Summer In Bethlehem Full Movie 𝐑𝐞𝐦𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐞𝐝 With English Subtitles | Ft.Suresh Gopi, Jayaram, Manju

Summer In Bethlehem Full Movie 𝐑𝐞𝐦𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐞𝐝 With English Subtitles | Ft.Suresh Gopi, Jayaram, Manju

‘Summer in Bethlehem.’ “For all the births
that I have been in search of you” “my love for you
has been as much, my love.” “The shores afar and the silent
stars are my witnesses.” “For all the births
that I have been in search of you.” “The cloud gently
whispered to the wind” “an unknown secret about love.” “The fading dusk looked for you” “like it would look
for a moist moonlight.” “I want to be a child
on your lap forever.” “I want to be the love
in the song that you hum.” “I stand here, waiting for you.” “For all the births
that I have been in search for you” “For all the births
that I have been in search for you” “my love for you
has been as much, my love.” “The shores afar and the silent
stars are my witnesses.” Hey, Ravi! You don’t need to shout.
I am right here. You lazy guy! You promised to follow me. Aren’t you ashamed? You should have slept at home
instead of coming here. Why did you come here,
saying that you wanted to exercise? Hey! Centuries ago, the people
who lived during the stone age travelled on such animals because they didn’t have access
to technology. We have discovered
so much in the 20th Century. Motor cars, aeroplanes, rockets.. India even detonated
a nuclear bomb in Pokhran. But you still aimlessly ride
on a horse, early in the morning. This act is really primitive. There are so many other
ways to exercise. But you don’t need any of them. All you need is some coconut oil to make your tongue flexible. Your life depends on the
flexibility of that tongue. Dennis, don’t insult
my talking abilities. Have you heard of Mark Antony? Oh! – He chased the entire
Roman army out with just a speech. Oh! – He chased the entire
Roman army out with just a speech. That was Mark Antony,
but you are just a blabbermouth! I just hope that Rambo, my horse,
doesn’t become as lazy as you. Ride on him for some time.
I am leaving. Come on. God knows, what crime
that poor horse has committed! He has to carry a heavy person! A horse is riding another horse! ‘Bethlehem Estates.’ Hello! You’ve got a courier. Greetings. There is a courier for you.
– Yes, I am greeting you. Isn’t this Bethlehem Estates? Didn’t you see the board outside? I did! But this shouldn’t be
called Bethlehem Estates. It should be named
as the Golgotha mountain! What a slope, man!
I struggled a lot to come here. Is that so?
Who asked you to come here? Will this courier
come here by itself? Who is this Ravi Shankar?
– I am Monai! I didn’t ask you that. I like introducing myself.
I am Monai. Very good!
Who is Ravi Shankar? Learn about me, first.
Then, ask about Ravi Shankar. I already know you. The boy
at the tea shop told me about you. What? – He said that a dark
man is the caretaker here. His father is the dark man! Is he your son, then?
– Hey, mister! I am Monai,
manager of Bethlehem Estates. I don’t care about that.
Just sign and take this. What is it?
I can’t take this. Ravi Shankar,
Bethlehem Estates, Chandragiri. Is the address correct?
– Yes, the address is correct. But that man, Ravi Shankar,
is not correct. What can I do for that? Call him.
I will deal with him directly. Hello, this farm is owned
by my boss, Mr. Dennis. Ravi Shankar and Dennis
are mere friends. That’s all. So, I don’t have to accept
any parcel that comes for him. So, I don’t have to accept
any parcel that comes for him. What if there is a bomb inside? If it bursts, we’ll know! Don’t scare me.
Else, I will hit you! Is there a cat inside this? Did you hear it too? – Yes.
It isn’t dead, then! When this box fell on the way,
I thought it had died. What is it, Monai?
Who is he? He is bugging me
since he came here. He seems weird.
– What is it, man? Sir, I am from Diana Couriers. I travelled a lot to reach here. Actually, we don’t deliver
in this area. – I see. This went from the zonal office
to the branch office and from there to the sub-office
on special instructions. We were asked
to deliver this cat alive. By God’s grace, it has reached
here alive. – Wow, kitten! My goodness. Who is it for?
– Mr. Ravi Shankar. Awesome.
– Please, listen to me, sir. Mr. Ravi is getting gifts
like pups and kittens. This will create problems here. How is that possible? It’s just a cat.
I will take it. Hey! How dare you
wear this gown? It was too cold, last night.
– Right.. So, I wore it. Give him Rs. 100.
– Rs. 50? Fine. Give him Rs.150! Fine. Give him Rs.150! Don’t mess with me. You are not worth it. “Where did you come from?” “Where are you going now?” Is this is the one? Does it look like you? Wow! It looks like you. Where is this from? Don’t you know?
– No! The box will have
the sender’s name. The dog took the name tag away. Dear! Can I have your photo? I wish to frame it
and hang it in my home. Will my black and white photo do? I prefer that. Only then, can we see you properly.
I will hit you! – Hey. Don’t be tensed. Someone is pulling a prank. Do they have fool’s day in May? No. April Fool’s day is in June.
– Right. Get the breakfast.
We’ll handle this. Thanks.
– Okay. Dear, tell the truth. Are you seeing someone?
– No. Is this cat doing the job
of a swan? The message of love.. No way. Since you are talking about swans,
I remembered something. If you want chicken for lunch,
you have to go and get it. You! – What did I do?
– Hey. God! ‘The vacation time is here.’ ‘My dear husband to-be.’ She is talking about you.
– What? ‘I have come to you
before the other girls did.’ ‘Thanks to the courier service’,
it’s written in brackets. – Oh. ‘Do you recognise me?’
– No. ‘I am coming there
for the answer.’ ‘Yes, man. I am coming!’ Hey, dear! This is love. Deep, passionate love.
– Nonsense. Who could it be? ‘I am coming,
vacation..’ Where is she coming?
I don’t understand anything. How many uncles do you have? Five. – How many daughters
do they have? 12! Five of them are grown ups. 12! Five of them are grown ups. It means they are old
enough to get married. – Yes. One among them
is in love with you. – What? With or without your
knowledge. – I don’t care! I am not in love with anyone. Those girls are just pulling
a prank on me. We will discuss that later. This might have some clue. A cat is an ideal gift for love! It signifies that you don’t care
what the world says. That’s the first stage in love. It’s Chinese.
Maybe, the girl is from China. No, it’s not that. The tape got tangled. This reminds me of something. In our farm, 500 litres
of milk got spoilt. I am happy about it. The tape got tangled. Fix that and get it back. Shall I go? Why did you hit me? Because you were the one
who bought this tape recorder. Is there anything more
you’d like to give me? I will try my best
to repair this. God! “Sometimes when
I am down, and all alone” Greetings.
– Beatings? Oh, you mean, greetings.
Greetings. I have come to meet the owner.
Is he not here? – Owner? What is the matter? Matter.. I will say that directly
to Mr. Ravi Shankar. Mr. Ravi Shankar. Tell me, mister.
What’s the problem? I heard that 50 cows
were on sale here. Who said that?
Did Mr. Ravi Shankar say so? No, I came to know
through the brokers. That’s not true. We haven’t told anyone
that we want to sell our cows. Probably, you don’t know about it. Please, call Mr. Ravi Shankar. I will speak to him personally. The broker, Kannappan, told me
about this. He never lies. Believe me. I have no intention to sell
any cow from here. Who are you to decide that? Me? – Yes. – I am the owner
of this place. Dennis. Doesn’t that make me eligible? Okay! What about Mr. Ravi Shankar?
I had heard that it’s his farm. What about Mr. Ravi Shankar?
I had heard that it’s his farm. Hey! If you still don’t believe me,
I shall call my servants. No need. I believe you. Don’t think that I am calling
them to make you believe me. I want them to show
you the exit. I know how to get out of here. You don’t have to bother
them for that. Does Mr. Ravi Shankar have a farm? Yes, he does. – Oh.
– From the road outside walk towards the east.
– Okay. After a while,
you’ll see the board of his farm. Is it a dairy farm? Not really. He domesticates
elephants there. Get lost! Irritating people! Sir, are you going towards
the same direction? No. ‘RAVISHANKAR’S FARM.’ That’s really good. But it’s locked.
When did they lock it? Appunni Nair!
– Dear. You went to Dennis’s farm.
Didn’t you? Yes, dear. That’s how I found
out about the real owners. What I saw there
was Mr. Dennis’s farm and this is yours. and this is yours. I saw Mr. Dennis’s farm. It’s really good.
Now it’s time to see yours. So, you will not spare me without
seeing my farm, right? – Yes. Leave all that.
How’s everything at home? I hope my mother is fine. She is totally fine. She has been very happy from the time she saw
the photos of your farm. Take the keys and unlock the gate. Let me say.. Those were not the photos
of my farm. Oh! – Those were the photos
of Dennis’s farm. It got exchanged. This is Ravi Shankar’s farm. ‘Agro farm,
goat farm, orchid garden’ ‘fruit garden,
milk products, cattle farm.’ Our next project,
‘Shankberries chocolate.’ Mostly, this will make all other
chocolate companies close down! We have been talking
for a long time. There a is hotel nearby that sells
biryani. Come, let us grab a meal. I have the habit of drinking
alcohol before eating. – Oh. But before all that,
I want to see this farm. Appunni Nair.. Don’t open the door..
– I want to see.. I will become violent.
– I have to see it.. Beautiful! How did you manage to do all this
in just three years, dear? How did you manage to do all this
in just three years, dear? Don’t twist the knife
in the wound, Mr. Nair. I have a name in my town.
It’s ‘CID’ Appunni. Not without reason, too. I am a good detective. Who the hell asked
you to come here? I knew something was wrong when
I saw those photos of the farm. I wondered how you
progressed so soon. Mr. Nair, if you tell
this to my mother I will kill you. 14.. 10 extra.. What are you talking about? What are you counting? Forget 14, you can accommodate
even 74 of them, here. You are the owner
of this huge land! You have more than enough
servants to cater to your needs. Since your grandpa
was a Colonel you might know
how to build a tent here. What nonsense
are you talking about? They are coming!
– Who? To spend this vacation
with their beloved grandson your grandparents
and their children your grandparents
and their children and their granddaughters
are coming here. Dear.. So, this CID has trapped you. He has caught you red-handed. Bad, very bad. Don’t laugh at me.
You are a cheater. You are a traitor. You should have some gratitude. Do you know the meaning
of that word? No! What did I do? You could have managed
this very easily. You could’ve sent him home without letting him know. Hey, he didn’t even tell
me who he was! Do you even remember this face? Two years ago, in a night of April. When I helped you
while you were soaked in blood you had said, ‘Thank you, sir
Thank you’. There were two ways to go
to Bison Valley from Mettukulam. Either left or right. The road is good on the left side,
but I chose the route on the right. That’s why I found you there. Some truck had rammed
into your jeep and you were lying there,
soaked in blood. and you were lying there,
soaked in blood. It was me who carried you
to the hospital. I even gave you
four bottles of blood. No, it was three bottles.
– What? The last time when you said this
story, it was three bottles. Somehow, you added
one more, this time. How would you know
about that? – Hey! The first time when he said this,
it was two bottles. He keeps increasing it. Anyway,
say the rest of the story too. No, I will not say anything at all. You cheated the one
who saved your life. Brutus is so decent
when compared to you. Wait! Hey, foolish friend. How many times have you told this story
in the past two years? You might not be ashamed but I am surely fed up
of listening to it. God, you should
have turned towards the left! You just wait for a reason
to say that story. No.
