Summer in Hangang: How to Picnic in Seoul ?

Summer in Hangang: How to Picnic in Seoul ?

What are we doing today?? We are at Hangang. Gonna get a tent, pitch a tent, and we’re gonna be chilling.. fAT chillin It’s gonna be wonderful Yes, that’s what we’re gonna do So we need a rent a tent because I don’t have a tent. We almost bought a tent because of Supreme the North Face collab.. I know, but we didn’t thank goodness and so we’re here to rent and yeah, I wanted to show you guys the process because maybe you guys want to come to Hangang rent a tent and “Chillax by the Hangang River”, as Ashley would say it. Alright. Shall we go? So here it is Let’s go on inside woah~ Hello. Hello. All of this for 20,000 won. Its amazing Yes. Thank you You good? Wow! Nice That’s that’s awesome That’s a steal dude Yeah, so actually my mom is in front of us, and our cousin Abraham, who is studying abroad is here so he’s gonna come the other Abraham. Not you Ohhh i see (so cute) He’s gonna come and hang out with us. It’s gonna be family time. Its a really warm day, but thanks to the wind. Its nice and breezy Yeah it’s not like as bad Yeah If you guys are curious about where you can rent the tent It’s right outside exit one and you just have to go down that way and it’s around that area Good job, Abe *thumbs up* Stopping by a convenience store to pick up some water Maybe some chips. These are very good by the way, but the normal ones Umm, but I want water My brother brought the cups so, I’ll get the big one Let’s go. Let’s go find a spot Yeah I know so useful Wow~ the weather’s so nice today Perfect day for a picnic Abe is going to make the tent (king of making tents) Wowwwww, finally Yay, good job building the tent. Oh, that was super easy The view of Seoul is so amazing. I’m gonna film it with my G7X for you guys But yeah, Abe brought his skateboard. So he’s gonna be skating around. Are you excited for that? Super stoked about that. Let’s go. So here’s the final set up the chairs, the table, this tent all came with $20 That’s good The speaker. Nice so smart Yes, let’s go. Let’s go. So while waiting for our cousin, I’m helping my brother film a video right now It’s a very serious video We have a cooler full of water and drinks. Wine the supreme cups Kimbap, tteokbokki and sundae, I think. Did we order sundae eomma (mum)? Okay, so sundae and then chips and more snacks Yep, empty lunch box. But oh, I’m so excited we’re just waiting on Abraham to get here and I think we’re gonna order chicken, but I Love this tent I didn’t even know that you can rent tents. My brother is actually leaving for LA very soon. So this will probably be the last time you would be seeing him in my vlogs No, no, no one more vlog Well, I see Abe. The weather is so nice today, especially because it rained so much yesterday. Hi. Welcome back Hey, hello, where’s Abraham? Hi, Abraham, I’m in Korea. I know Welcome Wait I want one, I want one Hmm. I know the weather’s really nice right? It was the best weather I like experienced since yeah Yeah, it’s because it was raining so much. My brother is looking for fliers to order chicken So we just have to call and it’ll be delivered to us Is he on his way? We’re just chillin. We’re making him do all the work cause he has a skateboard So it’s easier for him to move around. All the Flyers Which one shall we get? Whoo, this is dinner part 1 because part 2 is chicken Hey, your supreme cup Can you take him out of the bag? Abe brought an extra change of clothes because he knew he was gonna sweat a lot after skating The two Abrahams These are my favorite chips (king of opening bags) Wine. You want some wine in your supreme cups? They are being put to good use Bangs were getting everywhere, but mmm^^ (queen of eating snacks) It’s wine o’clock Okay, everyone wine cups. Wine cups please, supreme cup Cheers!! Cheers family Who brought the squid balls?? Mom did, she LOVES it these are wack mom I think it’s good ( how cute ;-;) These things and this thing. Cheers We should have cheers, dang it How much is it? Bhc Not sponsored, but please sponsor us. So the chicken is hereeee Oh, I don’t know how to open it. Come on. I was trying to get a vlog shot. I am glad that I ruined it for you. It’s my favourite. So, bhc chicken is basically the best place were you can enjoy special tastes