Summer in Spain: a dream adventure (travel video)

Summer in Spain: a dream adventure (travel video)

I once met someone on a beach
in Spain. Will you take a picture of me? I’m from LA, where are you from? Close by Have you been to Madrid? Come with me… So tell me about your life back home. I work in marketing. I asked about your life, not your job! Barcelona is my favorite city in the world! Spend a whole lifetime in Barcelona, and it
may not be enough. There’s a festival in Pamplona… it’s magical! Tomorrow we’ll run with the bulls. Are you crazy? You could die! Everyone dies eventually, but only some people
really live. There’s an island… called “Ibiza.” What’s next for us? Let’s just live in the moment, there will
never be another today. Do you have to go home? Do you have to stay here? Will I ever see you again? Stay here with me instead. It’s not realistic, it’s a dream. What’s so long with living in a dream?

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  1. What a great job Evan, I'm interesting about the lenses as you've noticed in the description. Which ones do you use? they are perfect with the A6500. Also I guess you work on Adobe Premiere or Final Cut? You did an awesome job, really, with the script, the angle, the shots, the light, the color treatment… You've got a new subscriber from Bordeaux, France 😉 (I'm not a videomaker but I love the beauty in the detail of your work) Jean-Christophe (Like John-Christopher in translation), cheers

  2. I was thinking for a long time what video this editing concept reminded me of. It's this Volvo commercial that's so touching it shouldn't even be called a commercial.

  3. This video is so magical and i love every part of it, except the bullfighting part. I don't understand how someone could enjoy this horrible tradition of watching an animal suffer and die slowly 🙁

  4. Go to Istanbul or Ankara in turkey or alanya or like go to Stockholm in Sweden or like go to majorka a island that belongs to Spain or Grannkanaria a island that belongs to Spain to or to Cypern that is the only island that belongs to 3 countries the half is belonging to turkey and the other half to greece and a small part belongs to great britian.

  5. Nice video!! I've recently posted an aftermovie of my trip to Gran Canaria if you have some time could you please check it out? For all the ones reading this, you're beautiful and keep that in mind.

  6. So sad that you included bullfighting in the video. There is nothing "magical" about it. Please people, stop being so ignorant. Don't support animal abuse.

  7. Such a beautifully shot video, thumbs up for that! Although I feel like I have to speak up for the bull in your video, cuz I see that no one else has. You really shouldn't take part of attractions that uses and abuses and even murders animals for your entertainment. In 2018 I feel like this should be common sense. Your girlfriend says in the video that it's okey to kill the bull cuz everyone dies eventually. Would she feel the same if it was a mute human in there instead of the bull? Please think about the animals involved when you think about doing an activity containing animals in some way. Animals have feelings just like you.The bull did not sign up for this, the bull just want to live a peaceful life without humans forcing him to fight to his death with hundreds of people around shouting at him and stressing him out. So do you really think this is okey? Please think about the animals point of view. This is absolutely not only directed at you and your girlfriend, a lot of people do this also, so please don't take this personally.

  8. Love this! Great editing skills. I'm from San Diego myself and my gf is European. I've always thought about making a video like this about our story. Great job dude

  9. And yes I've been to Spain, I studied for a semester in Spain and I've been back many times. Did San Fermin, did many other festivals, went to Ibiza, and many cities all over the country.
    You guys should go to Bali or Thailand. I traveled with a bunch of Swedes in Bali. Very cool people.

  10. Have you checked the spanish law for drone flights before you did this video? I hope you avoid fines for unathoriced flights

  11. Evan, some great work here mate, but I'd suggest if you're going to copy Brandon Li's Lost In Greece videos it would be worth putting it in the title as a tribute video, that way you get the credibility of a pretty good copy rather than the awkward moment when viewers inevitably spot it themselves. Great work though.

  12. Quiero vivir en tu país España me puede ayudar o Suiza. muy dificil aqui

    Jag vill bo i ditt land Spanien kan hjälpa mig eller Schweiz. väldigt svårt här.

  13. great video keep up the good work I have subscribed to your youtube channel can you please Subscribe to mine DPS Media Productions many thanks

  14. That vid is amazing. One of the best ever. You can tell a story and it's a great story. I hope you have great success with your art.

  15. Hey Evan, I loved your video. Found it super creative. I visited Barcelona myself with some friends after uni, where I vlogged to showcase how amazing the city truly is. Would love for you or anyone to check it out and let me know what you think, any sort of feedback would be amazing, thank you so much. Great work Evan and keep the videos coming. All the best.

  16. Very nice video, you really make my day…
    did you go underwater with Sony A6500?
    The aerial shots how you did it?

    God Bless you.

  17. Cool video as I’m a huge fan of Spain and have made a few videos on Spain. I’m trying to aspire to the kind of stuff Brandon Li or Sam Kolder make someday. Most of my videos are montage, so it’s cool you put a story to it, though I’m not sure I believe you met this girl and then traveled the country with her, but the video makes me forget that and just go with the story. Nice work

  18. We are such a spoiled country only speaking one language, luckily I was able to spend teen years in Mex. , and speak fluent Spanish. I use it at least every week in the U.S. it’s amazing to run into Europeans that can perfectly communicate with three and four languages.

  19. What a cinematic and dramatic traveling movie. I have seen a lot of videos so far, this is the first time I was so moved.

  20. I’m not typically moved to comment but I just bought a crane 2 in hopes to make sick vids like this in Spain this summer when my family moves there. Also got a Mavic 2. Dope video brother.

  21. bullfighting????? NOOOOO In Spain we are fighting against this, IT'S CRUEL, do you know how the animals suffer?? THIS VIDEO DOESN'T REPRESENT SPAIN

  22. Well shit, I met a hit Norweigan girl in the beach here in the philippines…but she stank like hell.
    I think Scandanavians forget they have to shower everyday in the tropics….god I have crappy luck.

  23. Good Job Evan. Like the video. Barcelona ar vara, (me and my wife's) favourite stad too! Jag ar Iranier and I grew up in Goteborg. Been to L.A. too. Didn't like it much. Reminded me of Tehran. Too much pollution too much show off! Living and Working in London. Studied in Aus. Wishing one day to bo i Barcelonaaaaa! Din svenska should have improved by now.

  24. This feels like Lost In Translation. I was hoping Bill Murray would do a cameo. I really enjoyed this, and I'll be there in a couple of weeks, so it was just that much better.

  25. I am from Navarra and I really like San Fermin. But one of the things that I hate about Spain are the the bullfights (corridas). It makes me sad to know that people come to Spain to see this. Anyway, I really liked the video. (Sorry for my english) ❤️

  26. This so nice Evan. I just started following you after I purchased my Zhiyun Smooth 4 to use with my Galaxy S10. I use a wheelchair for mobility and your review on the Smooth 4 has inspired me to do more.

  27. Cool video, please cheak out my video ad for my Holiday Bungalow in Spain, thanks

  28. Ohhh, I had goosebumps all over my body! My daughters boyfriend lives in Madrid. He's a Madridian 😉 and we live in Dalarna, Sweden! So we have been in Madrid several times during their 7 years relationship. It's so fun to see how people do things different in different countries! Like the first time Pablo came to us: "Shoes off? he asked my daughter, when they came inside our house! 😂

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