I have stopped. I will not say it again. I have come to say, ‘goodbye’.
We may not meet again. I will try my best
not to meet you again. Are you going to commit suicide? Useless man! It’s your father
who is going to commit suicide. Useless man! It’s your father
who is going to commit suicide. Dear, what is your problem? I will be there to help you
in all your problems. Buddy, my grandparents and my cousins are coming over
here for the vacation. So, that’s the issue. Let them come.
Let everyone come. Let them stay here
for however long they want to. Do you have any idea how many
people are going to come here? You are very lucky. You have everyone. You have a mother, grandparents uncles, aunties and cousins. I envy you because of this. I don’t have anyone. And I envy you because of that. You are answerable to no one. You are answerable to no one. You don’t understand the pleasure
of having someone to care for you. Buddy! They are coming here
with the belief that I own this farm
and the farmhouse. I have told them that I lead
a royal life here. Let them continue to believe that.
They will ask about me. Partner.
Say that I am your partner. Otherwise, I’ll be the manager. Manager? No.
– Let me be the manager, sir. You can become the partners. Yes.
– It is risky, Dennis. What if it blows out? We won’t let that happen.
– We will. – What? What?
– We will blow their minds off! Yes. Yes. For a few days let this place become a home. This is just a building now. The building owned
by an orphan named Dennis is about to become a home. No. A palace. Monai!
– Yes, sir. Monai!
– Yes, sir. Remember the way we decorate
the crib during Christmas. – Yes. Decorate this place
in the same manner. Make sure that everything
is looked after. Okay? Okay, sir.
I will do that. – Yes. Okay. – Dennis! You
have saved me. Thank you! No, dear. I should thank you. I don’t have a surname. I had given a surname for myself. ‘Orphan’. Dennis, the orphan. I am going to change it. I won’t be an orphan
during the coming vacation. I will have lots of relatives. Hey, buddy. We forgot about something. The kitten! Kitten?
– Yes. The girl who sent
that cat like a messenger. The girl who is in love with you. Your lady love.
– Yes. She is coming, too.
– Really? Yes, she is welcome too. A warm, red carpet welcome. “We will build our house
on the rainbow” “and the moon will be our rooftop.” “The sunlight will add
grandeur to our house.” “The sunlight will add
grandeur to our house.” “The blue nights
will guard our house.” “Oh, beautiful pigeons
of the mountains” “come to our palace
and make it more beautiful.” “We will build our house
on the rainbow” “and the moon will be our rooftop.” “The pillars will be built
with white flowers.” “The doors will be made of gold” “The doors will be made of gold” “and the mirrors on the windows
will be made of moonlight.” “The blooming stars
will be our roof.” “The cool evenings will enthral
our house with their fragrance.” “The pool in our house
will be filled with rose-water” “and the beautiful blue lotus.” “Oh, the glowing fireflies” “come to our palace
to light it up.” “We will build our house
on the rainbow” “and the moon will be our rooftop.” “There will be an arch of flowers
at the entrance.” “The evenings will be colourful.” “Dragonflies would welcome
everybody” “with a garland of pearls.” “To entertain ourselves” “we’ll listen to songs.” “The nightingale will come
here to sing to us.” “Oh, beautiful peacock, will you
come here to dance for us?” “Will you bring the musical
instruments along?” “Oh, the playful little sparrows” “the beautiful white pigeons
are coming here.” “We will build our house
on the rainbow” “and the moon will be our rooftop.” “The sunlight will add
grandeur to our house.” “The blue nights
will guard our house.” “Oh, beautiful pigeons
of the mountains” “Oh, beautiful pigeons
of the mountains” “come to our palace
and make it more beautiful.” “Oh, beautiful pigeons
of the mountains” “come to our palace
and make it more beautiful.” Be at your best.
– Done. Grandpa! How are you, my boy?
– I am doing good, Grandpa. Grandpa has come alone. Not alone! All 11 of your
cousin sisters are here. Hi, Brother Ravi!
– Hi. Hi, Brother Ravi.
– Hi. Hi, Brother Ravi.
– Hi. Hi.
– Hi. Hi, Brother Ravi!
– Hello! Hi, Brother Ravi!
– Hello! Hello!
– Oh, no. Hi.
– Hi. Hello!
– Hello! Hi.
– Hi. Greetings! Hi! It’s like standing
at the gate of a girl’s school. Grandma!
– Oh, my dear Ravi. It’s been so many years
since I last saw you. To meet you, we had to come down
all the way from there. That’s because I was a bit
busy, Grandma. The farm needs
my complete attention. – Coolie! Oh! – My darling!
– Sorry, bag.. Coolie. Ravi, who is this gentleman? He is my partner. This farm is a joint
venture of ours. – Okay. Dear kids,
could you please give way. Give him way!
– No.. Get up.. Who asked you to fall at my feet? I don’t like it at all. My life has taught me not to trust
the people who fall at your feet. I just wanted to show respect. There are other ways to do that. There are other ways to do that. Grandpa, Dennis does
not have any relatives. He is meeting a grandpa
for the first time in his life. He was just expressing
his happiness. It’s all right. What do you mean by saying that you
don’t have any relatives? I do.
I have Ravi. And now, Ravi’s relatives..
– Okay.. We can discuss stories
in detail when we reach home. Let’s go.
– Okay, we will go home. Dennis, bring
the kids in your car. Okay. – Come..
– Ravi. Grandpa hit someone
on the train! – Is it? How could I not hit him?
Scoundrel! They were trying to act smart
in front of these young girls. I just hate it. I punched him on his face. We need to bring another guy.
There is a lot of luggage. Dennis, can you please
manage this? We will go home.. Come along!
– Let’s go! – Come.. Sir, please hold this. Even this. Mr. Partner, you forgot our
partnership on seeing the luggage! Welcome. – Wonderful!
Really wonderful. Thank you.
I knew you would like this. You bought such a beautiful farm but never invited me
to visit this place. I am a bit upset about that. I wanted to invite you after this farm
was completely flourished. How is it?
– It’s really nice. It’s like the bungalow in Nainital
where we had once stayed. – Yes.. It’s really nice. I am proud
of you. – Thanks, Grandma. He is, after all, my grandson! He is capable
of achieving anything. Great, Ravi. It’s really great.
– Thank you. Where is the dairy farm?
– Dairy farm? It’s nearby.
We will go there too. How many cows do you have, now? 1000 cows..
Aren’t there. Some of them died.
I have around 700 cows in total. You have to show
this to your mother. She is always worried about you. She is always worried about you. She is not confident
about your work here. Hey.. – Give me that ball.. It’s mine, give it to me.. Your partner. Is he financially involved
or is he just a working partner? Working.. Working partner. He has a little financial
involvement too. He is a good worker. Oh! – That’s why
I involved him.. On our way, children saw the lake and forced me to stop!
That’s why we got late. Why are you standing out? We thought of enjoying the view
here, before going inside. Can someone shift
these bags inside? Where did that Monai go?
– I didn’t see him. Hey, Monai!
– Oh! Sorry! I was calling
our servant boy. Throw it to me..
– Naughty kids. Where were you? Two men had come, asking about you.
I had gone to send them away. You have an excuse for everything.
Who had come to meet me? That bank manager.. The bank manager and a few others
had come to see you. The bank manager and a few others
had come to see you. They were talking
about some loan issues. They threatened to create
problems if you don’t repay them. I was trying to save you!
I had gone to send them off. Was that a mistake? No. Thank you. Okay. Keep those bags inside.
– What? Keep those bags inside!
Please.. Grandpa. Grandpa! Sorry!
– Close the door! Okay.
– Go, get lost! That is grandpa’s room. Didn’t I ask you to give this
room to my grandparents? I made a fool of myself. Did you see anything?
– Yes, a little bit. What do you think I saw? I am asking about the arrangements
that we have made here. Arrangements are good. Now, go downstairs, instead
of wandering around here. The topic of arrangements has.. Reminded me something. Reminded me something. What is it? – Clean the cow dung
in the cowshed. I shall do that, then.
– Do it. It’s really sad.. Oh.. I am sorry.
– Oh! What is wrong with you? I didn’t know it was you, Grandpa. What happened to grandma? Nothing much,
it’s just a little pain. It’s maybe because of the sudden
climate change. Enough. – Didn’t she have the
rheumatic fever before? This climate isn’t suitable
at all, for her. Don’t worry.
This is not a serious issue. She has even climbed
the Himalayas with me! That was when you
were young. Do you know what
the speciality of this place is? Due to the cold weather
caused by the heat you become prone
to many diseases. For example, malaria, filariasis,
varicella and gas trouble. That’s why you can’t stay
here for more than two days. Return ticket.. You are mistaken. For people like us, who
are living their retirement life this is an ideal place.
– Yes. We were planning to stay
here for a long time after sending back the
kids to their home town. Correct..
– Oh, God! – What? Correct..
– Oh, God! – What? Oh, God! How many medicines
do you take, Grandma? They are just pain killers
and vitamin tablets. – Oh. So, are you her nurse?
– I am half a doctor, not nurse. She is in her third year
of MBBS. I thought Devika
was studying for PDC. I was studying for PDC. But that was three years ago. Kids have grown up so fast. You too have become old,
now it’s time for your marriage. Why are you doing this to me,
Grandma? Let me live here, happily. That’s not possible. We have already spoken
about this to your mother. We are just waiting
for your approval. Tell that to me
before we leave from here. You have five cousins
who are eligible. Choose your life partner
from among them. There goes one of them. Relax for some time. We will discuss
marriage, later. – Yes. The topic of marriage reminded
me of something. Our employee’s wife
hung herself to death. Our employee’s wife
hung herself to death. Idiot. What is the relationship
between marriage and death? Both of them are different
types of functions. Grandma! Here’s your coffee. Hope the kids have
had something to eat. There is milk for the little ones and for the elder ones,
there is some more milk. – Okay. Over here, the amount of milk
is more than water. I will go and take
care of the kids. – Okay. Grandma.
– What? Kids! Kids! Girls! He is a little crazy, right? Yes. Have a look. The girl,
who is lying in the hammock.. The one with spectacles. – Yes.
– “When your spectacles meet..” That is Gayatri,
uncle Venu’s daughter. Okay, the one from Delhi. Yes, she is very studious. She says that she
will become an IAS officer. With that body shape she could become
an IPS officer too. – Maybe! She is the most serious
of them all. We should be careful with her. Next? – Next. The one
with the video camera is Aparna, uncle Vijay’s daughter. is Aparna, uncle Vijay’s daughter. She is doing her engineering.
– She looks smart. She is capable
of playing many tricks. – Yes. The one who is posing
in front of the video is Jyothi,
uncle Vishwam’s daughter. She is a glamorous girl. She is a beauty
conscious girl. – Yes. She might find the concept
of love really interesting. – Yes. That girl
feeding the horse is Devika.
She is doing her MBBS. Whose daughter is she? She is the daughter
of SP Karuna from Trivandrum. Oh! She is a very quiet girl. But love may interest her too.
We’ll have to doubt her. Alley cat, silent cat. Now, you must have got
a complete idea about them. I did. I’ll take care of the rest. There is one more girl left. Who is she? ‘Ami’, uncle Balan’s daughter.
Abhirami. Let her come,
but before that, I’ll find out if your lover
is there in this group. Are you sure?
– Yes, I am sure. But how? I am missing Ami a lot. Yes, really. Only when she comes,
will our vacation become lively. Oh, God. I have some
paper works to do. I wish she comes
after I finish that. She won’t allow you to do
your work when she comes here. Look. There is a cat here.
