Summer Camps with Steve and Maggie | English for Kids

Steve! Steve! Stop working!
What is it Maggie? We´re going on holiday!
On holiday? Wow! Where? It´s a surprise.
Oh really? Hey, so it could be a hot beach holiday – a summer holiday – or a cold winter
holiday – a skiing holiday. Great! I love holidays. I´ll go and pack some clothes.
Yey! Ok. Hahaha! Yeah!
Hurry up, Steve! Oh, hi Maggie. I am packing my suitcase but
I don´t know what to put in it. I mean are we going on a beach holiday? Yeah! It will
be hot and sunny… a summer holiday. If so, then a-ha I´ll need some shorts, yeah! Maybe
two pairs of shorts. Oh, and sunglasses. Yeah! Maggie, I´ve got yours sunglasses here. I´ll
put them in the suitcase. I´ll need my summer hat, yeah, in it goes. Sandals… a shirts…
yeah great! T-shirts… oh and don´t forget a bucket and spade and suntan cream for a
summer holiday. But wait a minute! What if it´s a-a winter
holiday? Oh, we could go skiing! So then, yeah, I´ll need gloves…oh I´ll need my
thick winter trousers… this ski jackets… more trousers… a sweater… some trainers…
Oh, and if it´s raining, like if it´s the autumn, then I´ll need this – my raincoat.
Oh, oh no! I don´t think it´s all going in my suitcase and I still need something
from the bathroom. Oh, back in a minute. Oh! Hi hi! Look at all Steve´s stuff in the bathroom!
Oh, Maggie shuu! I am trying to pack my wash bag. The things I need from the bathroom.
Well, the first thing I´ll need is my toothbrush and toothpaste, yeah, to clean my teeth. Oh,
but what if I get a headache? Well, I need these if I get a headache. Oh, and if I get
a sore throat… I´ll need these if I get a sore throat. Oh and I´ve got a bad shoulder,
so I need this cream for my shoulder. What else? Oh yeah, I need this cream for my face.
Yeah! I need something for my body. Oh great, yeah! Body wash! I´ll need this. What else?
Oh, if I cut my finger I´ll need these. In that it go. What else? Oh, I need this for
my eyes. Yeah! And I need this, ehm… for… ehm… you know why I need this. Oh, Maggie
shuu! Let me finish packing. Hello! I am in the kitchen. Here comes Steve.
Hey Maggie. Let´s pack some food for our holiday. Hey, let´s take some sandwiches.
So, we need bread rolls, yeah. Oh, and I like ham so let´s take some ham. And cheese, yeah!
I don´t need all the cheese, just a little bit of cheese. Look, whohoooo! Chocolate bars!
That´s a good idea for our holiday. Let´s pack some chocolate bars… and sweets! Yeah!
Yummy yummy! Biscuits! I like biscuits. Super! But hey, chocolate, sweets and biscuits…
they´re not healthy. No. They´ll give you a big fat tummy like me. Let´s take something
more healthy. Hey, we can take some bananas. I like bananas. Great! Oh yeah, and tomatoes.
Let´s take some tomatoes… and salad. That´s super healthy. We´ll take some salad.
Oh but Maggie, what´s if it´s a holiday where we have to do our own cooking? What
should we cook? I know! We can take some eggs, yeah… some
flour… super. Oh, and some butter. We don´t need all the butter just a little bit of butter.
But what about something to drink? Oh, hey we can take a fizzy drink, yeah! And
some water. Great! Ok, now we´re ready to go off on holiday!
Come on, let´s go! We´re going on holiday!
Yeah, everything is in the car and we´re going off on holiday! Hurray!
So Maggie, do I go left, right or… or straight on?
I don´t know. What? Maggie, you don´t know if we should
go left, right or straight on? Oh no, we´re going to get lost. Oh, I hope we can get to
the summer camp and say „hello“ to all the boys and girls. Oh Maggie!
Hihi! O-oh!

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