like magic You totally read that off the thing. No I didn’t. Is that what is says on that thing? Oh my gosh. Really sounded too good to come of our mouth. What do you mean, bro. Okay dinner part 2 is here. Mmm macho King from bhc the best So good So we decided to do a quick Q&A because the weather’s so nice. Q and Abe Abes. That was so lame First question, what is one of the best memories the three of you have together while growing up? Best memory. New York. Yeah. I was going to say New York. Same here. Our family, we went on a road trip from California all the way to New York Drove for two days straight Was it two days and then we made it to New York. With no like with no hotels nothing, just straight. So the adults like the like took turns on like drive driving. Yeah, that was the best memory. Okay. So next question is have you been on a trip together? Yes to where so pretty much majority of America Did we go to Yellowstone together? We did. We did Yosemite together, we went to Vegas. We went everywhere. Yeah. Yeah even Mexico Did we go to Canada? We did, we went to Canada. But yeah, we went on many trips together and now he’s here in Korea Okay, so next question is is Abe a blink too? If yes dance ddu du ddu du with your cousin. So… What’s a blink? It’s the blackpink fandom Obviously, they’re not Oh, I was like I know how to blink You guys haven’t seen the ddu du ddu du music video. No. Really? I haven’t watched it You guys should react to it on your channel. I saw the dance though, it’s like *random clicks and ha ha ha’s* bbbrrrrRRAAA Not really, next question is tell me something all three of you have in common? We all love hip-hop. That’s true. We all love Marvel. That is true. And we all have the same blood Tell me your favorite boy group. One, two, three. BIG BANG. And he is young too. Who got you into Big Bang? Really? Good boy. *good boy by GD x TAEYANG starts playing* French fries or potato wedges One, two, three. French fries. Who’s the messiest? So we’re gonna point at the messiest person. One, two, three. What?? Right here. Majority. easyy, eASYY, E!Z! The easiest question I’m not messy. He’s not messy. His room is really clean. I think Aaron’s is the one who messes it up. My siblings will do it. You’re not clean (exposed) Pretty clean. Hey, everybody voted you. So, okay, whatever Who is the laziest person between all of you? Okay point out the person one, two three Final question is current favorite song Okay, you all go first? I can’t think of anything. Do you wanna go next? I thought you were a Big Bang. By YG and 2 chainz, Big Sean and Nicki Minaj Dude, this month, there’s going to be a lot of amazing comebacks… Like Ant Man is coming back Well, I’m talking about like Ashley’s comeback. Ashley’s comeback, let’s go. Her first solo ( queen of promo ) Seungri is having a comeback, but I’m honestly most excited for Ashley’s. Even though, I’m a huge V.I.P Ashley’s a good friend of mine and I’m going to stan her. So if you haven’t Check out her music Check out our music. Ashley?? Ashley Choi. Yeah, you see my vlog You watch her vlogs?? I watch it when I edit it (king of editing) This what I have to deal with.. the Abes sandwich Alright, so I hope you guys enjoyed that quick Q&A. I think we’re gonna wrap up the picnic vlog because we just want to relax So thanks to these people for translating and transcribing this vlog right here And I actually forgot to do a shout out during kcon. So here’s another shout out Thank you so much to those of you guys who take the time to add those in And I’ll see you guys in my next one, Have a Joan day~

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  1. You did put the Supreme cups ☕️?in good use recently. 🙂 It was great to see the two Abes! I hope your cousin Abe had a good time in Korea. ??????

  2. just a question if anyone knows, is it legal to drink alcohol in any public space in Korea?? because in my country (I'm from europe), you could be fined if the police saw you for example in the street visibly drinking from a wine bottle. idk?? I'm just interested

  3. Hi joan. First time commenting just to tell you this is my faborite of all your vlogs so far and I’ve watched all of them. Now it makes me want to have this kind of bonding with my family.

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