– Where? Look, it’s a kitten. What’s that, on its neck? Bell. Yuck! Put it outside the door.
– Poor cat. – Excuse me. Did you see a kitten here? Yes. Does this belong to you? No, it’s from the streets.
It has become a nuisance. We are planning to kill it.
– Kill it? Oh! That’s cruel.
– That’s sad. That means, everyone here,
likes cats. Good. It would be great if the one who likes this cat
the most, raises her hand. What are you saying?
– What’s wrong with you? Here is the cat, if it belongs
to you, you can take it away. I will take the cat away. But is it necessary to hide
your feelings now? Ravi is really eager
to know who the girl is. He is really anxious. He is really tensed. Oh, God. What’s your problem,
Mr. Dennis? What is your problem, Dennis? Problem.. Okay. I will find out about her
by myself. I will catch her on my own. Hey, it jumped..
– Come here.. I will.. I caught it. Oh, no! What is happening there? There is a small kitten.
– Out! Out house, both of you have
to shift to the outhouse. Where are you guys going?
Are you guys going for a trip? You have been thrown out
for misbehaving with the girls. Come here. Lie down there. What a shame! In front of my grandpa,
I was embarrassed to death. What did we do? – We didn’t do
anything. It is you who did. You spoilt everything. You spoilt everything. It’s really shameful to enter
the girls’ room at night. I will..
– Just one attempt has failed. Don’t get dejected.
– I’m not dejected. I was punishing myself for participating
in this foolish act of yours. Then try on your own to find her.
– To try or not, is my decision. I don’t need your help for that. I am not dying to find
out your lover. Get lost! Get lost, rogue.
– Get lost, you bigger rogue. Get lost, rogue.
– Get lost! – Oh, God. Listen, there is no need
to call each other that. I know who the rogue is,
amongst you. He knows. – If you have
any problem, you can go out. The moon is beautiful tonight.
Go and create commotion there. I’m trying to rest here.
I’m tired. – Get out, pig. Who are you, to interfere?
We’ll do what we want. If you want to sleep,
get out from here. Why are you making me the culprit? You were the ones who misbehaved with those girls. Disgusting people.
– Ravi! Hit him. That reminded me of something..
– We remember only this. Don’t hit me.
Enough, don’t beat me. The phone is ringing.. The telephone bell is ringing. The telephone bell is ringing. “Telephone bell
is ringing, rogue..” Grandpa..
– Greeting! – Hey. Hello! Yes. Who is it? Is it Ami? Grandpa! Sister Ami is calling. Sister Ami! I am Dhanya.
When are you coming here? Hello, I am Aparna here.
– Let me talk.. Yes. How are you?
– Give me the phone.. Don’t shout.
– Give me the phone.. – Ami.. I will speak to her.
Give me the phone. – My eyes.. Hi, Ami! I am Gayatri.
We all miss you. Give it to me. Hello, Ami!
It is grandpa here. Grandpa. Move away. Hello! I can’t hear you properly. Mallannur?
Where? Okay.. The college bus.. Between 8 and 8.30 a.m.
– What is the matter? It is Ami. Talk to her.
– Okay. Hello! Hello! It is me, Ravi. Hello! It got disconnected. Tomorrow morning,
she’ll reach the highway in Mallannur
between 8:00 and 8:30. You must go and pick her up. Oh, my God!
Is that it? These kids were shouting
as if something had gone wrong. We couldn’t talk to her. She’ll reach here tomorrow morning. Ravi! You must go early.
– Yes. You should be there
by at least 7:30 a.m. Mallannur is very nearby.
– Yes. Hardly 60 kilometres. So what? So..
– Nothing! Nothing.
– Okay! All of you, go and sleep. Ravi, shall we also come
with you to pick her up? Please..
– No need.. Wait till she reaches here. Go to your rooms. Go.. Go and sleep.
– Come, let’s go.. – Go. Outhouse. Yes.. Come. It is better to wait here. We must carefully watch
all the buses that come here. There is no need
to notice all the buses. The bus in which Abhirami comes
will have a college banner. My dear! I am not sure if this climate
has anything to do with it. But you have started to talk
intelligently these days. – Yes. Thank you!
– Welcome. The one who’s coming today
seems extraordinary. The other kids were really
excited when she called. She is a big troublemaker. Is it? – The others are nothing
as compared to her. She’s been very naughty
right from her childhood. But everyone likes her. To be precise, she is the
darling of the family. Here comes the bus.
– ‘St. Philomena’s college.’ – Yes. Hello!
– Stop. Ravi Shankar here.
– Stop. Ami! Bye.
– Bye.. You look really tired. Was it an excursion?
– Study tour. – Oh. Ami, meet Mr. Dennis.
My friend, my partner. Hi.
– Hi. Let us go. The kids there
are waiting for you. Come. For how long will they stay here? Grandpa said that they would stay
here till the vacation gets over. I was not interested to come here.
Grandpa compelled me to come. I’ll go back
before the vacation gets over. We can decide
that after going there. After reaching there, you
wouldn’t want to return. Bethlehem is that beautiful.
Let’s go. Okay. She is not like what you said.
She is very gloomy. Something is wrong.
I haven’t seen her like this. “Old MacDonald had a farm.” “And in his farm,
he had some cows.” “With a moo moo here,
with a moo moo there..” Yes.. Yes.. Jyothi. What is wrong with all of you?
Why are you shouting? Ami! – We were anxiously
waiting for you. Why? Who asked you to get anxious? Where is the bedroom?
– Upstairs. What is this?
– Something is wrong. Grandma! – Yes. – Sister Ami
has come. – Did she come? I felt so when I heard
the noise downstairs. Where is she?
– She is lying in the room. She is very moody and angry.
Come and see. Where is my dear Ami? What is it, dear? What happened to you?
– Nothing. Something.
I’m not asking what it is. No matter what it is, you
will have to keep it aside. We want our old Ami back. Your dad and mom
are really upset. They say your anger
and stubbornness have increased. We know that you had refused
to come for this vacation. We know that you had refused
to come for this vacation. I wanted to change your mood,
that’s why I forced you to come. That is all right.
She is tired after the journey. Let her freshen up.
Come on. Get up. – Yes. The kids are really disappointed. They will be happy
only if you cheer up. Do you get me? I’ll go and get
Ghee Roast Dosa for you. Come. Ami! There is no need
to show attitude. Ami! There is no need
to show attitude. Everyone here was really excited
when you had called. We have decided one thing.
We’ll go back. Enough. I came for this vacation
only because you were coming too. My aunt’s kids had asked
me to come to Bombay. Now I feel
that I should have gone there. Bombay? Aunt’s kids? Who are you? What attitude
were you talking about? Do you want to go back?
What’s your problem, fool? I will.. “It is marriage time
for the Cuckoo” “that whistles and wanders around.” “The nuptial necklace
is ready for the sparrow” “that spends the nights on the
branches of the banyan tree.” “The fish playing in the river” “and the air that creates music
through the flute..” “The fish playing in the river” “and the air that creates music
through the flute” “and the air that creates music
through the flute” “won’t you come to the marriage” “wearing anklets and bangles?” “It is marriage time
for the Cuckoo” “that whistles and wanders around.” “The parrot enjoying
the sunlight” “on the mountains
filled with henna” “do you have the dark kohl
to beautify eyes?” “The dazzling moon” “The dazzling moon” “do you have the gold
to make ornaments?” “When the dragonfly plays around” “the evening makes the sky
more colourful.” “When the dragonfly plays around” “the evening makes the sky
more colourful.” “Far away, a group
of nightingales” “sang a melodious song” “and the small sparrows
joined them too.” “It is marriage time
for the Cuckoo” “that whistles and wanders around.” “The bride who beautifies herself
with fragrant flowers” “do you want to take a bath
in this river?” “Oh, the twilight hidden
in the vast sky” “I shall sing a lullaby
and put you to sleep.” “The frozen dew drops,
don’t feel shy” “the fresh air is there
to embrace you.” “The frozen dew drops,
don’t feel shy” “the fresh air is there
to embrace you.” “the fresh air is there
to embrace you.” “You have been adorned” “like a bride.” “It is marriage time
for the Cuckoo” “that whistles and wanders around.” “The nuptial necklace
is ready for the sparrow” “that spends the nights on the
branches of the banyan tree.” “The fish playing in the river” “and the air that creates music
through the flute..” “The fish playing
in the river” “and the air that creates music
through the flute” “won’t you come to the marriage” “wearing anklets and bangles?” Ami’s mood has changed.
Everybody is really enjoying here. We are really blessed.
May the God let us see the happiness of our kids
till we die. One prayer. One wish.
That is what is remaining. Ravi’s marriage. Who, do you think,
he’ll choose as his life partner? All five of them
are extremely smart. All of them are equal
in our eyes. But who knows, what
is there in his heart? I just want him to select one
among those five. Only then, will I give
my bank balance shares and personal
properties to him. If he chooses any other
girl as his life partner then I’ll not give him
a single penny. Shouldn’t he know that
you have an idea like this? Shouldn’t he know that
you have an idea like this? He must not know. Before this vacation gets over let him fall in love
with one of the five girls. Only then will it be natural. Till
then, let it be a secret. – Yes. I won’t let it remain a secret
Colonel CR Menon. So, this is what your plan is. Naughty girl!
Were you hiding under this? Our plan has failed. She will tell this to everyone. So, you came here with all your
grandchildren for this purpose. Not bad.
– Ami. If you tell this to anyone I won’t talk to you.
For sure. I don’t care. I feel suffocated
when I keep secrets. I’ll go and tell this
to those girls and Ravi. Ami! Are you not my dear? What will you give?
– What is there to give? Give me Rs. 1000.
– Blackmailing. Yes. If I get that money,
I will bear the suffocation. Yes. If I get that money,
I will bear the suffocation. It would be better
if you give that. There is no need
to count it, Grandpa. If you betray us
after taking the money.. I’ll try my best. Do you
have home-made wine with you? Will you give me a peg?
– Go away. She should have been born as a boy. She is the smartest of the lot. Lawrence, please take this
and leave. – Not that.. Your boss’s anger will subside
when he sees this money. This won’t do.
– Go, Lawrence. Unless he gets the principal
amount, he won’t remain quiet. He’ll come here. Sometimes,
his nature is very bad. My situation is very bad. I don’t have any money to give. The people from the bank
are also after me. That manager, Dasan cheated me and ran away
with Rs. 5 lakhs. You know about that too.
Go and manage, somehow. Managing means.. Managing means, just manage!
That’s all. If there is no other option,
give some rat poison to your boss. And you can enjoy the rest
of the money. Go, Lawrence.
– Listen.. Leave now! My God! Why did you put me
in this situation? What are you doing here?
– I went to the post office. Sent a lot of cards,
made phone calls brought some chocolates
for the kids and did some more shopping. Grandpa gave me some pocket money. What is the reason
behind this sly smile? Who is Lawrence? Lawrence?
– Yes. My friend. My very close friend.
Why did you ask? Do you give money to your close
friends when they come to meet you? Were you watching
everything from there? Yes. You are omnipresent, after all. Are financial problems
worrying you too much? I do have some small problems. Why? There is a way
to solve all your problems. What way?
Which way? I am not supposed
to tell it to you. It’s okay, I’ll tell you.
Listen carefully. ‘If you marry one
of the five cousins’ ‘grandpa’s personal properties
will become yours.’ What?
– Didn’t you understand? Say it in a language
that I can understand. This is Kannada.
– Make it in Malayalam. Tell me what it means
in Malayalam. It’s your job to find
out its meaning. I’ll repeat it once more.
