Subtitles by- Deepak Dagani Dude hmm After many postpones, at last our college has finished the last exam also dude Let’s enjoy the summer to the maximum for two months No dude, this time I’m going to my grandmother’s village OK dude, let’s meet after you come back OK OK dude, let’s meet after you come back OK bye Honey Yes mom Bring the clothes from Terrace They would have got dried already Mom, where’s my slippers Seems your sister wore them ohhh!!! [Song] Baby Yes baby Where should we go after lunch Your wish baby, where ever you want to OK Why did you wait, come let’s go Baby hmm I’m feeling little dizzy Also heavy sun Can you bring Scooty here OK Baby, get on Baby, you get down once Why Get down once Baby, hold this What is she doing Come sit Come sit I thought it’s with love she asked me to bring, but it’s to make the seat cool Shall we move? Yeah Let’s go It’s hot OK What are you doing? Yes dad How were you exams? That was good dad Third class gaurantee You are my son!! Our family is planing for a tour in this summer Dad, let’s go to Simla We have to go to Vinayaka’s temple first Next we will go to Simla No Next to our Vijayawada Kanaka Durga temple Next Simla only right No Badrachalam Rama temple Tirupathi Venkanna temple Shirdi Sai baba And our Puri Jagannadh Why to go to him, did he offer a movie chance? Puri Jagannadh means, Jagannadh temple which is in Orissa. Dad this is not called tour. It’s called pilgrimage. You all go and come. I will sleep under AC Did you listen to this? Looks likes he will sleep with AC on Don’t know with whom he will sleep Let’s leave my mother here only Mom Mom I will come from outside I will meet my friends It’s so hot, go after sometime or else you will be tanned yeah, right OK mom What Sushma, she did that thing? I thought so Mom Wait a minute Sushma, be on line Mom, I’m going out It’s bad sun outside You can go in the evening Or else you will get pimples Yeah, Sushma what happened next OK Mom, sun is down. Let me come from outside now It’s all hot wind outside You can’t bear You can go later Mom Mom, I’m going What, will you go now? Did you check the time? You will get dark circles You can go tomorrow dear Go and sleep Mom I’m going to meet my friends Yesterday also you didn’t allow me Yea You would go but it so hot outside You can go little later Happy, it’s over OML!!! I have to call this watchman always to check for enough water Siva! No water Siva, switch on the motor It will take sometime brother Siva, it’s really urgent Be fast Siva, how much more time There is no power bother, I will switch it on as soon as power is back What is this power issue in the early morning dude I’m in urgent work, be fast Siva How much more time, it’s is going to get dried Jay hmm Shall we do Tik Tok dance video Sheetal, I don’t know how to dance What are you talking Jay. It’s very easy to dance in Summer I don’t know dance. You go You come, I will tell I do not know You come I don’t know You come Remove your slippers Why Remove. I told you right That’s it See, how easy it is Guys To escape this summer heat for this 2 months I have a plan Are you guys ready? Ready Guys, where are you? Dude, target reached Reached the target What do you suggest to do now? Reached the target dude Don’t panic. When I count 3 2 1, everyone ring the calling bell OK? Ha 3 2 1 Hi dude, it’s a sudden surprise What happened to him, not responding at all Hi dude, how are you? How is your sister dude? None of the two are here dude, I can find only one here dude, I can find only one It’s only one dude Fridge AC Why is he so excited? Guys Both are found here Who are these dude? My friends dude Why did they came now? It’s IPL right, we will leave just after two days It’s OK Sunny OK. Only two days right Guys When will you leave Go please My girlfriend wants to come dude She doesn’t have AC in her room Guys How many more days You said two days. You said IPL Guys No one is even minding Sunny Sunny, I’m calling you only What an acting dude as if you don’t hear anything What is he doing? Are you checking porn videos or what? Dude, mine in Jio Oh my pity Then what are you checking so secretly If you don’t say anything. I will think of porn videos only Come here dude, we have an app called Nostragamus In this app, if you can guess and answer rightly you will get money You can transfer that money to Paytm also It’s not only about Cricket You will find questions related to all sports Also no need to invest anything Oh, then you are earning money like this since many days yeah How to download dude? Link is in the description. check it Where did all these guys went Where are you going? Thank you so much dude Bye dude Very happy. You guys get out I will call my girl friend Baby Sunny and co exit It’s your entry now Summer already completed. Don’t irritate me. Bye What summer is already over? Hi dude Who are you calling me dude? Dude, it’s me what if it’s you dude, what happened to you Summer affect dude Why are you so surprised dude

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