Summer Abroad | MPGIS S5 | Episode 1

Summer Abroad | MPGIS S5 | Episode 1

[Slurping sounds] God, this summer blows dick. Yeah, I feel like we’ve been on summer break
for like a year. Seriously, it feels like fucking two years
to me. Yeah, it has been a fucking boring ass summer. I don’t know. It was fun working at The Malibu Sands last
month. Hey, did you ever call that blonde guy back? Who? Zack? Nah, he got back together with his fucking
girlfriend. Well, he was old as fuck anyway. Ugh! I am so bored! Well, I’m gonna go take a dip in the pool. Stay in the shallow end!
Stay in the shallow end! I know! [Phone rings] Who the fuck is this? Hello, this is Mackenzie. Who the fuck are you? Hello Mackenzie, this is Jeanie Halverstad
from The Halverstad Modeling Agency. Oh hello, yeah of course, um, hello Miss Halverstad. Mackenzie, I have a bit of an emergency, and
I’m calling to see if you can help. Mom! All the ice in our lemonade’s fucking melted! Brittnay! Shhhh! Um, yeah, Miss Halverstad, how can I help? Well, I’m here at The Loreal International
Junior Modeling Tournament. I’m sure you’ve heard of it. Oh of course, who hasn’t heard of the LIJMT? Good, well, I’m head coach of Team USA here
and, hold on a second…Marissa! Marissa! Matcha and green tea are not the fucking same
thing you idiot duck lipped slag! Anyway, I’m head coach of Team USA here
and my entire squad has gone missing. Oh my god, that’s terrible. Yeah, I’m fucked. I’m talking big black dick right in my ass
fucked. So I’m calling every model I have in my
contacts to see who can get over here in the next 48 hours to represent Team USA. I’ll tell you right now, the models who
win receive a five year international modeling contract with Loreal. This is the opportunity of a lifetime, Mackenzie. Oh my god, holy shit, Miss Halverstad! Yes! Abso-fucking-lutely yes! Thank you so much. I won’t let you down. Ok great, now listen. Do you have any friends who are attractive
and have modeling experience? Uh yeah. Ok good, bring ‘em. I’m trying to find as many girls as I can,
but God fucking hates me so nobody can make the trip on such short notice. Oh wait, that’s right. Where is the tournament again? [Muffled sounds from Jeanie] Oh. My. God. We’ll be there. Girls, we’re going to France! What the fuck are you talking about? [Drowning sounds] Guys! [Drowning sounds] Oh Goddamit! Help, Mackenzie I’m- [Drowning sounds] Here, Trisha! Grab this! Trisha! Grab the hoop! It’s not working! Goddamit! It’s not working! Trisha! Grab the fucking hoop! [Drowning sounds] Oh, I can stand up. Goddamit, I can’t believe my fucking dad
would only pay for coach. Oh whatever Brittnay, we’re just lucky we
found a flight in a day. Yeah, thanks for inviting me on this trip
you guys. Um, what exactly are we doing again? We’re going to France to join Team USA at
the Loreal International Junior Modeling Tournament. I was told to bring any attractive friends
I have, so I brought Brittnay and Trisha, and you get to come because Trisha gets nervous
on planes. Um, I’m sorry, if we were meant to fly,
we would’ve been born with wings. Think about it. Alright, 28B. I swear to God, if this is a middle seat- Oh, what the fuck?! No, God. Please, please, come on! Oh my God! No! Please! Please don’t do this to me! What the fuck is she doing here? [Baby crying]
I’m sorry, could you watch your language? Lady, you brought a baby on a plane. You’re the real monster here. [Disgusted] Shay, get the fuck off this plane right now. Uh, I’m sorry Mackenzie. It’s the annual Van Buren Family Vacation. And we’re going to Paris. Why the fuck are you four bumrushers going
to France? We’re going to represent Team USA- Shut up Trisha! Oh hey Brittnay! I thought they put your kind in the kennel
underneath the plane. Or did Mackenzie finally get you registered
as a service dog? Hey Cameron…fuck you! Oh good, I’m glad you girls made some friends. Now if you don’t mind, Mommy is going to
mix up a couple of Oxycontinentals for the flight. Oh Stewardess! A little help here. Ashley Katchadourian? Oh! You work here? Hey guys. Yeah, it’s part of a summer work program. I’m interning as a flight attendant. Um, Stewardess, hi! I have all these fabulous refreshments from
the duty-free shop, and I just realized I have nothing to drink them with. Oh, so, uh, you need mixers. Ha ha ha, oh no. I need a cup. No problem ma’am. Biggest one you’ve got please! Um, sil vous plait! Jesus Christ, it’s like fucking first period
in here! This is literally my nightmare. I’m stuck on a ten hour flight with the
goddamn Van Burens. Fuck! C’mon, who gives a shit if Shay Van Buren’s
here. It doesn’t matter. Let’s just enjoy the flight and- Brittnay! Oh no God, please, please, c’mon! I did not know you girls were in the French