Listen carefully. ‘If you marry one
of the five cousins’ ‘grandpa’s personal property
will become yours.’ ‘If you marry one
of the five cousins’ ‘grandpa’s personal properties
will become yours.’ ‘If you marry one
of the five cousins’ ‘grandpa’s personal properties
will become yours.’ ‘If you marry one of the
five cousins, grandpa’s..’ Hello!
– Hello! ‘Grandpa’s..’ I forgot.. I have told you several times not
to greet me without my permission. Do you know Kannada?
– No, I’m not that bad. Don’t make jokes.
This is serious. Ami said something to me
in Kannada. If we know the meaning of it
in Malayalam, we’ll get the clue. What is the matter?
Tell me. Let me hear. I can understand
a little Kannada. ‘If you marry one
of the five cousins’ ‘grandpa’s personal properties
will become yours.’ Is this Kannada?
– Yes, it is. The Kannada that I know
is not like this. Just say that you
don’t know Kannada. If only there was
someone who knew.. Here he is.
– Where? – What? It is me, Monai!
– What? That is correct.
He was in Punjab for some days. Don’t make fun of me. Say it in Kannada,
I’ll translate it into Malayalam. Go ahead.
– Tell me. ‘If you marry one
of the five cousins’ ‘grandpa’s personal properties
will become yours.’ ‘grandpa’s personal properties
will become yours.’ Is it only this much?
– Yes. This is very silly.
– Then say it. Shall I say?
– Yes. ‘Five cousins’ means five cousins.
– What.. Correct?
– Yes. ‘One of the’ doesn’t
mean anything. Why wouldn’t it mean anything?
Tell me what it means. Shall I tell the meaning? – Yes.
What is your name? – Ravi Shankar. Tell this in Kannada. It’s the same in Kannada.
– Yes.. – Isn’t it? Now, you understand why
it doesn’t mean anything. Now the meaning of the line,
‘If you marry’ is.. Mother Mary?
– It’s not that. This is liqueur. Yes. – It is a rosemary liqueur
found in Karnataka. Only for sale in Karnataka. – Yes..
– ‘Personal properties’ means.. What does it mean?
– To talk personally. It’s not that. To go there personally
to buy it. In short after getting intoxicated
by drinking the rosemary liqueur if you go to that girls’ room
and create a commotion grandpa will change the
shapes of your faces. Hit him.
– Don’t hit me.. Sit down. Aparna. – Yes.
– What did you say? This vacation isn’t thrilling,
right? – Yes. The thrill is just beginning,
my dear. Yes! Look here, how is that? Oh, gosh! What is this?
– Wine? Yes, wine. Where did you get this from?
– I bought it from a wine shop. God! You are really courageous. Ami, are we going to drink it? No. We are going to wash
our faces with this. Take out the glasses
instead of asking stupid questions. Let me open it. Not bad. Please, Ami.
I don’t want it. I’ll hit you and break those specs
if you don’t have it. Take it. If grandpa comes to know.. If you tell this to anyone I’ll thrash you. Don’t we need to
pour water in this? In wine? Fool. I should be beaten up
for inviting you to drink with me. Gin would have been more
apt as per my standards. But you are not mature
enough to drink that. That is why I brought wine. Wait.. My god! Cigarette?
– Yes. I have smoked a cigarette.
Once. Is it? Show it to me.
– No, I can’t handle it. Let us drink it
before anyone sees. Come on. Cheers! Do you want pickle as a side dish? My God.. Come on.. I knew you were the
smartest in the gang. But I didn’t know the level
of your smartness till now. This is just for fun. Since all of us were together..
It is wine. It’s just a mild drink. That’s how one starts drinking. You can taste the stronger
ones later. Let us go to grandpa. If I don’t tell this
to your grandpa now you will become more mischievous. Come, let us go. Dennis.
– Yes. Dennis.
– Yes. Forgive me for this. I swear to the Gods that I will never repeat this. Should I forgive you?
– Yes, Dennis. I’ll forgive. But you must tell
me the meaning of the other thing. ‘If you marry one
of the five cousins..’ That?
– Yes. Should I say?
– You must. That is nothing.
– Grandpa! Dennis!
– Yes. I’ll tell. – ‘If you marry one
of the five cousins..’ What nonsense is this? Buddy! I got the meaning. I made her tell it.
– What is it? That is.. If you marry
one of the five cousins grandpa’s personal properties
will become yours. That is the matter.
– Dennis! That old man is really rich. If I get his property,
I can live like a king. Don’t you want to know
who that girl is? – For what? I can choose any girl among them.
Isn’t that enough? I can choose any girl among them.
Isn’t that enough? That is not enough. What if the girl whom you
propose to, doesn’t like you? What if she loves
someone else? – Oh. So, it is better to marry
the girl who loves you. That is correct, but we have not
got any clue about her yet. – Oh. I have one clue with me. I have repaired the tape recorder and have fixed the tape too. If you complain
about this tape recorder again I’ll break this into pieces
and give it to the horse to eat. Give it to me.. Hey. That cassette..
– Play it. God! There should
not be any problem. “For all the births
that I have been in search for you” “my love for you has been
as much, my love.” – Buddy! What is it? Someone switched
on the light upstairs. – What? “The shores afar” “and the silent stars”
– Is it Jyothi? “are my witness.”
– I think it is that SP’s daughter from Trivandrum.
– You mean Devika. No.. from Trivandrum.
– You mean Devika. No.. It can’t be her.
Is it Aparna? “For all the births..”
– Is it Gayatri? The one who wants
to do IAS? – Yes. From the body shape,
I feel it is Gayatri. Hit him. It is gone.. The tape recorder
got spoilt again. She’s gone too. You! Don’t kill me.. ‘It’s really sad that you
haven’t recognised me, still.’ ‘Sorry.’ ‘I feel really sorry,
man. Yours..’ “ search for you” “my love for you
has been as much, my love.” Hello! What are you peeking at? Hello! What are you peeking at? So, it is you.
– Of course, it is me. Thank God, you remember my face.
– Are you trying to be sarcastic? There is no need for that.
I always had a doubt on you. Shall I wake up Ravi
and tell him? – What? Come on, Abhirami. There is no need
to deny it. It’s you. Mr. Dennis, all my cousins
said that you are slightly mad. But I didn’t believe them.
But now.. Whatever that may be,
I just don’t care. Wasn’t it you, who
came near the window and looked at the
outhouse yesterday? Yes, it was me. I couldn’t sleep properly,
last night. The song that I heard
from your outhouse is still there in my mind. I could not hear it fully.
Will you give me that tape? Wasn’t it you, who sent that song? There is no way
that it could be her. She won’t propose
like an ordinary girl. She won’t propose
like an ordinary girl. Do ordinary girls send cats through the
courier service to propose? I doubt her. She is too smart.
– That is correct. Can’t the girl who loves me come to me directly and say ‘Dear, I would like to marry you’? There is no thrill in that.
We must find her. We must find out that girl from that gang and ask her.
– Do you remember this face? Not that.
– Then? Don’t try to fool a genius. Or else we could say, ‘You scratch
my back and I’ll scratch yours’. How is it relevant
in this situation? It isn’t, right?
That’s not important anyway. But first, we must know
who she is. Then I’ll have to marry her
as soon as possible. Then, I’ll get hold
of grandpa’s property. I’ll clear all my debts with it.
Then, a fantastic farm.. Hundreds of cows which
will be milked by machines. I’ll take rest only after closing
down Amul. My dear idiot!
First, find out who she is. Then we can think
about closing down Amul. Then we can think
about closing down Amul. That song is the only
way to find out about her. I have an idea. I can make her sing that song. Eureka! Our honourable chief guests,
Colonel CR Menon and Mrs. Menon have come. Yes! What is this, Ravi?
What is she talking about? What is the matter? Children are getting bored. So we have planned some programs
for entertainment. Hello! What are the programs
that you have planned? Programs?
– Programs.. Song songs, love songs, duet songs,
group songs, songs.. Even if we don’t have any other
programs, we must have songs! A song is a must.
– Very good.. Who are the participants?
– Participants? Even you can take part in it. Okay, both of you can sing
a duet song and dance. Come on.
– Go away. Best performer
will get a prize too. Grandpa will give that.
Cash prize. Okay.
– Is cash prize required? Yes..
– Rs. 1000 must be given. Are you the one to decide that? I just gave a suggestion.
– Leave it.. I just gave a suggestion.
– Leave it.. You don’t have to fight for that.
He will give Rs. 1000. – Yes.. Stop.. If the program
is bad, can we howl? I hope there won’t be an extra
tax for that. If possible, help us. Enough.. We’ll start.
– Yes. Who is ready to sing first?
– I am ready, sir. Yes.. – First, I’ll perform.
– Not possible.. We want Monai to perform..
– Yes.. – Okay.. Like a curtain raiser we’ll have a small
performance by Monai. – Yes. Yes, a small performance. Ravi sir, you must help me.
– How? Okay. – Will you mimic
an elephant, Mr. Monai? I have already done that, dear. Now, I’ll mimic a rat. Okay?
– Okay.. Monai is going to mimic a rat
who is complaining to the God about the nuisance created
by the cats. – Yes. – Okay.. I’ll show you the rat’s expression when it is told
that a cat has come. Okay.. – Shall we start.
– Yes.. – Ready, sir. Ready. Oh, Lord Ganapathy,
the son of Lord Shiva. Save this innocent rat. Save this innocent rat. The cats are creating a lot
of trouble these days. If you don’t kick out
these rascals from here I’ll have to avenge them. A cat has come here! Superb, Monai!
Superb. Thank you. No mention, please! Now we’ll start with singing.
– Monai must sing.. Please.
– Okay. “Come..”
– Monai just performed now. Now, one of you
should sing a song. – Yes. Please, come forward and sing. I have understood your plan.
The song from cassette.. Don’t you know how to sing?
– Yes. Aparna will sing. “Sometimes in my heart” “a thought emerges..”
– This is Hindi. Hindi is not allowed. Do you want a song in English? That is not allowed at all.
– Yes.. Malayalam?
– Yes, Malayalam. Not only that. It should be a song
that we have not heard before. How can we sing a song
that no one has heard before? How can we sing a song
that no one has heard before? For example, Ravi
will sing the first four lines of a song that we
haven’t heard before. Whoever sings the rest, will
get a special prize. Okay? Okay.. “For all the births
that I have been in search for you” “my love for you
has been as much, my love.” “The shores afar and the silent
stars are my witnesses.” “For all the births that I have
been in search for you.” Now sing the rest. Someone in this
gang knows the rest of this song. Come on. It’s a good song.
Sing the rest of it, Ravi. It’s a good song.
Sing the rest of it, Ravi. Let one of them sing the rest.
That is what the competition is. We don’t know.. Sing the rest of the song, Ravi. Even I don’t know
the rest of the song. He is lying. I have heard
this song being played in their outhouse
on the tape recorder. Ravi knows.
He is just showing off. I forgot. – Really? Then memorise
it and come back. I’ll do that and then..
– Stop it.. Monai.. – Don’t..
– Okay.. Now I will perform.
– Yes.. Monai.. I’ll put a rope
around my neck. – Okay. You must pull it. – Okay.
– I’ll come to you then. Move away!
– Hey.. They are jealous..
– Once more.. – Okay. I’ll kill this pig. Our plan failed because of Monai.
– I will.. – Come with me.. Ami! All the best.
– Thank you! Can I howl if you fall?
