Summer market trends for the Grand Bay community on Longboat Key in REALTALK™ #207

Hi, welcome back to REALTALK™, with Sarasota’s
luxury waterfront specialist, Roger Pettingell. Hey Roger.
Mary Kay, how are you? I’m great, in one of our favorite communities
today. Yes, we’re at Grand Bay on the south end on
the bay side of Longboat Key. We’ve got a brand new listing on the south side
of the building. Yeah, we don’t see these a lot, this Biscayne.
So there are three different floor plans, right. The Antigua, which is 2,900 square
feet right in the front of each building. Then you have the Cayman that goes through,
2,500 square feet and then the Biscayne, which is 2,250 square feet,
Right. And it seems like, whenever there is one there
are ten. You know, like you can’t find one, then there are a bunch of any specific floor
plan. But there has really been a lot of nice activity
in the community in the last 60 days. It has. It wasn’t as busy of a season at Grand
Bay, but the end of the season was really good.
Really good. We just put two under contract, we’re really
happy and both Caymans that we’re happy about. But we haven’t seen southside Biscayne, which
is the one we just listed, in quite a while. And we’re on the seventh floor.
Right. Which really feels like eight.
And what that means for you, of course you’re going to have these amazing bay and city views.
You can kind of see the boats coming into the marina. But you’re also getting this whole
bonus Gulf view, which you don’t think of when you’re in a bayside community.
The sunset views here when you get above the sixth floor are spectacular.
Right, who thinks about a sunset right on the bayside, you think any more about any
sunrise. And when you talk about the south side, the importance of that is just the light.
Because you’re going to get this beautiful morning light that we’re bathed in. Actually,
you now, I think you complain about summer heat, but it’s really nice here.
The breeze is beautiful this morning. You get this really great cross breeze that
goes across the island, and it’s really very pleasant. And the market has been very
interesting. Usually we see it really taper off kind of in that Memorial Day time. But
I think we sold eight things in the last two weeks.
The activity has been unbelievable. It’s very interesting. Part of it is interest
rates. If you look at the mortgage, it’s back under four percent. Which while we don’t have
a lot mortgage buyers, it’s just psychologically, that’s just a great thing for buyers. I think
people kind of, they enjoyed their season, they’re looking forward to their plans for
next year. If they want to do renovations, now is a great time to be a buyer. Right. So all
those things kind of come together, and it’s been a really nice end of season blip.
It should bode well for a busy summer, we hope.
I hope so. We’d love to show you this new listing, please
call us at (941) 387-1840 or visit Thanks so much for joining us on REALTALK™.

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