100 thoughts on “Summer As An Adult vs. A Kid

  1. Hope you enjoyed today's video! It's so sad… but so true. Make some time this summer to live like a kid! I'll be responding to your cute little comments for the next hour as part of #SuperSixty. Come say what up <3

  2. I’m a kid, I always have to wright Chinese on holidays weekends and whatever and things like that including summer. ???????????????☹️☹️?????????????

  3. Lol??
    1:53 me 5 to 8 years old and complains i didnt get so much sleep in school days
    Me now 2019
    Goes to bad and wake up so early 4am???

  4. My parents never gave me a bedtime for summer, I had a bedtime on school days but I could sleep whenever I want in summer.
    Is it just me?

  5. 2:11
    To me it looks like.
    A crab that is holding up sunglasses.

    It looks like two pirate fighting each other with cannons.

    I am 21

  6. Did anyone else ever almost drown themselves trying to hold their breath for a long time as a kid? I did that several times ?

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