– Sure. But if I ride this horse
around this farm you’ll have to do what I say. Do you actually know to ride? What a question? There is no use of knowing
to ride. This is an art. Watch. I’ll show you. Abhirami! Don’t. He is violent. He doesn’t allow strangers
to ride on him. Get down. How should I get know him? Should I go on a date with him?
I didn’t understand what you said. You’ll understand
when you fall down. If you are really eager to ride,
there is a pony here. You can ride in that. Alright. Learn it the hard way. I’ll learn. Go. Go. Why is he not moving? Should we push it? Go, I say. Go. Go. Sorry, Ami!
– Does the art of riding involve falling down like this? Shut up. We might fall sometimes. That doesn’t mean
that I’m defeated. I’ll show you. We must learn from our falls. That is what
a sensible person does. It’ll be foolishness to repeat
mistakes to satisfy one’s ego. Someone like you shouldn’t do that. It is okay to be smart. But it won’t be good
if you cross the limits. Okay? Come on. Please, help her. She might find it
difficult to walk. Should I pick you up, Ami?
– I’ll hit you. No, Ami! That is not needed.
It is a bit too much. Dumb girl! Do as I say! That day, he spoilt
our wine session. And today.. I fell down because he
signalled the horse. I’ll have to teach him a lesson. I am really tensed. Nonsense.
You are not doing anything. When you hear me scream call out to grandpa.
That is enough. Come. Come on. Snake..
Please, come fast.. There is a snake
in the bathroom. Come fast. Snake.. Where is the snake? Where?
– It is not a snake. It is a horse. First, I thought it was a snake. Then it changed shape
and became a horse. There is an expert rider
along with him, Dennis. Abhirami! Don’t play. Abhirami! Don’t play. It is not enough that only I learn
from downfalls. You should learn too. What are you doing?
– I haven’t done anything yet. Somebody, please help me.
He is in the bathroom. – What.. Grandpa! Come fast..
Grandma.. Grandpa!
Come fast. Ami is crying. She is in the bathroom
in the outhouse. Please, save me..
Grandpa.. – Move away.. He is trying to touch me. Grandpa.
– I wasn’t trying to touch you. I was trying to open the door..
– Help! Come fast! What is it?
What happened to Ami? Ami..
– Dear, Ami! Grandpa, come fast..
Grandma! Come fast.. What is it?
What happened? What happened? Abhirami! In the bathroom..
She called me saying that there was a snake. Snake?
– She was joking. Grandpa! When I went to the
washroom, he came behind me. Then he told me that he loved me. No, she is lying. Abhirami! Don’t lie! Abhirami! Don’t lie! When she screamed out
that there was a snake.. He is lying. You can check
if there is a snake inside. I don’t want to live anymore.
I’ll commit suicide. Dear! Don’t cry.
– No. She is lying. Sir, she is lying. Get lost, you scoundrel! You must throw that scoundrel out. I would have thrown him out myself. But he is your friend. That is why
I am asking you to do that. We can’t keep him here anymore. Grandpa! He is my partner.
How can I ask him to go? Why do you want
to have a partnership with a dirty man like him? You will have to break
the partnership. Tell me how much his investment is. I’ll give that money.
Give him that and send him away. Grandpa! It’s not a big deal. He entered the
bathroom by mistake. Look, Ravi! I came to know
about his character when he entered the girls’ room
that day with the kitten. Today he entered the bathroom.. We don’t know what he’ll do next. So, do what I say. There are five
grown-up girls here.. There are five
grown-up girls here.. During the Indo-Pak war,
I had led the bomb squad and crossed
the Pakistan border. But the tension that I
have now while living with these five grown-up girls
in this house is thousand times more that that. Grandpa, I can’t ask him to go. That’s just not possible. I’ll tell him. I’ll throw
his share of money on his face and will ask him to go to hell. I am indebted to him. I have a commitment. He has saved my life. Saved your life? Yes, Grandpa. Two and a half years
ago, on an April night there was an accident at the
Mettukulam – Bison Valley route. A lorry rammed into my jeep.
I lay there, soaked in blood. While I cried out your names,
many people passed by me. But nobody stopped to help me. At last, it was Dennis, who
admitted me in the hospital. Then he gave me four.. No.
Six bottles of blood. – My God! I’m still alive
because of that blood. Why didn’t you tell us about this? I was waiting for the right time. That might be true. But he does not have
a good character. I’ll make sure that he doesn’t
do anything wrong again. How can we ignore this incident? Actually, what happened? It is not very clear to me.
– He peeped inside the toilet when Sister Ami went there
to freshen up – Go away. Where is Ami?
– She is here. Come here. Why did you go
to the toilet in the outhouse? Shouldn’t I go to a toilet
when I have to pee? What is the use of going to the
kitchen for that? There are many toilets
in this house. Then, why did you go
to the toilet in the outhouse? I felt like peeing
when I reached there. Did you cry out saying that there
was a snake in the toilet? No.. What is this, Ravi?
Who does that in the toilet? I have heard some people
singing songs. I don’t even do that. Didn’t you do this to avenge him because you fell from that horse? Oh, God. Shouldn’t I be angry
with the horse then? You speak as though I fell
from the top of Dennis. Shut up. Everybody locks the toilet
after getting in. Don’t you do so? Yes, I do lock the door. Then how did Dennis
get into the closed bathroom? The lock is damaged.
– You are lying. There is nothing wrong
with the lock of that bathroom. Let’s go check. She might have forgotten
to lock the door. Is it a big mistake
to enter an open bathroom? Gayatri, stop there. What really happened there? Actually.. Ravi..
Nothing. I will not consider the fact
that you are a grown-up girl now. I’ll hit you. Tell me the truth.
– Truth.. Ami.. I fooled everyone. I did it to make Dennis
feel ashamed. Dennis came inside
because I had cried out for help. Did you hear? She is someone
who will urinate publicly if you offer her just Rs.10. I had a doubt when she
made a big issue out of this. She should be slapped.
– There is no need to hit her. Ami, come here. Did my dear do this for fun?
– Yes. – You! Did my dear do this for fun?
– Yes. – You! Go there. Stand
in that corner, facing the wall. Don’t move
from there, until I ask you to. Can I talk from there?
– Hey! Hey! Go there.
– Okay. This punishment
is not enough for her. She must be hanged upside down. Call Dennis.
I must apologise to him. That’s not enough. All of you must talk to him
more affectionately. When he heard that you
were coming for vacation he was so happy. He is an orphan. You must love him
like you love me. Please! This is my request.
– Poor child. We avoided him a lot. Sorry, man! I feel really sorry. She is too naughty. No hard feelings. Ma’am! I am really
enjoying all this. For a person like me,
who has no one to love or hate this is a gift from the Gods. this is a gift from the Gods. When I talk and play
with these kids I treat them like my own family. A brother, an uncle.. All
these relations are new to me. So, if small mistakes
happen from my side you must forgive me. No, dear. Just like Ravi,
even you are our child now. Everyone will consider
you like that. Thanking you won’t be enough.
But still, for saving Ravi’s life.. I saved Ravi’s life? If you had turned left on the
Mettukulam – Bison valley route would you have seen
me soaked in blood? That? That was just God’s grace. Yes. Instead of taking
the credit for that you consider it as God’s grace. That is your greatness, Dennis. Why is Abhirami standing,
facing the wall? That is her punishment.
– No, Grandpa! Let her go. She’ll not change
unless she is punished. She is like this because
uncle Balan wasn’t strict with her. Whatever it may be,
but she is typical. Whatever it may be,
but she is typical. She has a peculiar character which
none of the children here, have. There is a reason for that,
Mr. Dennis. I don’t really belong
to this family. I’m adopted. You don’t know that story, do you? My so called father,
Mr. Balachandran and his wife, Malini, didn’t
have any children. They waited for three years. Then, they went to an
orphanage and adopted me. Who knows, to whom I was born? I’m sure they were troublemakers. But why did they discard me? They might have realised that
I would become a troublemaker too. Ami! What are you saying? Enough. Don’t you like me, Grandpa?
– Everyone likes you. Yes, everyone likes me. But I don’t like myself, at times. I’m a bad girl. Really bad. One day, I’ll make
everyone say that. One day, I’ll make
everyone say that. Then, one day,
this bad girl will run away from her grandparents,
her parents and her dear cousins. No one will feel bad about it. They’ll feel good
that she ran away. Don’t love me. I’m not fit to be loved. I don’t want anyone’s love. What is Ami’s problem? What is Ami’s problem? She is upset about something. The gloominess when she
came, was fading away. Grandpa!
– Yes! We’ll go inside after you are done
enjoying the view here. This is the cattle shed. There
are special breeds of cows here. Wonderful! Ravi!
– Yes. I love everything here,
except one thing. The name of this farm! How is Bethlehem
connected to us? Also, the name suggests
that Dennis holds the major shares. Grandpa..
We can’t change the name. Didn’t I tell you?
We bought this from a foreigner. He is quite sentimental
about this name. I will explain that later.
Let’s go and see the cow. Okay! – Please, come.
Welcome. Thank you. Beautiful cows! Really. Which breed are these? All of them are the most
modern breeds. All imported from Denmark. What have you named them?
– Name.. Steffi Graf, Merlene Ottey,
Shilpa Shetty. Steffi Graf, Merlene Ottey,
Shilpa Shetty. Her brother is at the bull shed.
Sunil Shetty! Martina Navratilova.
– Is that one name? Yes. She is from Spain. We use machines
to milk them. – Mr. Ravi. We are gone! Lawrence
and his boss are coming here. Who?
– He owes them money. Dennis owes them money. Mr. Dennis owes them money. Mr. Ravi. My boss is here. Mr. Ravi.
I am the manager. I’ll follow.
– Stop there. Come. Don’t jump.
There is cow dung.. Ami! Yes, Dennis. Why are you sitting here
alone, Ami? I felt like it. One should have some
time for themselves, right? No. The entire family feels bad when you sit alone or cry. You are the centre of their lives. Please, try not to hurt them. Dennis. It’s not intentional.
I am unable to do that, at times. Maybe, I only know
to behave like this. Or, like I said, it could be
genetic. My parent’s characters have something to do
with the way I behave. Genetic Engineering
is sheer nonsense. Ami, do you realise the problem? You have
a misjudgement about yourself. You have a feeling
that you are above all. A kind of superiority complex. Do you know about me? I am an orphan.
A born orphan. I am an orphan.
A born orphan. Like me?
– Not at all like you. You have a dad. You have a mom, grandparents
and many relatives. They didn’t just adopted you
but made you their own. But, I don’t have anyone like that. Rukes & Welson,
a British Indian Company had raised me. That Calcutta based company sent money orders every month
and sponsored my education. When I grew up,
I started investigating the connection between
that company and me. To put it in your language,
I tried to find out if there was any
genetic connection between us. I couldn’t find out.
No one told me about it. One fine day, I went to Calcutta
to look for that company. But that yellow Victorian building
had already closed down. They wound up the company.
The foreigners returned. They didn’t go just like that. They deposited a huge amount
of money in my bank account. My patrons went away
after making me a rich orphan. My patrons went away
after making me a rich orphan. A story about a boy
who went from rag to riches. Just like a fairy tale. The time of pain
and suffering are long gone. I have tried to not hurt anyone. I have tried to help people
and love them. I am able to do it. Can’t you do the same, Ami? Yes, Dennis. I understand. If your problem is really big,
then share it with someone. Lessen the burden by sharing it. Sure. I think I can share it with you. I think so. Good! Dennis, I like you. Dennis, I like you. You can surely
become a good friend. I have heard that early morning
dream comes true, is it right? Did you dream of something, Monai? What did you dream of? A wedding in a beautiful church. It was a night filled with mist. The sky was full
of stars and angels. The groom came on a white horse. It was you, sir. Did you get to see the girl? I got up while I was about to see
the face of the girl, sir. Oh, no.
