Summer Bunni Shows Up Uninvited & Goes Off | Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood

– Summer bitch ass Bunni
outside, with Passion’s dumbass. – Lyrica, don’t say nothing. – [Lyrica] Gimme my shoes,
they’re in my purse. – Ah, Lyrica, shut up. Don’t say nothing.
– [Lyrica] Girl, yes. She ready, she acts like she
ready, so let’s do this (bleep) Come on! Like, on God, let’s play with
this real (bleep) (bleep). – Lyrica, come here, come here. I don’t know why that girl is here. I don’t really even know what’s going on. I’m just trying to keep my wife cool. Leave us alone. Just stop. Just chill.
– Why is she here? – That’s on them.
– She’s here for me. – Shut up, no. – She’s here for me.
– She’s not. Stay out of it, is what I’m saying. – [Bouncer] All of y’all
scoot down that way. Y’all looking at me like y’all stupid. – Okay, close the door ’cause I wasn’t even talking to you. Period. That’s all y’all (bleep) do. That’s not cool, that’s not cool. – Oh, girl, showing off (bleep) kill it. She came to the set for a reason, so let her holler at me. Bring these hoes cause they so gangster and let see where it go. By yourself, no cameras or nothing. It’s gone be on and that’s
the way the (bleep) it is. – Apple. – Period. – Apple. – No. – You can ignore me but you (bleep) know, this is ridiculous. These are the same people
that are in my comments. These are the same people
that call me a homewrecker but when I try to talk to somebody, you guys don’t allow it. – Come on, let’s go. – (Bleep) (bleep) (bleep) bitches! I don’t know why Tricia Ana bringing her little ass up over here. The best bet, boo boo, is take 10 feets back from me because you might be a next victim, ho. – Let’s go. – You know there better not be
no drama at the spot, right? We’re here to celebrate
something monumental in my life. The last thing I need is my baby Apple going down there for me. – Tell her to come outside right now. – Who? Who? – Lyrica. Y’all have let her talk about me. Seriously, that (bleep) is to me and all these people are watching and they’re gonna watch and they’re gonna still call me names and that’s not (bleep) cool. It’s not (bleep) cool. – Why the (bleep) is she here for? – YoYo invited her, it’s cool, I got (mumbles). – Yo, no-no-no-no, they on some sneaky (bleep). I already (bleep) know my kids they is. – Thank you for telling me. – When I say, “Why are they here?” Why are you here if you ain’t suited? Why are you here, though? – Apple, she said,
“because YoYo invited her.” – Nobody invited that bitch! – It’s not cool because Summer Bunni reads every comment
everybody says about me and it’s not cool, but people get scared and they don’t wanna come outside. – I hear you, ho! Bitch, you will get that
whole wheel knocked off. I promise you, bitch, my whole hair will come the (bleep) off on my dead homies. (laughs) The (bleep) you talking about. It’s like that back home. – Apple goes watts, you
know what I’m saying? Apple watts, like, she
goes watts on that ass so, I fuck with her. – It’s unfair shady (bleep). – Yeah, it’s shady. – Shady (bleep), they know (mumbles). You know what we doing today, why the (bleep) you roll up? Really, oh, so YoYo ‘gon invite her and she know you here? – No. – That don’t sound right. – Where’s YoYo? – If you trying to get in, you can’t. Summer Bunni’s saying I
invited her to the party and no one is letting her in. No, I don’t get down
with who not to invite, who to invite because
their mess is not my mess and I try to keep myself
fresh from the mess. – Nobody even–
– [YoYo] What is all that drama growing on you? You can’t do drama–
– What does this look like? – At the end of the night. It’s crazy, whatever. See you, guys. – I don’t give a (bleep). – I cannot believe out of all places and all events, that they’ll try to pull this sugar honey iced tea on me. I am mad at everyone who’s trying to start some drama up in my space. – Don’t (bleep) film! – Don’t touch me. – Don’t (bleep) film me! Don’t (bleep) film me like, don’t film me! Like ain’t nobody (murmurs). Don’t film me. Don’t film me, I swear to God I will throw this (bleep)
shoes at this (bleep), don’t film me. – Go inside, go inside. – Don’t film me. – Apple. – What? You can’t help me, baby. – No, it’s not about– – This conversation ain’t gonna happen. – Stop, stop. She didn’t mention your name. – Okay, it doesn’t matter, though. – Can I tell you whose
name she mentioned, though? – Who? – She did mention Lyrica. – Oh, no. – She is crying. – We don’t give a (bleep)
about her (bleep) crying! – She always crying! – You feel sorry for a bitch that’s crying that’s sleeping with people’s husbands?! – Put his (bleep) camera down now! Tell him now! Put his (bleep) camera down now! I’m not playing! – Tell her to bring her
up here and talk to me. – No, would we (bleep) talk about that? – Girl, stop! Tell her to come upstairs! – Why is she bother
walking up talking about– – She’s trying to be insane. – Talking about, “She’s crying.” – You don’t know her! – They won’t let her. – I know, right, (mumbles). I don’t give a (bleep) about Summer Bunni. – Why the (bleep) is the
bitch always (bleep) crying? What the (bleep), why bring (bleep), what the (bleep) are you crying about? This hairy winter rabbit ho jump on a (bleep) irritated my soul because it’s just like
a reminder of the past. Like, why do you keep popping up? Nobody wants you. A1 don’t even want you. – All this funny bunny (bleep), I’m done. I’m about to really walk the (bleep) away because (bleep) my children. – Put that (bleep) camera down, bitch! – [Woman in Crowd] Summer. – Don’t (bleep) film me! – That’s it. – Don’t film me! No! (suspenseful music)

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