Summer Music and Performing Arts Programs at NYU Steinhardt

[Intro Music] Student #1: I looked around at different college
programs because I wanted to get a feel for life on a campus, or life in the university setting,
and to me this was just the most appealing program out there. Student #2: I wanted to check out the school, I wanted
to, like, really figure out what it’s like to be a student here. Student #3: I wanted to learn from the best of the best,
you know, learning from the people who are doing it every day. Student #4: The teachers here are fantastic and just
really get us to work hard. Student #1: I’ve really been able to connect with my
teachers, and I’ve only known them for a few days. Student #5: You just really can’t beat the people and the
connections you make here. Student #6: You really feel like you’re a part of, like,
a small community. Student #7: All the students here, we love what we’re
doing. Student #8: I think what’s awesome is that the people
you meet here are gonna be people that you travel through your musical journey with. Student #7: Even though we’ve only known each other
for 3 weeks, like, we’ve become great friends. Student #9: Everybody here is so incredibly talented that
I learn a lot. Student #10: There’s always something to do in New
York, but they’ve actually planned it so that we’re not just doing something, we’re doing something
amazing. Student #6: It’s been really exciting, because of just,
you know, the location. This facility is beautiful, going out to
Washington Square Park and having, you know, class lunches, and just having this as the center of where
this is all happening is an exciting experience. Student #11: There’s so much culture everywhere, and,
um, everything is so accessible. Student #12: It’s magical, and there’s nowhere else in
the world like New York City. Student #3: I had no idea how much I would learn, how
much I would get to experience. Student #11: And the technique that you gain in such a
short time is incredible. Student #2: You’ll gain experience that will last you
a lifetime, I am not going to forget this anytime soon. Student #1: It’s been probably one of the best weeks of
my life, if not the best week of my life. Student #11: I wouldn’t trade it for the world. [Laughs] [Music Concludes]

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