– But, sir. I think it was that girl. Isn’t it, sir?
Tell me. Tell me, sir.
– Stay calm. “As one more night bids adieu” “and the sunlight falls
whilst humming a song” “and the sunlight falls
whilst humming a song” “you are the feather
of beauty that wafts” “and settles next to me.” “As one more night bids adieu” “and the sunlight falls
whilst humming a song” “you are the feather
of beauty that wafts” “and settles next to me.” “In my travels, that have gone
on for many days” “oh, dear, dream
that has sought my heart” “are you draped in petals” “waiting to blossom
in front of my eyes?” “Waiting to blossom
in front of my eyes..” “As the night was giving
way to dawn” “and I lay alone,
with my eyes open” “a breeze came with love
and disappeared” “after caressing my forehead.” “After caressing my forehead.” “After caressing my forehead.” “As one more night bids adieu” “and the sunlight falls
whilst humming a song..” “On a path in the forest
decked with mist” “while you were straining your ears
to listen to the shepherd’s song” “while you were straining your ears
to listen to the shepherd’s song” “did you hear the song” “emanating from my mind?” “Emanating from my mind..” “In my corridor
which is filled with shadows” “you are the lamp
that has flowered with mercy.” “Forever, I will protect
you from every breeze” “that tries to blow your
light out.” “That tries to blow your
light out.” “As one more night bids adieu” “and the sunlight falls
whilst humming a song” “you are the feather
of beauty that wafts” “and settles next to me.” “and settles next to me.” Is it you, Ami? What brings you here at night? Are you crying? No, Dennis. Not at all. I’m smiling. See! What is this? What is the matter? Anything serious? No. I’ll call Ravi and grandpa. No, you won’t tell anyone
that you saw me crying here. Then there is something wrong.
You must tell me. A girl shouldn’t be so secretive. Dennis! You shouldn’t tell anyone! Are you threatening me? – Yes,
or consider it as blackmailing. Are you threatening me? – Yes,
or consider it as blackmailing. What will you blackmail me with? I know a big secret of yours. I gave Monai a bottle of brandy
that I had stolen from grandpa. Have it, Monai!
– I’ll drink. I blurt out my feelings
when I am drunk. I hope that’s not a problem.
– Not at all. Both of them
don’t give you liquor, right? They give me only
three pegs in a month. Can’t you drink it without
their knowledge? Don’t think that I am saying
this because they are my bosses. They are very cheap.
They put a mark on the bottle. So, they easily find out when I
drink from that and beat me. Isn’t Dennis the worst? Both are competing with each other. They are trying to find out who
is the worst among them. Dennis is really shameless.
– Who said it? The other day, his trousers
fell off and he was feeling shy.. I’ll hit you. I didn’t mean that. He says he is a working
partner and hangs around. Let’s not get there.
Else, I’ll become indecent. Ravi said that he is going
to dismiss him. Whom?
– Dennis! He is going to discontinue
the partnership with him. Cheap Dennis! Indecent Dennis!
– I’m warning you. If you talk about that,
I’ll become indecent. Why do you feel bad
when I talk about Dennis? Isn’t Ravi Shankar your boss? Ravi Shankar, my foot!
Don’t make me talk. Tell me if you dare! You’ll be shocked if I do!
– We’ll see! You can’t shock me. I’ll tell you. – If you are brave,
tell me the truth. Useless Dennis!
– Useless. Not you.
Ravi Shankar is useless. This farm and the house
belongs to Dennis. Your Ravi doesn’t own
anything here. He is not fit to even clean
the horse dung here. Don’t throw it.
– I won’t. If I say this,
the cat will be out of the bag. Let everyone know
what the truth is. I’m going to hit that Monai today.
– Hit him. Make sure you hit him
while he is awake. Make sure you hit him
while he is awake. You should leave, Dennis.
People might misunderstand us. They’ll assume that we
have some secret business. Go.. The bank manager
was looking for you. Did you see him?
– No. He asked me what your height was. Height? Oh, has he passed
my agricultural loan? It may not be for the
agricultural loan. They might want to know your height
to order the apt coffin for you. I’ll hit you.
– Hey. What happened to grandpa’s
personal properties? You don’t have to ask me
that, every time you see me. You had said
you’ll find the girl. If the marriage
doesn’t take place soon I’ll have to get
into a coffin soon. I’ll go. Did you see Lawrence? I’ll go. Did you see Lawrence? Don’t tell him where
I am, when you see him. – Okay. Sir, while talking about Lawrence,
I remembered one thing. – What? We must find out the
girl who loves Ravi. We must be sure that she
is not the girl whom you like. You are right. We must find
that out at any cost. But how? How? You should ask
her directly. That’s all. I don’t believe this. Did you
roam around with that cat and asked us to sing
to find out this? You must have approached me before. I would have easily identified the
person. – Stop praising yourself. I want to know whether
it was you who sent that. If I love a man,
I’ll tell him directly. Or else, I’ll pick up the phone
and tell him directly that I love him
and can’t live without him. To send a cat
through a courier service along with a cassette
with a song recorded in that.. along with a cassette
with a song recorded in that.. Only lame girls do that. I don’t fall in that category.
I am very sorry. So it is not you, right?
That is enough. I was hoping..
– Did you think it was me? No.. I didn’t.
I was sure it wasn’t you. Why are you
so interested in this matter? Ravi! I have promised him
that I’ll find that girl for him. Okay, I’ll help you. Hey! Where did this courier come from? Monai lost that address.
– Oh. We also forgot,
in all the excitement. That would have been easier.. If it was from Hyderabad,
then it would have been Aparna. Delhi would mean Gayatri. We could find out like that. We have asked Monai
to search in the garbage. – Okay. These girls are smart. I didn’t get
to know anything about this. Who could it be?
– Sir, I have got it. The courier address.
– Did you get it? I had to look through the entire
pile of garbage. I had to look through the entire
pile of garbage. ‘Diana couriers.’ This is it. Where is it from?
– It is a fake address and name. But I got the place it came from. Is it you?
– Ami! Who is the girl? You waited this long.
Wait for some more time. – Oh, no. What a girl! Did you read the address?
– Of course. From where is it?
– Jalandhar. Jalandhar?
– Yes. Did you read?
– Yes. How do you spell ‘Jalandhar’? ‘Q’. – ‘Q’? ‘U’.. ‘R’.. ‘S’.. ‘T’.. ‘Dhar’! ‘A’.. ‘R’.. Jalandhar. Why did you hit me for spelling it? Hey.. I like lies. But only when
I am the one saying it. I swear it isn’t me. I have no such feelings
for Ravi. – I’ll hit you. If it wasn’t you,
how did it come from Trivandrum? That is..
– No more lies. Tell me the truth. Except you, everyone
was in Trivandrum at that time. Gayatri, Aparna, Jyothi.
All of them had come there. All of us went together,
to grandpa’s place. All of us went together,
to grandpa’s place. They were there for ten days. All four of you were there
in Trivandrum for ten days. Is it really not you?
– I swear to God. – Oh, no. Who could it be? Any idea? Aparna.
– Why? She always talks about Ravi. Whenever she gets time,
she plays with that cat too. If I ask her,
she’ll never accept. I’ll ask her.
She’ll tell me the truth. Then catch her red handed.
Come on. Aparna. – Yes. Come here.
– Lunch is not ready. We’ll prepare a feast
instead of a lunch. Come here. – I knew something
was going on when Ami called you. Is there a plan to drink wine
like the other day? I am sure something is going on. Yes, we are arranging
a marriage. Come on. “Old MacDonald had a farm.” Believe me, Devika.
– Congrats, Aparna! It is not her.
– What? Ami, I have not thought
of him like that. From the day I went
to Trivandrum, I was sick. How can I go out, then?
I went out hardly two times. That was to see a doctor.
Devika had accompanied me for that. I hope you are not lying.
– No, man. Then..
– Two more girls are left. Yes. Come on, we’ll do
a joint attack. Yes! Shut up. Ami! One of us is deeply
in love with Ravi. Madly in love with him.
– We know who that is. But we won’t tell it to you.
– No matter how much you try we won’t tell.. I’ll find out.
– Go ahead. Till then.. “You are..” “You are my hero number one.” Come, children. Come.
Lunch is ready. Come on.. “You are..” “You are..” “You are my hero number one.” “You are..”
I’ll surely find out. Ravi! Ravi! Half of the problem is solved. What problem? Why have you lit a lamp
in the afternoon? Are you mad?
– Don’t disturb and get lost. The cat was sent
by either Jyothi or Gayatri. I don’t care who it is.
Go away, Dennis. I’m meditating. At the end of my meditation,
I’ll tell a name. I’ll marry her.
I’ll marry only her, surely. The cat and the dog
can go to hell. You can go, Dennis. You are out of your mind. ‘If you marry one
of the five cousins’ ‘grandpa’s personal properties
will become yours.’ “Five beautiful and fair girls” “like the precious pearls” “are standing in front of me,
Lord Shiva.” “are standing in front of me,
Lord Shiva.” “Who is my bride among them?” “Save me from this hell.” “Lord Shiva..” “Lord Shiva..” “Lord Shiva..” “Help me solve this confusion.” “Please, help me solve
this confusion.” “Help me solve this confusion.” “Please, help me solve
this confusion.” “Oh, Lord Shiva, the one
who bears the river Ganga” “and the moon’s crescent
on his head.” “Why did you give
me this problem?” “Why did you give
me this problem?” “Oh, Lord Shiva, the one
who bears the river Ganga” “and the moon’s crescent
on his head.” “Why did you give
me this problem?” “Lord Shiva..” “Oh, Lord Shiva..” “Help me solve this confusion.” “Please, help me solve
this confusion.” “Help me solve this confusion.” “There are no cows in my farm.” “There are no cows in my farm.” “There are no loans left to take.” “I have not paid cash in the bank.” “Above me is the blue sky,
below me, there are potholes” “and in front of me,
there is only hell.” Naughty! “I must get married to put
an end on my miserable times.” “You must show mercy on me,
Lord Shiva.” “I must get married to put
an end on my miserable times.” “You must show mercy on me,
Lord Shiva.” “Lord Shiva..” “Oh, Lord Shiva..” “Help me solve this confusion.” “Please, help me solve
this confusion.” “Everything is magic.
It is a magical game.” “Oh, Lord, who gives us food.” “Like the snake,
put me around your neck” “and save me.” Okay. “If you just come once
and bless me” “all my problems
will be solved, Lord.” “If you just come once
and bless me” “all my problems
will be solved, Lord.” “Lord Shiva..” “Oh, Lord Shiva..” “Help me solve this confusion.” “Please, help me solve
this confusion.” “Help me solve this confusion.” “Help me solve this confusion.” “Please, help me solve
this confusion.” “Oh, Lord Shiva, the one
who bears the river Ganga” “and the moon’s crescent
on his head.” “Why did you give
me this problem?” “Oh, Lord Shiva, the one
who bears the river Ganga” “and the moon’s crescent
on his head.” “Why did you give
me this problem?” “Lord Shiva..” “Oh, Lord Shiva..” Grandma!
– Yes. What is it, dear? What is it? Any happy news? Yes, a happy news.
I have decided with whom I would spend
the rest of my life. Fix the marriage. I’m ready. Who is it?
