Summer is Over! BACK TO SCHOOL!!

Summer is Over! BACK TO SCHOOL!!

Hey guys, welcome back to the Dee Fam, so as you can see, the girls are going back to school yay Boo I think im more excited than them, I went school supply shopping for them, I even put all their stuff in order, so the girls are going to show you a little bit of what they got to prepare for school Okay so first we got our backpack, I got a backpack that has llamas and so many pockets and then it has a side pocket where you can put the waters and then she also got this cute lunch
bag, because I always say lol and then I got this backpack that is practically all light green and then that has so much pockets, idk how much pockets it has and then I got a paw patrol lunch box so guys comment down below and let us know when your kids start school ok guys so I went shopping for the girls and im going to show you what I got them and also what was required so of course markers, colored pencils and I didn’t know which markers so I got both the big and the small ones
I got pencils, sharpies, highlighters ruler, sharpener and index cards,
they need a school box but I already put all their stuff in there, im so excited for them, so they needed scissors, erasers, crayons I got the more erasers and glue sticks they needed of course the composition notebooks, three of them per girl and
then subject notebooks, they needed this one which was actually new to us, I’m
guessing it’s for math, a math book there paper and then folders, look at the cute colors so this is what the girls needed and this is what the teachers asked for, so they
asked for disinfecting wipes, germ x ziplock bags and it depend
whether they were boy or girl for the size, some expos and Kleenex, they need two each and there was only 3 packs so we will continue this vlog with the girls
preparation and their first day of school yay, back to school, you know that means for parents, time off just kidding guys this will probably be us Not Okay so how do you feel on your first
day of school? im not nervous, I don’t feel scared at all you dont? nope. Are you excited? Well I mean kinda sad cause vacation already ended Awe don’t be sad We still got Saturday and Sunday to rest okay thumbs up Are you nervous? Yes Why mamas? Idk Are you nervous? Nope And what does the big sister say? I dont know How was school today? Good It was fun So we’re taking the girls on a little
mini walk and of course we have to get the mail, right girlies? Good morning guys, today is Friday okay guys so it is Friday our, first week of school, so I
bought the girlies a few snacks that they like, want to show them? Okay so she bought us a kinder joy and she bought us Nutella breadsticks and then she also bought us like some muffins and then some chips and I even bought something for Jackie sour skittles and turbos, oh those are hot

36 thoughts on “Summer is Over! BACK TO SCHOOL!!

  1. They look so cute with their matching outfits and shoes. Great back to school supplies shopping! I'm sure they will enjoy their school year. Jackie is such a great big sister ♡ Enjoyed watching.

  2. Wow ur girls are beautiful ?? I will be doing my shopping for my daughter next week. ??can’t believe summer is already over ?great video ?

  3. I almost cried towards the end.. I love how you guys put the throwback pictures of them. You girls are getting so big, so excited for you guys to have another great school year. Miss you dee fam ?

  4. Omg omg omg omg so cute i love the picture love it omg big thumbs up guys everyone sub to the dee fam omg there the best ever ❤️??????

  5. Loved the back to school haul. The girls looked so cute in their school uniforms. Hope they're enjoying school! ? Aw those photos at the end so sweet! ?

  6. Your 3 babies are beautiful i always take pictures of mijo on his first day of school ?? thank you for sharing these special moments with us

  7. I’m loving Jackie’s shirt? hahaha Jackie is definitely more happy than the girls? Awww Jackie even put their items in their pencil box already? I felt that excitement though?? I know dam well when Emma goes to school I’m going to be an emotional wreck? THE GIRLS LOOK SO CUTE IN THEIR UNIFORM AND ALL?


  9. Loved all the cute supplies lol. In a few years I will be buying supplies for my little one☹lol but I go back in a couple weeks! College edition lol! Love the photos at the end??

  10. Oh my god so many wonderful school supplies similar to my son I can’t believe summer is over no it went by to fast love the backpacks super cute the teachers asked also for the same stuff as my son also aww there first day of school outfits are so cute love the skirts and shoes aww they were excited and yes Saturday and Sunday to rest fist day looked like it went well the mini walk looked so much fun definitely enjoyed watching tfs the snacks looked delicious ? hope your all having a wonderful day???

  11. Hi I stopped by to support you're channel ? I have subscribed and liked I hope you subscribe back so we can support each others channels Hugs ??

  12. They look so cute!!? Jackie is so me. I packed everything for Roman too lol sour skittles are so good. Aww the pictures ❤

  13. I registered my daughter for kindergarten and she starts on Thursday. She’s so excited, I’m going to miss her ? lol
    Great video, it’s so expensive shopping for supplies. I bought my daughter’s already and tomorrow is meet the teacher day and supply drop off.
    I’m nervous for her, I don’t think she’ll cry but we will see haha

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