board, silverware and an organic linen towel An orange for dessert I could avoid purchasing and dumping disposable products by using things I have at home I was early for the picnic so I had time to set up the food in advance I’m going to use the chopping board as a dish After starting a minimal life style, I’m grateful that things I already own are doing more roles than before Kamang’s mom brought a picnic mat and a Bluetooth speaker so that the picnic became more enjoyable! Thanks to reusable dishes and forks instead of disposable ones and washable handkerchiefs instead of napkins tumblers or glass bottles instead of paper or plastic cups reusable cotton bags instead of plastic we enjoyed a trash-free picnic! Let’s think about the little things we can do to coexist…not taking it for granted, and practice it in our daily lives. We can share how we can all do better 🙂 Thanks for watching!

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