– Who is it? Wait. It is a surprise. Ravi! Tell us and go.
– My dear! Tell me and go. Ravi! Tell us and go.
– My dear! Tell me and go. Rogue! Who could it be?
– Wait. It is a surprise. Abhirami. Yes. You are not serious. No, Dennis! I have decided. She knows about my
real situation to some extent. She doesn’t seem to have
many high hopes in life, either. The rest of them
are highly ambitious. I wouldn’t be able
to satisfy their needs. She is simple and down to earth. Above all, she has common sense. What about the one who loves you,
the one who sent that cat? That wasn’t anything serious.
I can’t run behind that anymore. If she was serious about that she would have disclosed
herself by now. This is enough. Did you talk to her? No. I want your help with this.
I’m leaving to bring my mom. By the time I return,
you must speak to her. Me? Yes. We must get to know
her opinion about this. Yes. We must get to know
her opinion about this. I’m shy to present it to her. I am sure she won’t
refuse this proposal. Just handle this situation,
somehow. I shall leave. Mr. Dennis..
– Careful. All of you, come. That’s it.. Don’t fight.. Okay?
– This is for me.. I’ll just come now.
Keep playing. I didn’t get it.
Give it to me. Your balloon.. Did the children trouble you?
– No, I’m enjoying. The lost childhood, nostalgia.. Are you experiencing these concepts
described in literature? In my lost childhood, there
was nothing worth remembering. Orphanage was all
about the disciplined life. But these feelings are new to me. I’m lucky in this matter. I got parents
who loved me very much. Every vacation there
used to be tours. All the cousins used
to unite in those days. We used to sleep in one room. We used to play
and fight together. That is how each day
used to start. Our acts were unpredictable. But the problem now
is that we grew up. Childhood, like a bonsai,
should remain still. Even after becoming an adult,
your mischiefs and pranks haven’t reduced. I pretend to be mischievous
to make everyone happy. A big surprise is waiting for you. Can you guess? A surprise for me, you say? No, Dennis! There is only
one news waiting to reach me. I don’t know whether
I’ll be there to listen to that. What did you say?
– Nothing. It was a joke. Shall we leave?
I’ll call the children. Okay, it’s enough. Come on. Get inside the car.. ‘I can’t tell her, Ravi.’ Stupid. Did you tell her? You might not have told her. In the end, if you come
to me and tell me that she didn’t know
that you loved her I will definitely thrash you. What the hell are you blabbering?
What do you want? Did you tell her?
– What was I supposed to tell her? So, you don’t have anything
to tell her, right? What do you want me to ask? Ravi has asked me to tell her
that he wants to marry her. Do you want me to ask that to her?
– Ravi.. That girl? How is that possible?
That won’t work out. He has got other girls too.
Let him marry one of those. He has got other girls too.
Let him marry one of those. He need not marry this one. I’ll hit you. They are a family. We are not a part of that family. Be a little sensible.
– I am senseless. I only know one thing. You love that girl.
She also likes you. You have to just
express it to each other. She’ll come here at 8 p.m. Tell her everything
that you want to. Is she coming here? – Yes.
She will come at sharp 8 p.m.. It’s time. I am going.
– Monai! Where are you going?
– To the bathroom. Don’t go.. My God! What do I.. For some courage.. Dennis! May I come in? Ami! Come..
Please, come. Yes, tell me. Monai said you
had something to tell me. Is it something very serious? Ami! I.. Ami! I.. I have seen this behaviour in the
corners of college campus before. Inside the library hall when people go to canteen
after bunking classes in the back-stage during
the college day function. What is the problem? There is no problem. Nothing. No? – No. Okay. Anyway, I like it.
I am liking you more every day. I really like you, Mr. Dennis!
– Ami! They have started to play
cards there. I’ll go. Goodnight. Sweet dreams. Enough. This is enough. What are you talking about? I know the meaning of ‘I like you’. I’ll hit you. Come. Dennis! This is my mother. Did you recognise him, Mom? Fool! You just addressed
him by his name. Are you fine?
– Yes. How is your partner? Is he good?
– He is fine. Mom, in this partnership,
I have added another clause. I have given half my rights
on you, to him. Very good. Even if you get
spoilt, I’ll have a good son left. Do you know who they are? Uncle Balan. Ami’s parents. That would be an easier way
to introduce us to Dennis. Where are the kids? She is not enquiring
about the kids. She is only bothered
about her daughter. We’ll go inside.
Come, Mom. – Yes. Did you talk to Ami? No, I could not. It is all right.
It is not required anymore. I told mom about this. She spoke to Mr. Balan right away. Now, they are very happy. They want to get us
married as soon as possible. I shall go inside.
– Okay. Congrats, Ami.. Congrats? For what? As if you don’t know anything.
– Aparna! What is wrong? Wedding bells will ring soon. They are fixing the date
for your marriage with Ravi. They are fixing the date
for your marriage with Ravi. You are sitting here
as if you know nothing. What will the other two girls do? The cat and the song
didn’t help them. They are fixing my marriage
without my consent. What the hell? Who said that I’m ready to marry
Ravi? Where are they? – Hey. Ami! You said you’ll have a bath
and come. You are lazy.
There is no change in that. All that will change.
She is smart. – Yes. – Come, dear. Why were you laughing? When we get together,
we get topics to laugh about. I heard a joke too. Let us laugh together. I heard
that I’m going to marry Ravi. Aparna and Devika
told me about this. Do you think it is a joke?
We have finalised it. Without asking me?
How can you do that? Ami! I will decide who my
life partner will be. I have already decided that. What is wrong with you, Ami?
Why are you becoming a rebel? We are your well-wishers.
– I don’t want your well wishes. I’ll do as I please. – How dare
you talk to your father like that! What wrong did we do to you? Why are you treating
us like strangers? Why are you treating
us like strangers? Aren’t you a stranger
to me, in a way? Other than the fact
that you raised me what rights do you have? What’s wrong with her? We have never hurt her. She is paying us back for the love we showered on her. I don’t want any one’s love.
Leave me. I’ll go away. Ami!
– No. Ami! What is wrong with you? I can’t marry you. Okay. You can marry the guy you want. We’ll stand by your wish. It is not possible.
– Why? What if I marry Dennis? Dennis?
– Yes, I like him and he likes me. What nonsense is she talking?
– Uncle Balan. Ami, go. Ami, go out. Ravi! Grandpa, please. Grandpa, please. Don’t get emotional
and create an issue. Leave this to me.
I’ll handle this. All of you know Ami’s character. God! What is wrong with this girl? Was she serious about that? What happened?
– What happened? – Nothing. I have a mild pain. Ravi!
– I’ll call the doctor. There is nothing serious. Go immediately.
– Okay. Ravi! We have been friends
for two and a half years. I considered you,
my closest friend. I believed that there
were no secrets between us. But you proved me wrong.
– Ravi! You could have told me. If I had known that you
and Ami love each other I would have been
the happiest person. I would have been
the happiest person. You didn’t understand me.
– Ravi! It is not like that. When you decided to marry Ami.. I told you the reason for that. Love had nothing to do
with my decision. I randomly made a choice
among them. That’s all. I could have told you everything. It was wrong on my part. But Ami and I had not
discussed anything about it. I am sad that I had to scold you instead of congratulating you. If you had told me before I would have presented it to others
in a planned manner. She spoilt everything
by blurting it out. Everyone was shocked. I’ll go and get Dr. Samuel
and come. – Why? Grandpa has a chest pain. I will come too.
– No, it’s all right. Ravi said that you
were not feeling well. When I hear bad news,
my heart aches. It is alright. I didn’t do anything
to hurt others. Ami..
– Sorry, Mr. Dennis. I can’t talk right now. Sir, I have not done
anything wrong. If you don’t mind,
I need some rest. Will you, please! Sorry. Go away, you are bad. We hate you. The kids said that
they hated me. It hurt me. Why did she say it like that?
– It had to be told. Did we ever talk about it
seriously? Did we decide anything? It’s not her, but you,
who has to be blamed. You encouraged me. I knew that, at last,
everyone would blame me. It is your fault! You encouraged me. What did you say
when she said, ‘I like you’? Don’t make me say anything.
– Sir! You don’t have to make
an issue out of it. Go and sleep. Leave it.
– Give me. Mind your own business. Ravi might be looking for you. He’ll not look for me anymore. He doesn’t like to see me.
What I did was wrong. After hurting all those people I don’t want to marry anyone. I just want to get back their love. Dennis! Rise and shine. I knew that Jesus was born
in the cowshed in Bethlehem. But I didn’t know that you
were born in a cowshed too. You should be slapped for these stupid jokes of yours. For you, life is a cheap joke. Do you know how
much it hurts others? Dennis, why are you shouting? I have not slapped a girl
until now. Today, I may do that. I have not slapped a girl
until now. Today, I may do that. If you slap me
with that hand, I’ll die. And you start to joke again!
– Dennis! Come out. Let us go for a morning walk.
It would be nice. Walk with you?
Are you mad? What relation do
we have between us? Even if there is something
in our heart.. There is nothing in my heart. You said you wanted
to marry me. – It was a lie. I lied. I’m not going to marry you. I’ll not marry anyone.
– Ami. Ami, what is wrong with you? Come, Dennis. 16th May. They’ll kill
Niranjan that day. They’ll hang him to death. Yes, Dennis. That’ll be my day too. I’ll also die that day. Suicide. I have already planned that. To earn everybody’s hatred
before that I lied. I shouldn’t have involved
you in that. Sorry, Dennis. Who is Niranjan? I don’t know him very well. I don’t know who he is, to me. He is not my husband.
Is he my boyfriend? No. I do know one thing. I love him the most, in this world. I don’t want to live in a world
where he doesn’t exist. Abhirami! Don’t you want to know
more about Niranjan? I know very little about him. No one has broken his gold medal
record in our college, till date. He has worked in my
college as a guest lecturer. For a very short span
of six months. Then, I saw him in the
city, working as a truck driver. Then, he became a leader
of a labour union in a factory. Niranjan was the leader of the
organisation named ‘Red War’. Ultimately, he bombed
an industrialist’s car and killed six people. He refused to appoint a lawyer
for himself, to defend him in court and accepted the punishment. What I’m saying is true, Dennis! I don’t know Niranjan. Neither do I know about
revolution and class war which he always talked about. I knew only one thing. I loved him a lot. That’s it. I loved him a lot. That’s it. Before I die my friends are trying to
arrange a meeting with him. If I meet him I will make him tie me
the nuptial necklace. Dennis, what do you
feel for me, now? Hatred or.. No. I can’t hate you. Only you can understand me. Dennis. Won’t I be
able to meet Niranjan? You will meet him. I’ll also come with you
to witness that ritual. Sure, Dennis?
Will you be with me? Yes. But till you meet Niranjan don’t think about suicide. You must promise me that. Don’t cry. Go. Wipe your eyes and go home. Dennis. No one should know anything. If they come to know I’ll not wait untill 16th May. Grandpa, did you call me? I wanted to have
a fun filled vacation and wished to see you get married. But it didn’t happen.
That’s all right. But I never thought
that she’d hurt me so much. You are mistaken.
Ami has not hurt anyone. If you think she hurt me,
that’s not true. You wanted me to marry
one of my cousins. But I didn’t fall in love
with any of them. At last, I chose Ami.
It wasn’t out of love. It was only a wish. When she said that
she loved someone else I moved on. As far as Ami is concerned she makes her own decisions. Yes,
she takes decisions that hurt us. For quite some time,
she has been trying to do that. You want a daughter
who obeys whatever you say. That is selfishness. A daughter is not a doll
that you can keep in a showcase, for years together. She is an individual. She has her life.
