Summer Kastalu || Bumchick Babloo || Tamada Media

Summer Kastalu || Bumchick Babloo || Tamada Media

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This is Bumchick Babloo! Hell with this sweat. Look at these guys
sleeping with the cooler turned on. I better go change my dress. Wearing a lungi
makes life so much better. Since all are asleep
I’ll bring the cooler closer to my mattress. This is life at its best! Where did the cooler go? All are still asleep. Why is it hot again? How did the cooler
get there again? Who is the cooler thief? So, it is you! What is it you want?
– The cooler. – You’ll be deadmeat. Bro, I’m getting late. I’ll have my bath first.
– No, let me have my bath first. Please! Won’t none of you guys go take a bath?
– You go take your bath. I always take my bath first. You go first today.
– No, you don’t. You go first today. Please, understand. I’ll be out in 5 mintues.
– And I’ll be out in 2 minutes. Where to?
– To have my bath. We ran out of water.
– What? How do we bath then? Is this your first time here?
We always run out of water in summers. Is it? What do we do now?
– Don’t worry. You’ll get an entire bucket of water. Use it to brush your teeth, to take bath
and also to take a dump. Incase you save some water, I’ll use it.
– Incase I save some water you say? You didn’t bathe even today?
– Of course I have. Don’t lie. Your back is dry.
– Because there is water scarcity I washed my upper body yesterday
and today I washed my lower body. How innocent are you, bro. I’ll use these two together. Wow! How blissful is this! Shit, the seat is as hot as a pan! I guess I’ve an idea. Hope no one is spying on me. Now, this is good. One juice, please. One more, please. How much is the bill? Can I have a lemon drink?
One more, please. Finally, I reached office. Look at this sweat! Is my behind all wet? So much sweat! Something is amiss. Oh, man, this is painful. Why did you slap me?
– Are you making fun of my disability? Why would I want to make fun of it?
How do I explain it to you? Imagine there is a smooth road.
But imagine that road is now worn out because of all potholes
and ups and downs. Is it now clear? Why did you slap me now?
– Because it is not clear. You, buffoon! I’ve heat rashes right there!
– Oh! I’m sorry. – Finally! This is painful. Did he pack me Biryani for lunch? What did you pack me for lunch?
– ‘I packed your favorite, chicken biryani, for lunch.’ Biryani in summer? You could’ve packed curd rice instead.
– ‘You could’ve told me before. Now, it is too late.’ ‘Someone brought curd rice.’
Fine, I’ll call you back. Shall I ask him to share? What did you get for lunch?
– Curd rice. – Curd rice? How could you eat something as bland as curd rice?
And what is this? Buttermilk? Are you some old granny to have buttermilk?
Here, have some chicken. Come on, bro!
Chicken is tasty! Trust me. Let’s see what he says. Shiva, you want some chicken biryani?
– I’m good. – Have some! – I said I’m good! What did you get?
– Curd rice. – I see. Let me taste a little.
– No! – Not even a little? Atleast share some of your buttermilk with me.
– No, I won’t. You are munching on it
like buffaloes munch on grass. Is some snake hissing in here?
– Babloo! Hi! Why is she calling me?
Did she fall for me? Fine, even I’ll fall for her. Look down.
– You want to walk down the aisle already? No. Look down.
– You want to get down and touch my feet? No, it’d look so bad
if someone watches you doing it. Look down!
– No wonder she says she fell down for me. This girl is so madly in love with me!
Why did you slap me? Here is the Itchguard
which you dropped. You think I’d fall for an idiot like you? I hope no one saw me. No, this isn’t mine.
Trust me. It is the manager’s.
This tube isn’t mine. It was all a dream.
How costly travelling to office in summer is. And how many insults I’ve to face at work.
It is better if I work from home during summers. Hello, sir, this is me, Babloo.
– ‘Yes, Babloo?’ Sir, can I work from home?
– ‘No, you can’t.’ – Sir, please! I beg of you. ‘Cut it. I told you can’t!’
– Sir, please. Understand my plight. ‘Alright. But your productivity
should be thrice as much as it usually is.’ Yes, sir. I will.
– ‘Are you sure your output will be thrice?’ Yes, sir. I assure you it will be.
– ‘Alright, then. Carry on.’ Thank you so much, sir.
Greetings, sir. Thank God I can atleast work from home. A power outtage?
Ganesh, why is there a power outtage? In summers, we usually have power cuts till evening.
That’s why we prefer going to office. Is it? What do I do now?
I’ll have to call the manager up again. Sir, I’d rather not work from home. Screw this heat. So, these are the problems
most of us face including myself. So, incase you liked this video, give it a like.
Also share and comment and also do subscribe. I better go in
unless I want to get tanned. Bye.

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