Summer at Hvaler | Vlog 28³

Summer at Hvaler | Vlog 28³

what’s going on Johannes? just enjoying the summer at Hvaler. she’s sleeping some of us is taning we have do something to make the day pass we just came here it’s the first day here we wasn’t actually thinking of filming any vlog this week but it’s so nice here, we just had to film it watch this do you have any comments? for what? just about how silly Johannes is this is just how he is… what’s up? we gonna drive Sander off Sander is right there what’s going on Johannes? gonna jump into the water we’re trying to do some cliffdiving we have just relaxed in the sun today and we wanted to jump I’m so cool that this isn’t a problem… Pernille has a little more trouble haha I’m kidding actually, I think the water is a bit cold I wanna film instead Ane is going to film let’s just… get to it on your way home? yes we’re going home but noone told me we had to walk far to get to the cabin I brought my wheeled suitcase Looking forward to get hurt in my neck Ane find this bag very heavy, poor girl it was! poor girl she have never travelled before. She don’t know that you should always pack in a wheeled suitcase that’s true we’re getting close to the car I’m not looking forward to leave we’ve had some sick nice days here I hope you like a bit different vlog we haven’t talked that much but we’ve done a lot vacation! I’m glad I gonna be here for one more week I understand you I wish I had another week of vacation too Guess I have to do that when I get old and finish my career I think we just end this week right here this was my vacation going back to the boring stuff at home I hope everyone is having a beautiful vacation and I’ll see you back in Trondheim when I’m going to train 9 hours per day for the next couple of days See you in Trondheim,. thanks for this week Can I finish the vlog? yes bye I had to tell you one more thing together with Pernille, but she’s at work I have signed a contract today we’ve bought a house it’s behind you ain’t showing it to you yet we have to move in and fix it first but here’s the view looks nice Johannes I’m really happy so that’s it it’s fantastic I’m really excited are you moving away from me? yes, I’m sorry mum that’s life is it ok? No haha This is what we wanted to tell before we ended the vlog it wasn’t planned to sign it today but since we did, we had to let you know Now everyone knows that Pernille and I have bought a house together Looking forward to live together I’m sorry she didn’t have time to be here today she had to work You’ll see some more in a couple weeks just have to move in first we’re taking over very soon thanks for this week hope you liked this little summer vlog with buying a house at the end and top atmosphere see you next week

98 thoughts on “Summer at Hvaler | Vlog 28³

  1. Ура, новый ролик! Хочу быть такой же сильной и целеустремленной как ты!

  2. Gratulerer med huskjøpet til dere begge to. Å endelig er drømmehuset deres, god sommer til deg og din familie. 🙂

  3. congratulations to the new house, the view is amazing (as everywhere along the Norwegian Coast) 😀
    Enjoy that beautiful Summer and collect as much power for winter season as you can 😉

  4. Gratulerer med hus??? Gleder meg til jeg er gammel nok til å flytte ut hjemmefra. Da skal jeg forhåpentligvis flytte til Trondheim? Bare 4 år til jeg er ferdig på videregående. Da håper jeg på å kunne studere i Trondheim❤

  5. Poor Ane, who wanted to finish the vlog with a beautiful jump…
    Congrats for the house, all your community is so happy I think !

  6. ??? #???? ??? #???? Basert på kjærlighet alene. Gud sendte sin Sønn Jesus Kristus for å dø i vårt sted. Så på den tredje dagen stod ham fra de døde.

    Nå, selv om Jesus Kristus alene. Gud har gitt oss frie gave evig liv. Han vil frelse og helbrede deg, hvis du spør ham.

  7. Клэбо красвчик, свободный человек, непобедимый чемпион.

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