She is the owner of that. Her wishes and decisions
should be seen more liberally. I am talking about
progressive thoughts to a man whom I have hailed
as a genius, since my childhood. What happened to you? Knowledge can’t win
over a father’s heart. A change in perspective.
That is what I’m saying. Let us see this matter
from another angle. Let us think like Ami. What did she wish for? What is wrong in that? If we wish for her happiness
and well-being can’t we do what she wants? What are you saying, Ravi? I have thought a lot about this. Even if we are ready
to forget everything, what is he? What eligibility does he have? He is superior to me in every way. You are just trying
to glorify your friend. No, Grandpa. It’s the truth.
I was living a lie till now. I was enjoying a false image
created with his charity. To give me a respectable
position in your eyes he made me a partner
of this farmhouse. I have no rights on this.
This belongs to Dennis. From the last two and a half years,
I have earned only debts From the last two and a half years,
I have earned only debts and a barren land. He was so happy to get a family
during these vacations. He is the one who decorated
this house for your arrival. Without telling anyone without expecting
anything in return he now lives with his servant
in his own outhouse. Isn’t he superior to me? Why didn’t you say this before? It was my mistake.
But my mistake has made way
for a good decision. Ami found Dennis.
Let us get them married. They’ll be the most lucky
couple in this world. We’ll get our Ami back.
Things will get back to normal. Please. It is Balan who has to decide this. I’m ready to do anything
for my daughter’s happiness. Then, there is nothing
more to think about. Then, there is nothing
more to think about. What Ravi said is right. Let those kids lead a happy life. Dennis. Dennis, Ravi has convinced
everyone to get us married. Our marriage.
– What will we do, Dennis? Wipe those tears.
They weaken me. Let them decide.
We won’t let it happen. They are innocent people,
it is easy to fool them. I’m cheating everyone
who loves me. Am I not, Dennis? Yes. And you are showering
all your love on another man. You are hurting everybody
to get the man you love. You are hurting everybody
to get the man you love. In spite of that, I’m not getting
anything, Dennis. You must not cry. You still have to act a lot
with your smiling face. If you cry, they will come
to know that you are acting. I’m with you. When this drama gets over,
in which we cheat everybody you must tell me one thing. What was my role? A Joker? A Jester? Or just a dummy?
– Dennis! You can go. If I had not met Niranjan I would have fallen
in love with you, Dennis. You are a very nice man. What is this? Didn’t you
find a better time to romance? Get going! Dennis. Your lonely life in Bethlehem
and this earth is going to end. Everyone is happily
giving her to you. You can marry her
whenever you want. But before that, there
is an engagement ceremony. Are you not happy? “Oh, dear pigeon who plays
in her beautiful nest” “Oh, dear pigeon who plays
in her beautiful nest” “dress up like a bride” “as your bridegroom
is about to come here.” “Apply kohl on the beautiful eyes
which are feeling shy.” “On the cool forehead,
wear a bindi with vermillion.” “Oh, dear pigeon who plays
in her beautiful nest” “dress up like a bride” “as your bridegroom
is about to come here.” “Summer in Bethlehem..” “Summer in Bethlehem..” How are you doing this? I am trying. I may never get
to enjoy a night like this, again. “Wear the glowing ornaments” “play a soothing melody” “and come here wearing
the elegant earrings.” “I will get you a beautiful dress
like the blossomed flowers” “and the sacred nuptial necklace.” “Oh, dear friend” “I will apply the aromatic
scent on you too.” “With your hands adorned
with henna” “and golden bangles..” “With your heart filled
with love..” “Come this way” “we will wish you all the
happiness in the world.” “Summer in Bethlehem..” “Summer in Bethlehem..” “Oh, dear pigeon who plays
in her beautiful nest” “Oh, dear pigeon who plays
in her beautiful nest” “dress up like a bride” “as your bridegroom
is about to come here.” “If your beautiful lover” “who composes
soothing melodies” “touches you with love,
don’t feel too scared.” “If he kisses you” “and lovingly talks to you” “don’t tremble with fear.” “Like the birds that sing” “on seeing the bright rainbow” “you must melt like mist,
when he comes near you.” “you must melt like mist,
when he comes near you.” “Embrace him
when he comes to you.” “Summer in Bethlehem..” “Summer in Bethlehem..” “Oh, dear pigeon who plays
in her beautiful nest” “dress up like a bride” “as your bridegroom
is about to come here.” “Apply kajal on the beautiful eyes
which are feeling shy.” “On the cool forehead,
wear a bindi with vermillion.” “Summer in Bethlehem..” “Summer in Bethlehem..” I can meet Niranjan only tomorrow. He will be hanged, the next day. He will be hanged, the next day. I must go, Dennis. Won’t you take me? Answer me.
– Tomorrow? There is no time to waste.
We must go right now. Ami, how can we go
without letting them know? I have to go, Dennis.
I must meet Niranjan. I don’t know anything else.
I don’t want to hear anything else. If I’m unable to see him,
I have an other option too. Forget the jail I’ll directly go to the place
where they are sending him. – Ami. We’ll go. I’ll take you. Get in. An engagement ceremony
is to be held here, tomorrow. If it doesn’t happen, everybody
here will be disheartened. What Ami is asking for is more important
than a fake engagement. Didn’t you hear what she said? If we don’t go now they will have to arrange
for a funeral, tomorrow. Sir..
– Monai, no one should know. You must make sure
that no one comes to know. Sir, look there. Dennis, go fast. Dennis! Dennis! Where are you going with Ami? I’ll come back and tell you.
– Tell me and then go. I have to go very far.
I don’t have the time to tell you. What nonsense are you talking? Are you out of your mind? Get down, Ami! Move.
– Dennis! Let’s go. Dennis! Where did they go? I don’t know, sir!
– Tell me. Stay here. I’ll call him. Relax, Ami. Control yourself. You have not come here
to make him cry. Niranjan. I’m well. Dennis! Dennis of Bethlehem. She spoke a lot about you
in her letters. I daydream
about your farm too. I have created a Bethlehem
in my imagination. Since I can never see the original,
my imagination won’t shatter. Abhirami, you should not have come. These tears remind me
of many things. The truth that life
is about to come to an end. Like every other convict
preparing for his death penalty my heart trembles too. I do wish to get everything back. But I am trying to overcome
these feelings. Don’t weaken me. Niranjan, I have lived
only for this day. I wanted to see you once and make you tie this. If I live,
it will be as your widow. And if I die,
it will also be as your widow. Take this, Niranjan. Abhirami, you must live
for many years. You must prove your love
for me, by living for many years. But you shouldn’t live like
a reminder of a criminal like me. Niranjan is a mistake. Nothing should be left on this
earth to glorify that mistake. I’ll always love you.
I’ll love only you. Abhirami is a good girl
and you are a good man. Both of you must listen
carefully to what I say. The word ‘sin’ evoked
contempt in me. It was just a word for me which the owners used
to control their slaves. But life taught me the meaning
of that word and its significance. The effect it had
on people’s life. The end became more important
to me than the means. In the journey to attain goals,
everything became fair. Killing, cheating going against one’s principles,
all these seemed upright. But it was wrong. It was late
by the time I realised it. Brijesh Mallaiya was a big
industrialist who was responsible Brijesh Mallaiya was a big
industrialist who was responsible for leading thousands of labourers
and their families to starvation. The government that was created
with his help and influence decided to kill him. I was the one who waited
for him with the bomb. My assumption that he would come
alone in the car proved wrong. His three little children his old mother and his innocent driver
were there with him. But it didn’t stop me. The severed hand of his
four year old daughter fell on my body. Those fingers were still moving,
as though searching for something. What did I achieve? What goal did I attain? Brijesh Mallaiya
was replaced by someone else. It was only the men who changed,
not the capitalist system. I have realised that killing people as a measure to change the system is a futile idea created
by crazy anarchists. I am waiting for the day I am waiting for the day when I would free myself from the
concepts of body and soul. Don’t try to evoke emotions
and desires in me, Abhirami. If you decide to spoil your life in the name of my love it will be my fault. It would be another sin
that I commit. Don’t do that. I like you. It is true that I wanted
to spend my life with you. But I don’t have a life
to spend with you. Only my soul will be left behind. My soul that is destined
to suffer for my sins. For it to get salvation you must have a son with Abhirami and make him perform my last rites.
– What did you say, Niranjan? Yes, you should get married. You must love each other
and live together for many years. You must love each other
and live together for many years. No. It isn’t possible.
I will not love anyone else. I cannot do that.
– Abhirami! No, Niranjan! Please.
Don’t ask her to do that. Only I can ask her to do that. Before hanging a person,
his last wish is asked. I’m begging you
to grant me this wish. You must fulfil it.
Dennis, tie this.. I’ll be the witness. Through me, this whole
earth will stand as witness. Tie this around her neck.
– No. No. Don’t do this to me, Niranjan. Don’t ask me to do that. It’s okay if you
don’t want to tie it. But don’t compel
me for anything else. I can ask you for only this. It is getting late. Sir, please. Dennis, please show me the most
beautiful sight of my life before I die. before I die. A married Abhirami. I want to see that image
in my heart even when I face death. I want to see you and Abhirami in the Bethlehem
of my imagination. Dennis. Please, Dennis. I won’t let this happen.
I don’t want anyone else but you. I don’t want a life. Abhirami, for whom do you
want to sacrifice your life? If it is for me, I’ll have to bear
that pain too. If you love me, if you
want to comfort me you must obey me. Mr. Niranjan! Sorry, it is enough.
– Please, Sir! Come on. Dennis. For God’s sake. Please. How can I? Dennis, I beg you, please. Please. Dennis, please. I can do only this much
for you, Niranjan. I hope Ami forgives me.
– No, Dennis. I know her. She’ll forget everything
and love only you. I can’t come beyond these bars
to bless you. I have blessed you from here. If there is any goodness
left in my heart I give you that as my blessings. I’m going. My time is over. My time is over. I’ll not turn around to see you. Even if I do,
I won’t be able to see you. My tears will blur everything. This picture is enough for me. Good luck, my friends. Good Luck. Bye, Ami. – Our next vacation
will also be in Bethlehem. – Bye.. Will there be another person here
to receive us at that time? – Bye.. What? – A great grandchild. That is ready. As soon as it is confirmed,
I’ll inform you. You must come back
to me, as fast as possible. Inform me how much
debt you have here. I’ll send you. Settle all that.
Dennis, send him away after that. They have shown the signal.
You can get in. – Bye, dear! Okay. Wish you all the best.
– Thank you. Bye, dear!
– All the best. Go away. You must come there. Bye.. Bye..
– Bye.. Bye.. The cat. ‘I’ll come to Bethlehem
in the next summer.’ ‘Catch me before that.
Yours..’ “For all the births
that I have been in search for you” “my love for you
has been as much, my love.” “The shores afar and the silent
stars are my witnesses.” “For all the births that I
have been in search for you..” “The cloud gently
whispered to the wind.” “an unknown secret about love.” “The fading dusk looked for you” “like it would look
for a moist moonlight.” “I want to be a child..”

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  5. Suresh Gopi, what an actor. Probably one of the most under utilised superstars the industry produced. Could have been among the Big Ms today if it wasnt for lack of good chances and some poor script selections. Hoping to see you soon Suresh Gopi!!!

  6. Sureshettane ethrakandalum mathivarilla.
    Evergreen SIB.
    Manju, jayaram, mani.

    Superstar suresh gopi at his very best.

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