Summer Chill Mix 2017 ‘Endless Memories’

Summer Chill Mix 2017 ‘Endless Memories’

Summer Chill Mix 2017 ‘Endless Memories’

65 thoughts on “Summer Chill Mix 2017 ‘Endless Memories’

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  2. I’m glad my music could capture moments that would last forever for you❤️ Thank you for the support on ‘Getaway’!

  3. What an awesome mix! I have played your mixes for hours and hours. never gets boring. Keep going and Chill!!

  4. Gisela Gisela Gisela du machst mich verrückt
    Gisela Gisela Gisela das klingt wie Musik
    Gisela Gisela Gisela Gisela heut hast du Glück
    Gisela Gisela Gisela du wildes Stück

  5. Beautiful Tune. If u ppl could see this beautiful Lake im at right now. Its sunny and warm while im listening to this Mix through my earplugs. Makes u get in a awesome mood and it makes me thankful for this great Life i live in. Thanks to the Artist who mixed this Tune. Shout outs from Switzerland.

  6. This is an amazing mix! Love it! I still listen to it every morning but there are too many ads! I can never enjoy writing in my journal while listening to this because there are so many ads! Which is a shame since I love this mix and it’s so well made. I don’t mean to spread a negative vibe but maybe you can fix that in some of your future mixes?

  7. if you're searching a chill Spotify playlist with nice Tropical House and deep music check out: ÜDWE🌴 by cmerino99

  8. I love every song on this playlist… Except for the song at 26:19 That voice is sooo whiny and unbelievable annoying that I skip over it every time.

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