Summer Is Officially Over – Tosh.0

Summer Is Officially Over – Tosh.0

>>Similar to Groundhog rules
shattering your clavicle on a rope swing means
summer is officially over. Nope. Nope, nope, nope,
Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!
[Bleep] Go on, go quick, go.
Oh my God.>> Summer time is a joke
in this country. You know what the dumbest kids
in the planet don’t deserve? A three month vacation. ♪ It’s Autumn time
we don’t like it at all. ♪ ♪ It’s Autumn time can we
just call it freaking Fall? ♪ I think a good rule of thumb
is if Eminem won’t say you probably shouldn’t say it
in your sophomore English class. I ill never say
any form of nigga. I’m cured of that. Starting now.
I’m never saying it again. This fall the wardrobe will be
over priced concert tees. Wait. With sexy stubble. Welcome to High school Gameday
brought you by Clearasil. and Planned Parenthood Beaver
said, “Me and My Girl are going to have lots of sex
watching Tosh Point.0. When we want to laugh.
We’ll watch the Daily Show.” That’s okay, that’s okay. Time to say goodbye
to rope swing season [awww] And hello
to roof job season! Oh no no, Mom help help!
Don’t be a pussy! yeah, yeah! Yeaaah!! oh!!!>>
Finally it’s your last chance to get one more
BBQ in before the summer ends. So get those weenies
on the grill. A Nice char will offset
the taste of burning pubes. Don’t prick it all the juices
will run out. If she done? Go ahead and stick that
on my toasted buns. It helps to butter them first.

75 thoughts on “Summer Is Officially Over – Tosh.0

  1. Wish I lived in a reality where this show got canceled 8 years ago and he focused on his stand up comedy because he is super talented and funny and this show ran it's coarse.

  2. The sound that girl made hitting those rocks made me cringe!! I was like….damn, shes gonna be gurting like fuck. But it didnt look like she tensed up before she hit so if thats the case she probably didnt break anything but is gonna need to see a doctor lmao

  3. I especially enjoyed the part at the end where everyone one was freaking out about the hot dog burning , come on after all the bones were crushed before hand….

  4. Is the title of this video the reason some a coworker was arguing with me that it's not summer anymore??? …… in the 98° heat.

  5. How come these idiots are still alive?
    Is stupidity a lucky charm against injuries and are leprechauns stupid by nature?

  6. Looks like Tosh is bein' dresssed by a guy that pretended to be gay, took the D, got married, got devorced all just for the alimony.

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