Club! They’re not! Yeah, you guys have to come to the orientation
classes. You can’t just show up for the trip! Miss Belinda! I’m sorry they confiscated your dildo, Lunch
Lady Belinda. What the fuck do they expect? I’m gonna hijack a plane with my goddamn
vibrator? Now I got nothing to do for the next ten hours! Hey, uh, what, uh, kind of settings you got
there on that thing? Oh uh hey hey hey girls over there! Hey! I know you! Did you guys, uh, you guys join French club
for the free trip too? Actually, Deandra, some of us are genuinely
interested in French culture. Not just trying to mooch off the school board
for a free trip. God, I can see just how lonely your future
is. It is sad, Rachel. It is gonna be so so sad. You gotta be kidding me! Is there only one plane that goes to France? Saison, if you’re French, then why are you
in a club to learn about France? Because I am a patriot! Plus, I get a free trip so I can show my baby
my how do you say “homeland”. Oh really? I didn’t realize that the flight had a layover
in fucking Alberta! Oh Brittnay, you and your jokes! [Giggles] Au revoir! Yeah, au revoir! Au revoir! Oh you done fucked up now Saison! I am going to find out the truth once and
for all over there and prove that you’re full of shit! Sit down, Brittnay! Jesus fuck, I feel like we’re taking a school
bus to France. So then I tell them, it wasn’t the jello
that I was jiggling! [Laughter] Ugh! Oh well isn’t that a fine how-do-you-do? Oh no no no no no! You guys cannot come to France! But we have an exhibition game! You have an exhibition game of American high
school football in France? Yeah, it is kind of thin. But thtat’s what’s happening. Uh, we got an invitation in the mail from
the French American Football Association. Very big in France. Yeah. Very big. Let’s not dig too deep into it. Let’s just go to Paris! Yeah, Paris! And I don’t know if you guys heard, but
I’m wearing hats now. So that’ll be kind of my thing from now
on. Yeah, uh, Justin’s doing his hat thing now
and we’re playing a football game in France that we were invited to play, and um…Trisha! Are you coming all the way out to Paris just
to cheer me on? I uh, uh, don’t think so. Mackenzie? No. No I am not. Uh, this is your captain speaking. Everybody please find your seats. Hey Saison! Hey my baby! Good, now let’s get the fuck out of here. Hold that plane! Oh for fuck’s sakes! [Breathing heavily] Whoo! Oh thank God I made it! Whoo! Things got a little handsy at the TSA. Turns out you can not grab them back. Why Than? Why could you possibly be going to France
right now? Oh uh, it’s um, it’s because of the uh,
I’m I’m in the uh, I’m going to France because, uh…God, why the fuck am I going
to… uh, uh, ha ha, it’s funny, it’s because, um, eh, fuck you guys, I get to be
in this season too. Un-fucking-believable. Um, hey, so you guys are in an exit row. Yeah, so? Well, I’m supposed to ask you in the event
of an emergency, are you prepared to um, would you uh- Ashley Katchadourian, are you seriously asking
me right now if I can watch the door? Uh yes. Yes I am. [Laughs maniacally]. Yeah, of course. Oh ok. She seems nice. Oh she’s the best. Uh huh! You think we can hold our breath the whole
flight? Let’s do it! [Holding their breath] Can we take a break for water? Can we take a water break? Yes! Oh my god, thank you so much! Whoo! Hey, so uh, you wanna join the Mile High Club? Ugh! You! Not the baby! I’m not talking to the baby. That would be so inappropriate, right? [Baby crying] Oh no. But you, would you like to fuck me in the
bathroom? Than, shut the fuck up!

100 thoughts on “Summer Abroad | MPGIS S5 | Episode 1

  1. I canโ€™t believe this was 2 years ago?!! They improved so much I think I need just one more season please!

  2. " If we were meant to fly, we would've born with wings."

    Hmm, that's kinda true and a very smart thought, Trisha.

  3. Just a question, if Van Buren Family is fucking rich like Shay said in season 3 so why her family didn't get in the first seat?

  4. โ€žAshley Katchadourian. Are you seriously asking me right now if I can watch the door?โ€œ

    Oh how the tables have turned.

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  6. M A R I S S A!!!
    (Literally beautiful animation)
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  9. Trisha: "Well, I'm gonna go take a dip in the pool. :)"

    MacKenzie and Brittany: "Stay in the shallow!"

    Trisha: "I KNOW!"

  10. I lost count on how many times I rewinded the video to see the stop motion on that cup spin scene. Fantastic!

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    Ashley: Umm, yeah.
    Trisha 1: ahaha…ah,ah ahahhahhhhhhh- Yeah of course…

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