Summer Kastalu || Mahathalli || Tamada Media

Summer Kastalu || Mahathalli || Tamada Media

Hello Busy People Activate the bell to get all my video updates and notifications. Your’s Mahathalli What rolling? Don’t you see the sun? How can we shoot outdoor in this climate? I got mad that I am wearing black dress today Can’t even open my eyes. SPF means? Why are you changing shades everyday? Do you have huge amount? Not a matter of money, Shades are getting spoiled everyday. How many I purchase its not getting enough. That’s why, Finally I purchased this 100/- one Uhh, Getting sweaty! Sometimes our friends will steal. sometimes these temples become loose. Sometimes it will break while mishandling it. By knowing all these factors and spending 5k on it is… coming Due to this summer my feet becoming so sweaty and slippery It is so irritating, Right? take look on how our footwear will be before and after summer I have to take head bath look at my hair. Today also I have to take head bath Even today I need to take head bath Due to this summer everyday I have to take head bath Are you facing the same? I have to send mails but I am suffering with headache What happen Jaanu? I am getting irritated with my work Drink this hot tea and you will feel chill In this noon? You asking me to drink hot tea? Should I drink tea or feel chill? Can you stand up once? I am feeling hot on looking into you How are you wearing all these clothes? I am looking hot, Right? Usually many people get relief by stress by drinking coffee or tea But what do they do in summer? Do you ever felt that how do they wear those clothes on looking into someone We feel hot if we look at them Wait I am coming Why are you so hurry early in the morning Aren’t you out of last night hangover? What? I paid it recently, right? You took tanker for taking bath How much? See it yourself Is this mine or whole apartment’s bill? This is all your’s and that too last one week bill Expenses will be very high in this summer Including power, water and current bills How can we manage? If a girl is reading at 4 in the morning it means march If a boy is reading at 4 in the morning it means September Why din’t I do Nenu Local promotion? If I sit Idle with my torch on and with lot of sweat and killing mosquitoes it means Power cut I don’t understand why do they cut power in summer? It’s fine for us How do people following daily serials will manage? Jones make it fast aren’t you feeling the sun? Even I am feeling the sun background getting burnt in the frame What I have to do? I am getting sun burn I can’t bare this Ok lets go, we will do it tonight We are shooting summer difficulties. We have to shoot now move that cutter here It is so difficult to shoot in summer we will plan next two indoor shoots Do you know how difficult to shoot in summer GOD very hard Usually girls has different hair styles but only one hair style in summer this one Wanna go out? wait a minute Do you have sun screen? I forgot to bring today Why you have only SPF 15, you would have bought more SPF one SPF-15 costs 300/- SPF-50 costs 1500/- Is it? We will keep fighting with sun using this sun screen will this come to an end? I am going out Be careful with the climate I have applied SPF-100, nothing will happen to me. Now again I have to take De-tan treatment Whats the use of it, it only lasts for a day These are my summer difficulties Do you see Leo”s summer cut? Show to them Leo For me hair is the biggest difficulty True thing is we feel summer is better in winter and winter is better in summer Comment and let me know your summer difficulties

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  1. Though we sit under fan… Fan seems like running in slow motion nd we sweat so much ? tats my summer kashtalu?

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