Summer 2020 Route Announcement via ASMR

Summer 2020 Route Announcement via ASMR

[MUSIC PLAYING] I’m here to announce our summer
2020 new international routes ASMR style. So grab some headphones
and buckle up. Tel Aviv, check out the beaches. Krakow, have some
vodka with a friend. Budapest, go on a river cruise. Casablanca, visit
a spice market. Prague, catch a show at
a marionette theater. Thanks for listening. Vasu, signing off.

48 thoughts on “Summer 2020 Route Announcement via ASMR

  1. You shoud send a official apologize to the Krakow town president and inhabitants, if You have a any sense of honor. Which vodka? – Seriously, in city full of UNESCO obiects, full of Polish culture and native values, You are thinking about vodka and telling those lies to other watchers or potential comer? The 99% of drunk (by vodka or beer) people in this beautiful city, are UK's. Probably all residents are trying to fight with that. The Krakow city council was voting about night prohibition in city. And You are telling lies like that…

  2. If coming to Krakow is about drinking vodka to you then you just proved yourselves to be huge ignorants. Did person who came up with this idea did any research about those "advertised" places? Cause for me it looks like this person went with first things that came up to her/his mind, even stereotypes. If you wanna drink vodka you can buy it in your local store in the USA. No need coming here, to the other side of Atlantic.

  3. Don't mind Poles with stick in bottom. We know it was a joke but of course some thing that you cannot joke from their Country.

  4. We can't speak stereotypes about other religions, cultures, races, nations, etc., but already about Poles / countries of Central and Eastern Europe is it? Saying that this part of Europe is just alcohol is harmful…

  5. That is just rude. All other cities known for sightseeing, only Kraków for drinking alcohol… Shame on you American Airlines. I'm glad you like polsih vodka, but lets not belittle this beautiful city that once was a capitol of Poland and is historically very important and interesting. It does not deserve being reduced to just a partying destination…

  6. I am not quite not sure what is worse. Showing Cracow which is a truly beautiful city full of artists and interesting people as a world capital of drinking vodka… or drinking vodka with ice cubes, not as shots or in drinks. This commercial is so wrong on so many levels.

  7. Idiotyczna reklama. If you associate Poland with vodka, then America with chamburgers and fat people. Idioitic advertising !!

  8. One of the dumbest ads i've seen this year…. And honestly… Kraków? A city of culture, arts and rich history reduced to a place where you can get some vodka… Why not mention anything about the Wawel Castle? Or maybe the biggest (and most beautiful as voted by Lonely Planet) medieval Market Square in Europe? Or the UNESCO heritage site Wieliczka salt mine? ……. ?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️

  9. American Airlines… thank you for insulting Krakow, Poland and all Poles. You guys are ridiculous. Congratulations for being such a limited company.

  10. This was pretty soothing as far as ASMR goes. Way to go American Airlines! Would be up for a longer ASMR video next time!

  11. Proponuję nie przesadzać z tym patriotycznym wzdęciem i zadęciem po angielsku i chwilę się zastanowić, skąd się taki przekaz bierze. To nie jest pomysł wiceprezesa AA, tylko z pewnością efekt badań rynku, jak robi to profesjonalna firma. Z których pewnie wyszło, że tak widzą Polskę w USA. A czemu, to już proszę sobie samemu odpowiedzieć. Ciekawe, skąd się biorą w Krakowie tłumy przewalających się po Rynku pijanych w sztok lub nieświeżych Anglików?I więcej dystansu na pewno pomoże w ocenie takiej komunikacji AA.

  12. Ja pierdziele, o co wam chodzi z tą wódką? Normalny spot reklamowy… Wcale w ten sposób nie sugerują, że jesteśmy krajem pijaków… Nie robią tego, bo są z nami w sojuszu i nasz szanują…. Wyjmijcie widły z dupy

  13. I'm from Poznan in Poland and i agree that Cracow is fantastic place to drink vodka!
    I do not understand the indignation of my countrymen from Krakow!
    Of course, Krakow is more than a party, it's culture, cuisine, Polish history, but it's also a fantastic place to drink vodka!

    BTW IMO great ad!

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