100 thoughts on “Summer In New York pt.5 – Bombing With Zexor. (Graffiti documentary).

  1. I remember watching this when it came out thinking how cool I thought he was and he was just being himself. It made me reflect on my own life and for that I'm truly thankful. REST IN PEACE 🙏

  2. So I admitted to doing graffiti in the past can the system use that against me if I were to get caught up again?? I know I was dumb and high off Xanax FUCK XANAX

  3. Garbage style compared to bombers likes JA, JD, SET, GIZ, PANE, JP, JEST, on and on. Dudes with incredible style. Crap, I’d even say RD is better than this dude. Shoot, DE3 got better bangers.

    To each their own.

  4. Rest In Power man, ZEXOR was ill as fuck, he had some killer style and he threw the paint on them walls like it was nothin. Losing legends man

  5. So Many Writers Have Been Passing Away… Whats Going On..? Keep it Live And Keep It Trucha 2 All My Real Graff Writers! #ZEXORGRAFFITI #RIPZEXOR

  6. RIP MATT… CRAZY bastard miss u bro, Cuz was smackin shit all over Newark before he passed.. u let me Rock that Z .. real nigga

  7. In Queens it was Desa, Ridgewood, Middle Village, Maspeth Queens all day. Much respect,, remember our old days. MTA, SNR, FDA, FTR, SBD THO.. I never forget the good old days or where I came from. CranE© 💯

  8. In Brooklyn and Bushwick the crews were U5, UF, ALKN, Neta, Familia. Etc. But it was all cool. If someone had beef we would fight a fair one. Head-to-head, Toe to Toe. It wasn't like today's day, that they shoot u then Run.. Mis those days. 80's – 90's. Freestyle music, old school rap Cypress Hills, House of Pain, MOP, GANGSTAR, etc.etc..

  9. WHAT? I hung with ASP a couple of times. We met him in Ridgewood Queens. I think me & my friends were cutting school & we met him in this place we called the tracks where the old railroad tracks ran by & everyone did graffiti, in the early 90s. Tall 6ft tan guy. – Then many year's later, 1 day about 10yrs ago I met this guy on the train by Inwood Manhattan, he Scratched ASP on the train window, it was a tall teenager medium build weight, said ASP was his dad. Guess it was you. You like your Dad but younger. RIP to your dad ASP, didn't know he passed, & I knew DG to. RIP DG. ©*CranE!*¹. And now that I added this and got to the end I realize you passed away. I'm sad and and humbled to got to hang with your dad, and got to meet you once or twice on the subway. RIP ZEXOR®

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