I feel like it’s Christmas right now.piza is good/ Hey guys, what’s up? It’s Sarah. Welcome back to my channel in today’s video. I’m very excited Honestly, not sure if I’ve ever been like so excited to film a video before So in today’s video. I am doing a box swap with Laurdiy. So shout out to Lauren for filming this video with me I’m very excited. I feel like I’m gonna say that word a lot in this video. Let me get the box. This is the box I don’t even think that I’ve had the box for like two days and I’ve never been so impatient to open something up. Give this video a thumbs up if you guys Enjoy it And also if you guys wanna check out Lauren’s video where she opens the stuff that I got for her that video is up now so click the link down below and you can see that video And if you guys go check out her video comment “hi moose” Oh question of the day do you guys prefer summer or winter? Lemme know. Okay, I’m gonna open the box cuz I’m too excited. Feel like this is not like the best way do people hold scissors like this. Guys I’m gonna be so sad if Moose is not inside this box. I feel like this is so dangerous. I feel like you’re not meant to pull scissors toward your own body, but like I’m so excited Oh my goodness It is literally ten out of ten cuter than mine. She said that when I first open it there is a note So I have two! One says Sarah and the other one says open with prezzies Love Laurdiy. Awww that’s so cute And then this one it says open with prezzies I like don’t want to rip it. Imma keep it forever This is so creative. My box is not this good guys. Number one We got some bracelets which are literally attached to a llama This is so cute I don’t wanna like spoil it in case any of you guys watch her video But I got her llama related stuff too. I feel like we just knew. Oh my gosh. I love quote pencils One of them says you’re the cutest thing I ever did see – so we got quote pencils these a so frikken cute you guys And they’re pastel. Oh like little flash tattoos. They have a scissor one They’re like me Lauren are about to be twinning and then a rose quartz bracelet, gold-plated. I feel like it’s Christmas right now. I’m gonna have to do overlays of all this stuff In case you guys can’t see properly and then we got a list your girl loves stationary. Oh, I love Bando Okay, it’s like a little pin. It says pink skies up ahead And then we have two tattoos: a unicorn and a little rainbow. Kay the next one says number two My gosh should these gummies? Yum Guys, one of my favorite candies ever is gummy bears. Bunny bark pink chocolate. Is it actually pink? Oh my goodness, I feel like this is literally Lauren in a bar of chocolate. The packaging is so cute. What the heck Okay, these are champagne bears. This sounds too bougie for me These are so good (They’re so good) Guys, what the heck this is the best thing I’ve ever eaten. Ok. Number three says What is it super shiny tape dispenser Is this a sloth? (Yes) The other day Kane bought me a sloth pillow. So now I’ve got a sloth tape dispenser. He has a sweatband on his head. That’s so cute. Oh, it has holographic sloth tape and then we have three more other tapes. I feel like I did need this though Is it pajamas? (I feel like it will be) They’re the Moose one’s She gave me the Moose pajamas Oh my goodness, are you mad Kane? (I feel like I’m still gonna put it on) I knew it was pajamas. As soon as I read that I was like I knew it was pajamas I was like hoping it was the Moose PJ’s Okay, I was low-key kind of sad that Moose wasn’t in the parcel But like this is honestly the next best thing These are the shorts honestly about to live out all of my pajama goals. Number five. This is my fav low-key store in LA Also I accidentally got a top in a large but I tried it on cause I’m a small boobie queen, so I think it will fit. me too We have some clothing. So. This is a top. It looks small, but it’s stretchy This is like all of my favorite colors. This is like boyfriend buys my outfits but like Laurdiy, kay Next up is this top It’s like off the shoulder. They like to catch kinda but like not really. This is literally cuter than like stuff I pick out for myself Okay, and then next up we have a set. This is literally the cutest pattern ever. These are the pants Are these shorts or a skirt? It’s shorts. I am so excited to try these on guys This is like the nicest thing that I own now. Oh my gosh. Thank you so much. Guys what the heck I am like overwhelmed Lauren is like not just like DIY Queen, but she’s also like gift Queen. Six, seven, eight. Brandy Melville doesn’t ship to Australia. I was literally on that website a couple of months ago And I was trying to ship it to like a shipping service that would then ship it to Australia Honestly, it was just super confusing so I didn’t do it but like I didn’t have to know my seven had exited the packaging So, I’m gonna do that now because I can already see it. I live in sweaters all year round you guys This is now the coolest sweater that I own and I feel like it’s so accurate because she lives in America It says USA on it I love this so much you guys. I’m just gonna send Lauren all of my money and she can shop for me We got more one thing we have a little.. Is this called gingham or is this just checked? Anyways, we have a gingham slash checked TBC (to be continued) top, this says honey So this is the one that she also got for herself. I love a good t-shirt. It’s like pastel lemon yellow This is cute and then we have this crop top and We got a t-shirt with like colorful stripes I’m so excited to try all these on. I feel so stupid cuz I just sat here for like 20 minutes trying to work out The name of a top like this. This is cute though. My favorite color is blue. So stretchy This is literally me in a tube top. Guys when I was buying stuff alone. I kept thinking like this is so easy Like she’s so easy to shop for this is like literally perfect If I went shopping, I would have bought this exact stuff for myself so far I’m obsessed with everything I nearly forgot but there’s a number eight and this is also from brandy. I feel so spoilt you guys Is it a bag? Pastel baby pink corduroy This is like a pink corduroy backpack two of my biggest obsessions are backpacks and crop sweaters Number nine. Oh my goodness I literally cannot handle how cute this bag is. This is thee most Instagramable bag I’ve ever seen in my whole life Number ten, I honestly feel like Lauren has just been trying to torture me because it’s not wrapped and I’ve seen it and I knew that it was number ten. And it’s a stuffy Oh my gosh and he’s so soft Literally what the heck you guys I literally cannot handle this. I’m so excited I’m going to sit you So, that is it for this video, hopefully you guys liked it Give it a thumbs up if you guys did and if you guys haven’t already checked out Lauren’s video I’ll have it linked down below for you guys definitely go check it out Make sure to hit subscribe if you guys haven’t already and I’ll see you guys in my next video Also don’t give a let me know if you guys prefer summer or winter And thank you so much to Lauren for filming this video with me. You’re the best. Me and my fam are gonna go hang out now So, bye

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  1. Omg, I saw u and Lauren’s videos and I love them!!!!!!❤️❤️u are soo lucky!! Love ur videos!!!!??❤️❤️

  2. out of summer and winter I choose summer just coz it makes really asthetically pleasing insta photos! hahah but out of all seasons I choose Autumn!

  3. Lauren and Sarah
    Two broken Hearts
    Two People who we thought their relationship who never end
    Two cute people
    Two people who healed
    Two people we ❤️

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