good morning it is time to rise and
shine so the first thing I do when I wake up during the summertime is wake up
slowly it’s summertime after all so I love to just take it easy and relax and
I’ll shimmy my way out of bed and slide into my slippers and head over to say good
morning to my little puppy Jessie she is so sweet in the morning and I love to
give her lots of cuddles once we are done saying good morning I
like to make my bed as always it just leaves my room so much more put together
and I always think myself later for doing this then I’ll head down to the kitchen to
fill up my water cup because I love to drink lots of water in the morning
hydrate before you died rate am i right then coffee of course I absolutely love
coffee so I always look forward to a morning cup in this summer I tried to be
a lot of year with my coffee and I tried to drink it black and then I just added
some wildflower honey to it and then I trying to save all the
sweetness or fall in winter when I can add pumpkin spice and hot cocoa is
anyone else so excited for that I always look forward to the fall in winter time
next I just head back to my room hop on my computer again just to kind of see
what I want to accomplish for the day see what my moves I want to make and
just get organized after a little while of working I will
head back down to the kitchen to make something delicious and fresh to eat so
today I decided to go with a little yogurt Bowl so I am just taking lots of
delicious fruit whatever fruit I can find and some vanilla Greek yogurt and
adding some flax seed and chia seeds just for extra vitamins and making this
pretty little Bowl how did I know you trust me I adore you
who swimming through our kids in the shower I’m coming back up to my room
having a little change of location and just sitting at my little coffee table
and writing a to-do list for the day I absolutely love to-do lists and it
really just helps my day be more productive and structured and the most important time of my
morning is my potions I love to do the little devotional plans at the Bible app
they have so many good devotional plans and I just love doing this in the
morning so I can have lots of quiet time and it really just helps me remember
what my purpose is and why I’m here after that it’s time to take care of my
skin so this particular morning I decided that I am not wearing makeup
today but instead I’m going to start the day with this origins clear improvement
charcoal mask I’ve been having a lot of breakouts recently and I am just not
okay with it so I’m doing everything I can to kind of
combat that so this face mask is definitely helping
along with that after the face mask I just applied this really nice
arose a facial oil from Trader Joe’s actually which is so fun I absolutely
love trade urges for my groceries and apparently I love it for other things
now too so after my face is all crisp and clean I like to make my teeth crisp
and clean as well so I just brush them with my toms toothpaste which is also
one of my favorite things ever and then the rest of the day I really am just
having a lazy slash productive day because I’m raking and reading and just
soaking in these slow summer days I hope you guys enjoyed this video and have a
wonderful summer I’ll see you soon

100 thoughts on “SUMMER MORNING ROUTINE ✨

  1. I love how you edited this, I always try to make my vids artsy but my computer doesn’t allow for me to do much real editing because it’s so slow but I still love watching videos like this for inspiration

  2. How can eat jus fruit? i can't do it, i literally eat eggs,bread,avocado,cheese, pancakes with nutella and coffe, oh i forget the banana.

  3. At 0:29 you was looking on your phone at that too Mickey Mouse too I have it because I go Disney lots of times I have been Florida Disney 5 times and I am going next year so it is gonna be my 6th time and it is my favourite place on earth it is beautiful and the magically presented your should defo try it out x

  4. I posted a summer morning routine on my channel. I’m a starting YouTube and I’m trying to build an audience. Thank you soo much! Link:

  5. I always look forward for the fall and winter season too! Sweater weather, Christmas, Christmas movies & songs, snow, the whole jazz.

  6. your so pretty and i like every thing you like and my morning routine is practically the same! i love trader joe's tooo!! their hair mask is so good i love it and it's 100% natural

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  8. This is such an unhealthy morning routine, it is Soo bad for u too wake up and see a screen, sorry I probably seem so mean but I just wanted to let you know,❤️

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  12. Loved the vedio…….but u should not watch phone as u get up …….it can damage your eyes………but loved your vedio 😘👍

  13. If i were sleeping like you with a blanket in summer in my country ,there's pretty much 99.99999 percent possibilities that i might get burned 😂

  14. Great video again! I always watch your videos late, really late. But I watch them at the night time because they just get me so relaxed and it’s so so so nice! Lots of love your biggest fan! ❤️❤️❤️

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