Summer Baking in Electric Pressure Cooker Cheesy Rice & Beans Bake Video Recipe | Bhavna’s Kitchen

Summer Baking in Electric Pressure Cooker Cheesy Rice & Beans Bake Video Recipe | Bhavna’s Kitchen

Welcome to Bhavna’s kitchen today I’m making brown rice and beans
baked using electric pressure cooker but before I start let me show you how to
cook efficiently with electric pressure cooker I always use pot in pot or
stackable steaming pot methods to cook multiple recipes at once and it is so
much easier fun full and makes my life a lot more easier you will sure love the
idea of cooking multiple recipes at once using electric pressure cooker so now
once I have all these kinds of beans lentils grains ready for the whole week
I can just prepare the recipes quickly in no time
and today I decided to prepare brown rice and beans bake using some leftover
ingredients you can now use all these cooked beans lentils grains in salads
too depending on the weather in summer I mostly prepare salads in winter quick
soup recipes so you can just imagine how much time you can save in the kitchen so
let’s begin take water into the inner pot place trivet and you can use any kind of a Pyrex Bowl like this that can fit into your
electric cooker or you can use baking trays like this so you can use the
materials like Pyrex aluminum you and to prepare brown rice and beans
baked i have taken two kinds of beans black beans and refried beans black
beans already boiled and brown rice here cheese enchilada sauce and here I have
spring onion jalapenos you’ve desired I’m using serrano into these two plates
I’m going to drizzle a little bit of olive oil spread all over my first layer
is going to be brown rice and press slightly and I’m going to do
the same for the second bowl next Enchilada sauce so I’m just going to pour
enchilada sauce the next layer I’m going to add with
fried beans spread refried beans evenly as much as you can black beans so basically just make
layers of all the ingredients and I’m not going to add all black beans here
since I love to use black beans more than any other beans in my recipes I just
thought of using black beans as well but you can just use only the fried
beans or only black beans however you like or you prefer awesome looks already
amazing here I have spring onion which I’m just
going to sprinkle and then the final layer is going to be cheese sprinkle as
much or as little as you want but I am making cheesy brown rice bake so I’m going to use a little bit more
cheese here and finally on top again drizzle a little bit of enchilada sauce
just random just to give that touch of color and finally cover with foil and the trays are ready to go into the
ready to place the trays inside the cooker and I’m going to bake for 15 minutes
only because all the ingredients are cooked I just want my cheese to be
melted and the all the ingredients should absorb all the flavors and that’s
where it should taste like a baked brown rice beans casserole kind of brown rice
baked is done release the pressure manual or you can let it release the
pressure naturally carefully carefully remove the trays looks yummy top it up with some jalapenos or
Serrano you can also use some guacamole or avocados on top so you can see that
brown rice and beans make looks amazing I hope you enjoyed watching this video
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watching and see you soon

16 thoughts on “Summer Baking in Electric Pressure Cooker Cheesy Rice & Beans Bake Video Recipe | Bhavna’s Kitchen

  1. It's 11.30 at night n I watching your video n I want to eat right now this .thanks for sharing easy but yummy recipe . tomorrow I going to try for sure.

  2. Indian people are funny when they try to do English..Isn't it, dear, fly off and there's so many. I smile because I love India and the people..You lot are just the best people on the planet..And your food is to die for.. I've been cooking it for nearly 40 years, lived there, and I've just scratched the surface.. My Hindi is bad but I think I can say this properly ish भारतीय लोग भारतीय भोजन 🙂

  3. Why are you using a photo over top of the pressure cooker that you actually used, then offering a sponsored link for the cooker you didn’t use? That is very misleading and violates the terms of sponsorship guidelines.

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