– Hi guys, welcome back to my channel. In today’s video I’m going
to be sharing with you my top summer hacks for moms. These are all ones that are
tried, and tested, and work. And I think I’ve got some
really good hacks here. Let’s face it, as busy moms
during the summer break we need all of the help that we can get. So, I hope you find some of these helpful. And if you’re new,
hello, my name is Emily, and I have three children,
and I love finding life hacks to make motherhood easier. I have made lots of hacks videos before, so I will link all of my
previous ones down below if you want to check them out as well. But yes, thank you so much for watching and I will see you in my next one. Right, so my first hack
is probably the one that I use the most during the summer. And it’s one to help your baby sleep. Pack yourself some
tinfoil and also some tape when you go on holiday. And when you arrive at
your hotel or your villa if the room is too bright
you can tape the tinfoil to the windows and it will
make a complete blackout. It doesn’t look like much, but
it will let your baby sleep. And that is what we need. During the summer I also
like to dress my boys in bright swimwear and t-shirts. This way when we go to
a park, or the beach, or the softplay, I can easily spot them because they are so brightly colored. You can see here that my son, Caleb, in the orange, is very easy to spot. My next hack is one that I love. We make frozen yogurts in the summer. So, all you have to do is get
some yogurt pots like this, cut some slits in the tops, and then pop some spoons into the slits. And then put it into your freezer. And because you have
kept the packaging on, even if it won’t close with them stood up, you can lay it down on its side and it will freeze just as well. And then when you take
them out of the freezer just run the packaging under
a little bit of warm water and out pops a frozen yogurt. And this is a really nice treat, and it’s a little bit healthier than
traditional ice lollies. And it’s even easier with
yogurt tubes like this. All you have to do is buy the whole packet and stick it into the freezer. And once they’re frozen you have some delicious frozen yogurt
for your little ones. This one is also great for
when my little one is teething. I know that some of you
might say that there is sugar in these, but
everything in moderation. And if he’s allowed yogurt,
he’s allowed some frozen yogurt. Another great treat in
the summer is watermelon. My kids love watermelons. So, all I do is cut it up into triangles and then cut a slit into the green skin. And then you can stick some
popsicle sticks in this. I normally find these
in my kids craft stuff. So, just pop them into the slits, it might take a little bit of umph, but then it’s less messy. My eldest has OCD and doesn’t
really want to hold it so, then you have like a little
watermelon lollie like this. And you can either eat it
just as it is, just like this, or you can even pop
these into the freezer. And then they have a
delicious melon lollie. These are surprisingly yummy. Just so easy to make. A great hack to catch any
drips from all of those lollies is to get yourself some
cupcake cases like this, put a hole into it, and then put the stick of the lollie through it. It takes little ones a
lot longer to eat lollies, so this is a great way
of catching any drips so it doesn’t run down their arm. And cupcake cases like this are also great for keeping flies away from your drinks. Again, just do it a little
hole, put a straw through it, and then put it over your drink. And speaking of drinks, a
great way to keep your kids hydrated and to stop you
from fetching endless drinks for your kids, is to get yourself
a big container like this. I found this one in Sainsbury’s,
and put water, or juice, or whatever your kids want in it, and then they can help themselves. And this is also fantastic
when you’re having playdates. One mom hack that I’ve always sworn by, is to get things ready the night before. Pack a bag up with anything
that isn’t obviously perishable like your food and picnic,
and pop it in a big beach bag, and then stick it by the door. That way in the morning all you have to do is grab your picnic and off you go. And a hack for picnics on very hot days is to freeze some of your juice boxes and that way they can act as a cooler and keep your whole lunch cool. And now onto my favorite
beach hacks for moms. When we go to the sea I
always worry about my baby being too close to the sea
because of the current. It really scares me. So, what I do, is dig a hole, just a shallow hole, to make a baby pool. Then grab yourself a shower curtain or a waterproof tablecloth,
something like that, and line your hole with this. Then go around the edges and pat down the sand to weigh down the sides. And then fill it up with water. And you have yourself a
really cute baby pool. And then your whole family
can enjoy the beach. Your baby can sit in the pool, keep cool, and Jackson really loves this. He really, really enjoys it. Obviously you could take
a baby pool to the beach but it could fly away, and
Jackson was not tempted to climb out of this at all. Next time, I will definitely
have to make it bigger though because our bigger boys
really wanted to get in it. And when you do want to
go for a swim at the beach hide your valuables in
a nappy, or a diaper. Seal it all up, and hopefully
if anyone was looking to take anything, they wouldn’t
want to take a full nappy. And rather than spend lots of money on a fancy phone case for the
beach that sand and water doesn’t get into your phone. Did you know a Ziploc
bag works just as well? Stick your phone in and seal it up. And it will still work, and
you can even take pictures. And you don’t have to worry about sand or water getting into your phone. To make a sand free place for your baby, bring a fitted sheet
to the beach with you. Put bags, or towels, or
shoes into the corners and this will make a
nice little area for you to either put your towel down and sit or for your baby to sit
and play in the shade. This is great because they
won’t get covered in sand and it’s so, so simple to do. In the height of summer the
sand can get really hot as well. So, this is a really
nice place for your baby to be able to have a little
bit of a crawl around without getting too hot or sandy. You can also make a really sweet baby seat at the beach by just
digging a hole and kind of making it have a little
bit of a back on it. And then cover it with
a blanket or a towel, and pop your baby in, and
it’s just a nice place for them to kind of chill out. They can’t really sit on sun loungers but this might also work better with babies that aren’t rolling yet. And once you’re all done at the beach, I know lots of moms know this hack, to use talcum powder to get sand off. We normally walk back from the beach and by then the sand on our feet is dry. And it works best with dry sand. So, just sprinkle a little
bit of this powder on. And it’s so strange, it like magically comes off of your feet. It’s so, so easy, you definitely don’t need as much as he just put on. But it’s a really, really cool trick, and one that we use when we go away. And did you know that you
can reuse swimming nappies? I only recently discovered this. But basically if your
baby has been in the pool for not very long, and it
seems quite clean, you can rinse out a swimming nappy
and just dry it in the sun. And it will work just as
well, so if you want to make them go a little bit
farther, ’cause they can be quite pricey, you can definitely try this. And a hack for aftersun or aloe lotion, is to keep it in your fridge on holiday. So, that if you do burn your skin, it is nice and cold, and
soothing on your skin. You can also freeze aloe
gel in ice cube trays. As moms as well, we’re probably gonna drink more wine during the summer break. But, if you forget to
put your bottle of wine into the freezer, pop some
paper towel around your bottle of wine, and then
put it under the tap. Then squeeze off any excess water, and pop the whole thing into your freezer. And you will have a
very cold bottle of wine in just 15 minutes. Another really cool way to chill your wine, is to use frozen grapes. Just pop some into a
Ziploc bag and freeze them. And these are perfect
because unlike ice cubes they don’t dilute your
wine, and then once you’ve had a nice glass of wine you
have a snack at the bottom. And the last mom hack I
wanted to share with you, is this product, which is a quick way of blowing up water balloons. This does a hundred in just
60 seconds, by using the hose. They even tie themselves
once they’re full. And these are perfect for
water fights in the summer. So, that is it for this video. Thank you so much for watching, I really hope you enjoyed it. Please give it a like if you did. And don’t forget to subscribe.

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