Summer Morning Routine 2018 (vlog style)

Summer Morning Routine 2018 (vlog style)

Good morning today, I’m gonna be showing you guys my summer morning routine, but in vlog-style so its more realistic My sleep schedule is so messed up. It’s 11 o’clock now so let’s go get ready So I just showered I’m gonna clean my room before my mom hates me Because this is what it looks like right now. And I don’t understand because I literally cleaned it yesterday and it’s already like this Should I put on clothes first. This water is like two days old but Breakfast I’m really lazy so if anyone is an aspiring personal chef, let me know, I still have bread Not only bread. I would put avocado on it, but I’m not boujee enough for that. So I just used the packaged guacamole. Whoa, holy guacamole. I hate myself. This is my breakfast for today, normally I eat alone because I’m always alone. But today I have you guys so I’m a little less lonely. Speaking of you guys We just hit 300 thousand subscribers yesterday I am so blessed and lucky to have you guys Watching me supporting me and just giving me like all this love and just happiness into my life so I just wanted to thank you guys really quickly for 300,000 people hitting the subscribe button. If you don’t think you’re cool. Just know that I think you’re cool And that’s all that matters. But since I’m alone for my meal, I’ll watch Netflix or YouTube normally Netflix I’m watching a really good serial killer show right now, and it’s really intriguing After I eat and stuff that’s when I’ll get ready But fortunately you don’t really have to get ready for the beach for all anyone cares. You could probably just go naked I’m not gonna do that though, not today the only thing I do no matter where I’m going is curl my Eyelashes because I feel like it makes a really big difference. It probably doesn’t but just let me be this is the best sunscreen It’s the glossier invisible shield daily sunscreen. It has SPF 35 You just put it on and it’s so thin Unlike other sunscreens that are just like white and then you have to rub it all over your face and then you look ridiculous And it smells really good too. (How are you gonna smell it through the bottle sis what) this isn’t sponsored Um, I wish it was that’s pretty much it for me. I don’t really brush my hair This is what I’m wearing. The top is from acacia kind of weird. Oh Oh and then my bottoms are too not gonna show that because there’s people men on the internet and then these shorts are from garage And lately I’ve been messing around with the uke. I don’t really know what I’m doing, but I kind of enjoy that That is pretty much everything that I do in the morning, so let’s go to the beach My summer morning routine, I hope you guys liked it in vlog style I’m not gonna lie to you guys when I was newer on youtube. I would juice my morning routines so much little background story I would wake up at like 7 o’clock and worked out and eat healthy food. It was all a lie Thank you so much for watching If you stayed all the way to this point the video first of all, you are so cool and second of all comment down below Tree here stays bava of the week. You guys are so special me So thank you so much for all your love and support And if you like me or if you don’t make sure you subscribe to my channel I would love to have you guys here Have a great rest of your day rest of your night rest your afternoon rest of your life

100 thoughts on “Summer Morning Routine 2018 (vlog style)

  1. 2:11 – 2:17 was really scary, if no one was home. In the back of Ava, where the stairs lead, you could see a shadow moving, and then right after there was a loud bang. If you look at the shadow more closely, it kind of looks like a curtain, so maybe it was the wind moving it around? Haha idk

  2. Omg. I’m watching this in January. I want summer so bad!!!! Also, I live in Minnesota so it’s no joke 2 degrees.

  3. If I walked downstairs in a bra and bootyshorts my parent would be like Ali go back to your room and put some clothes on!

  4. aahhhwww 9 months ago you hit the 300.000 and now 9 months later you hit the 1 mil❤️❤️❤️❤️ I love u ?

  5. I’m literally watching this after she hit 1M and I’m like “she definitely didn’t know when the rest of the blessings were coming?❤️”
    She is incredible I love her so muchhh?

  6. HOLLY MACRO! I am literally rewatching all ur vids and OMG U GREW SOO MUCH ❤️❤️ I cant believe rn ur over a million subs and back then u were at 300,00 ??we all support and love u Ava, btw I also live on Oahu, but I live in town and I saw u at ala Moana once and I almost passed out lol but u were talking with someone so I did not go up to u but I really regret that lol ahhhh

  7. Ugh I really wish I was born with almond toned skin. It's so beautiful and im over here with snow white looking skin ?

  8. Ok when she herd that big noise that part were she turned her head you can see in the corner a shadow ?

  9. I really can’t understand you people whats the difference between what you are wearing and your bra literally are the same thing somehow it’s inappropriate when you where a bra just asking? And i’m a women so that no one says that i’m some perv or something

  10. Treeeeeeeeeee

    Loooooooooveeeeeeee yyyyyyyyyy Avaaaaaa hope you are having amazing day and if you dont remember its all in your head lvy!!!????

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