Summer Heat VS. Monsoon Rain ?☀ | Rickshawali

Ok Anisha I wanted……. ah ghost ah ghost Why are you shouting ghost ghost? let me wear the specs first. Ah Ghost Grandmother Grandmother it’s me only, Anisha Let me take one more shower Anisha how many times you will take bath? It’s not been 10 am and you already have taken bath 10 times, now you cannot take bath. mom but No but but go, you are wasting a lot of water Thank god I stole the ice cubes from the frigde. Anisha? what are you doing ? someone might see you. Hai Daiyya For so many years You guys have been listening to my crab You were there when i needed you the most. cold cold wind if you guys would not have been there , then I don’t know What would have happened with me In this rainy season You guys are closest to my heart No one can separate us now Deadly virus spreads in the country. The name of the virus is nipah virus. if you are having cold and flu then be scared Hey anisha I wanted to Return your book which you gave me. If you are having cold and flu then be scared Hai Daiyya mom I’m coming in bit Take the umbrella It’s ok mom , it won’t rain. there are no clouds. Hai daiyya What’s happening Shoot going on? Yes shoot is going on

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