Summer Checklist – UOIT

Summer Checklist – UOIT

You are a good student.
You had high school down. You kept your locker organized, You were never late for classes and you always did your homework.
You manage to make time for your friends and your school work – and you did more
community service then you had to get your diploma. You were the valedictorian! Now that you’ve graduated and summer’s here, it’s time to relax – but You can’t shake that sneaking feeling that
something is coming. Something big and scary something you don’t understand.
University is coming! You can’t admit you’re scared to anyone else but
you can’t get away from it You see it in the morning. You see it at
night. Everywhere you look people are asking,
“Are you ready for school?” You ask yourself: “Am I ready for school?” You panic. You can’t take the pressure Is there something you can do? Yes. Here’s what you’re not going to do. You’re not going to spend hours researching every computer made in
the last ten years only to settle on buying the most
expensive one you can afford. You’re not going to come
to campus to register for courses, realize registration is done online, go
back home, find the registration site and be shocked to realize that you can’t register for a
fourth year courses without having the prerequisites. You’re not gonna buy every single textbook you’ll ever need in all
of your years of study all at once. You’re not going to reserve parking
and then go to campus and make sure that everyone knows exactly which spot is yours.
You’re not gonna register for iBegin then choose disguises for each faculty so
you can blend into each day. You’re not gonna proudly bring you new
computer to class, spend tons of time setting it up, and all
the while never realize that you alone are without
a laptop. You’re not gonna go get your own
photos taken for your student ID. You’re not gonna find a transit map, paint it
on your ceiling to study as you sleep only to realize later on that hey, you live Scarborough and you’re gonna need
a bigger ceiling. You’re not gonna find your roommates phone
number, keep calling them, not take a hint, and when they never answer
your calls, find it where they live go around to see
how they’re doing. Just to say hi, you know? You’re not gonna go to the hardware store, spend hours choosing the perfect shade
of UOIT blue, bring the paint home, cover yourself from
head to toe in blue paint and wake up later on in the hospital missing both your arms. Now you’ll never
learn to play the piano. Guess you found out the hard way you’re allergic to latex paint. No, you’re not going to do any of those
things. Here is where you are going to do: You’re going to check the list.
The Summer Checklist has everything you need to know before
you come to school this fall. Be smart. Check the list.

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  1. The possibility for failure has been almost fully negated because the university has one goal: KEEP PAYING BODIES IN THE CLASSROOM. It is all about money folks, not about education. Such low academic standards should make recent graduates reconsider their own self worth because the piece of paper granted isn't worth a penny if there is no academic integrity.

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