Summer in the Park Quilt Revamped- Easy Quilting With Jelly Rolls

Summer in the Park Quilt Revamped- Easy Quilting With Jelly Rolls

Hi, I’m Jenny from the MSQC. Take a look
at this great quilt behind me. What’s so cool about this is that this is a variation
on Summer in the Park. Summer in the Park is the quilt that we’ve tutorialed that
we did quite a while ago and gosh, it’s awesome. Everybody loves it. But there’s
so many things you can do with it. Summer in the Park is made with opposite strip sets.
So you would have two light ones and a dark one. And two dark ones and a light one. You
sew them together and you cut your blocks out of that. We also did a tutorial on the
honey bun Summer in the Park and that’s made with little thin strips and a wide strip
and little thin strips. But they’re mirrored. Each side is identical. So this one is done
the same way but just with a little bit of variation. So to make this quilt you’re going to need
a jelly roll and three yards of background fabric. That’s this fabric here. And you
want it to coordinate and look nice. The jelly roll we’ve chosen for this quilt is called
Serena, it’s by Windham Fabrics and by Another Point of View. And it’s just gorgeous. You
guys know how I feel about blue and white and it’s just beautiful. So what we’re
going to do is we’re going to take three strips. We’re going to open up this jelly
roll, that’s the hardest part. And we’re going to divide it into three strips. And
I like to kind of keep them, you know, light, medium, and dark. And you know, mix up my
colors. So we’re going to sew three strips together. To do that, you’re just going
to lay two strips right sides together, sew a quarter of an inch , press it open, then
add one to the other side. Again just a quarter of an inch and press it open. And you’ll
get this strip set that’s just like this. And you’re going to do that with all of
your strips. Your whole jelly roll strip. Once you get this sewn together you’re going
to measure how tall this is. And this one happens to be about six and half inches. Then
you’re going to cut a piece of background fabric to put on the top. And we are going
to sew this together on both sides, one quarter of an inch on this side and a quarter of an
inch on this side. And we are going to make a tube. It’s going to be completely enclosed.
So let’s go to the sewing machine and do that. Alright, I’m just lining these up and sewing
a quarter of an inch down the side. I just have to keep checking and make sure these
are lined up over here. We’re almost to the end. Alright, there we go. Ok, so now
what we’re going to do is we are going to make this long strip set into blocks.And the
key to that is having a square ruler that has a 45 line that goes right across the middle
of it. The 45 is what’s important on this. Not any other measurement, just that 45 line.
Because we’re going to lay our 45 line on the stitch line not the edge. So you can see
right here, it’s sticking up above where this 45 line is. And that’s where we want
it to be. We want it to be on the stitch line, not the edge. Now what I’m going to do is
I’m going to cut off this excess right here. And then I’m going to take my ruler and
I’m just going to slide it down to the other side, again lining it up with the stitch line.
That’s the only thing we’re worried about here is lining it up with the stitch line.
So then we’re going to cut this up here like this. We’ll scoot this away. And then
this will then slide back up to the top. We’ll keep this straight, line it up with, this
has to line up with the edge of there and then this lines up on your stitch line. And
we’re just going to cut these squares like this. Or these, what looks like triangles.
And I’m going to go ahead and cut this whole strip for you. So here we go. We’re going
to slide it up keeping our 45 on the stitch line just like that. Cutting and bringing
that down. There we go. Putting that 45 on the stitch line. Make sure that’s on that
stitch line. Like that. Coming up. I think we’re going to get one more out of here.
Line up on the stitch line So now I’ve cut the entire strip up. And
you get six of these blocks. And what you’re going to get is a block that’s stripped
on one side and solid on the other. And so let’s iron these open. And this is really
a fun quilt because what you’re doing is you’re sewing straight blocks together but
they come out looking like you’ve spent a lot of time setting them on point. Now a
block that is set on point means that instead of sitting square, it’s going to sit diagonally
so that its points are, its points are up and down like this. This is on point when
the point comes up like this. And usually when you make these quilts you have to sew
them in rows down like this. But because of how our blocks go together, which you’re
going to see right here, we’re going to put them together this way. So we’ll match
four of them like this. Look how cool that is. You get a block that’s set on point
which means, you know, the point, the point is up and down versus putting a block together
where your squares are lined up. Now because this is a half square triangle right here,
there’s all kinds of thing that you can do with it. Anything you can do with a half
square triangle you can also do with this block. But we’ve set these together so they’re
a square in a square, like this. And let me mix them up a little bit. Like that. Remember
you’re only getting six out of a strip so you want to be sure that you mix them up because
you’re not going to get enough of everything to make everything match. So I would, I would
cut my whole strip set and have all those blocks and just mix them together. And put
them together in a block of four like this. So then to make this quilt, you have five
blocks, big blocks like this across and you have, what do we have, let’s see, one, two,
three, four, five down. Oh I’m sorry, four across and five down. And that just makes
an awesome quilt. So to sew this together, you’re just going
to do it like a four patch. You’re going to lay them so they come right together. All
these little seams should match up. And, and if you have any trouble with that, we have
the benefit of the bias on here. So let me go ahead and sew these together to show you
how the, how the block goes together. So I’m going to sew these two sides like
this. Make sure I’m in the right spot down there. And I, as I’m coming down the side
of my block, I just lift up this fabric to make sure I’m lined up with the piece that’s
across from it. So they stay together. And then line this one up down here. And then
we’re going to do the next one. So same way, here we go. Oh, you know what, I’m
going to open this up and make sure that mine are going the right direction. So that I don’t
have, there we go, this way and that way. I don’t, we don’t want to have to rip
so we want to make sure they’re going in the right direction. Alright, let me sew this
one together. And I just peek under there to make sure those are lined up. Sew across,
again. Peek under there to make sure they’re lined up and come on down. Come down the homestretch.
There we are. Now we can lay these two together like this and again we just sew it like a
four patch. And because we have all these little seams all along here it just lines
up so nicely because you can check all the time to make sure things are right together.
You can iron that ahead of time if you want to. I’m just going to go ahead and sew this
and then, then iron the block all at once. There we go. And our last little bit down
here. So once you get four of these together, like
this, this is how I put the quilt together is I go ahead and I sew four, four of these
together and I make big blocks. Like big block sets like this. I like to iron from the top
first to make sure there’s no folds. And then, and then I just flip it over and make
my seams lay down the way I want them to. Alright, so this is the block you get and
it’s just adorable. But the really fun thing just by changing the number of strips you
use, it changes the size of the block. So you can do four strips or five strips. On
this table runner right here, I used two strips. And I sewed two strips together and put, sewed
my piece of fabric across the top. I made two sets of those and with that I got these
six blocks right here to make this beautiful table runner. And I just think this is a really
fun way to get a lot of variation very quickly. So we hope you enjoyed this tutorial on the
Summer in the Park variation from the MSQC.

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