It’s summertime the nights are long and
the sun is hot and I try to make the most out of my summer nights I’m
actually working full-time at Disney now so it’s super crucial that my night
routine is healthy and productive so I start things off by getting some ice
cold water as soon as I walk into the door because I’m usually super thirsty
especially because Florida gets so stinking about then I head upstairs into my room I
absolutely love my bed as soon as I walk in my door it’s the first thing I see
and my duvet cover is from PB dorm and this adorable pink fluffy throw is from
PB teen and I am absolutely in love with them I will be sure to link them down
below so you can check them out then I usually just hop out of my clothes and
jewelry and take my shoes off and just get nice and cozy if I’m feeling up to it I usually try to
do a little workout after work because I’ve been sitting and hit desk all day
so it’s really really crucial that I get some movement and work my body a little
bit so I change to some workout clothes and I usually look on YouTube for some
kind of workout tutorial because that really just helps me be productive with
my workout so I love to do yoga with Adriene or I’ll just look up like a
little ab workout or anything like that to just keep me on schedule after my
workout I am obviously super hungry and tonight I just had some leftover
Chipotle which is my absolute favorite ever on this mate I just ate in front of
my computer because I really had to answer emails and just get things done
after my workout it’s usually a little darker so I turned my lights on and then
head into the shower first thing first I have to take off my
makeup of course one thing I’ve been loving to do lately
is I have a little jar of coffee grounds in my shower and I use that to exfoliate
after my shower I head back into my room and change into some cute PJs this PJ
set is from Kiwi teen as well and it is from the Emily & Merritt collection and
I love them they just look so put together such an upgrade from my usual
t-shirt and they are so comfy too and of course you have to moisturize coz my
skin gets nice and dry so I love to use this glossy err moisturizer to just
soften it up a little bit after that I usually head downstairs and make some
tea before bed so I can just unwind and relax so tonight I just made some herbal
tea and added some honey and lemon once I’m back in my cozy room I usually
just watch TV spend time on my phone maybe read a little bit just whatever
I’m in the mood for it one thing I love to do at night as well
is light some candles while I’m relaxing it really just sets the mood and just
makes my room super super yummy smelling we finish uppity I head to the restroom
to brush my pearly whites and then I am officially ready to get to
bed and have some sweet dreams my bed is seriously the coziest thing
ever especially because of this pink furry throw I’ll link it in my bio along
with the other duvet and PJ’s set for anyone interested thanks for watching
guys I hope you enjoyed this summer night routine any dreams

63 thoughts on “SUMMER NIGHT ROUTINE ✨

  1. omg ur so cute i’m defo subbing💜 so aesthetic and calming also inspiring💜 btw congrats on ur engagement girl💜

  2. Who the fuck cares about this shit bruh I wouldn't watch it if u weren't hot lmao jk good vid u cute as hell

  3. Oh my gosh!!!!! You are so so pretty. And this routine is amazing surely gonna follow that. Your pj's are so cute. So yeah, new sub from me… 😊😊😊

  4. hey my name is Taylor and I have a YouTube channel too I just posted a summer night Routine too and I was wondering if you could check it out

  5. My sister is watching this season two of our videos in mind she’s not in she loves your videos she said do a rainy day morning routine

  6. what ! your engagement then you don't making the video 's
    anyway congrats for your engagement and I am daily watching your video' s😘😘😘😘

  7. You got your new subscriber!! MEEE❤️❤️❤️I love your bed!!! Those cute decorations too!!!! your a inspiring and productive and calming person, like me I am crazy so I, trying to learn from you!! Any tips?

  8. All of your morning routine really help me to become independent and responsible about myself and I was been thinking you could do room tour or everyday makeup routine and like like it when you make your bed I love making my bed it really helps me to keep my bedroom clean and relaxing

  9. I'm so glad that I'm not the only one who makes weird faces when I remove my makeup!!!! But don't worry!!!! You are still so pretty even when you make a face!!!

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